Undertaker Injured! What Will Happen With Smackdown's Fatal Four Way?

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IMay 31, 2010

I'll get right to the point, The Undertaker was injured in his Fatal Four qualifying match with Rey Mysterio. He suffered a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, and a concussion. This explains why there were so many botches during his match with Rey Mysterio, most believed it was just ring rust. 

This is a huge blow to Smackdown as their roster has been decimated of star power after the annual WWE draft put the majority of the WWE headliners on RAW. Also this is a setback for ratings as well. For weeks they have been advertising the return of the Undertaker and it seems like a horrible joke now. 

Here are the options the WWE has at the Fatal Four Way PPV 

A. Hope the Undertaker can recover enough to tough it out. 

Self explanatory. The PPV is in a little less than a months time and people have wrestled in worse shape than a broken eye socket (Bryan Danielson wrested a 20 minute match in that condition  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37eu5_godzilla-slays-the-dragon_music-Fighting ). Though we should hope it doesn't come to that

B. Have Mysterio take his place by ineligibility. 

The Undertaker is unable to compete so why not put another big name star in is place? It can let star power stay in the match and we must hope the CM Punk vs. Mysterio feud doesn't become boring(though punks new mask could make this all sorts of fun) But Mysterio actually was about to take time off for vacation and to have surgery done so this might not happen. 

C. Use this to make a new star.

Put someone else in the Championship picture for a change. Kofi, Ziggler, MVP, Hardy, and Christian all could perform well in the spot light and would make it a stronger match from a wrestling perspective. 

What ever happens to the match I hope that the Undertaker has a speedy recovery and comes back when ever he feels ready to wrestle again. 

PS: My friend has made it in the top 10 in the Walk the Talk Ric Flair impersonation contest. His name is Kyle Phillips. Please watch the video here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COEJfmCW3-o   (it is an updated version of his original) and vote for him at http://polldaddy.com/poll/3268660/ , he is the third one down. 

He is the true spirit of the Nature Boy, RIC FLAIR. (everyone else in that contest sort of reminds me of Heath Slater from NXT) 

Kyle Phillips is a man with a dream, a dream to go to TNA Impact in Florida and give Hogan a piece of his mind! 


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