Bulls Fans Should Be Careful of What They Wish for With Phil Jackson

Josh Herman@@JoshHermanPJSCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010

When sources announced Monday night that the Chicago Bulls were reaching out to Phil Jackson to see if he had any interest in rejoining his old franchise, fans immediately had visions of MJ, Scottie and Phil and the six championship rings they brought the city of Chicago.

But instead of examining the acquisition, said fans rose in a drunken stupor to salute the fact that with Phil the team and city would enjoy many championships in the years to follow.

Well fans, you better be careful what you wish for.

The quickly aging "zen master" has shown his coaching capabilities through his 10 championships (the most ever by a head coach), but there's one thing that's being overlooked: his ability to coach young players. This should be particularly concerning for the Bulls who feature up-and-comers Joakim Noah (25 years old), Taj Gibson (24) and Derrick Rose (21).

Could any of them maybe find Jackson's triangle offense "boring" like a 25-year-old Kobe Bryant did after a second round ousting in the 2003 NBA Playoffs?

Would Noah, whose bad-boy temper has been prevalent in his style of play ever since his championship-winning days at Florida, be apt to the frog-on-a-lilypad mentality that Jackson praises?

And could Phil even coach an entire season or would the Bulls be paying $10+ million for a 50-game coach?

The Bulls are looking towards the future as evident by their salary dumping trades over the past couple of seasons, and one question that Jerry Reinsdorf has to ask is how long of a future does Phil have. The team is trying to build a dynasty with their solid young core, so how does bringing in a coach who could only be around for a couple of seasons (if that) do just that?

The Bulls have had seven different head coaches since the departure of Jackson in 1998, and I'm sure the last thing they'll want to do is go searching for another one soon.

Sure, Jackson coming to Chicago could persuade LeBron James to suit it up for the Bulls, but why would he want to be coached by someone whose future is as uncertain as his own? Wouldn't he much rather have a guy that he knows he gets along with like good friend and current Kentucky coach John Calipari?

And let's not forget the fact that while he may be the winningest professional head coach of all time (at least championship-wise), none of those ten rings were won without either Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. LeBron could definitely bring the superstar Phil needs, but you know that he doesn't want to settle for just one or two rings (with the inevitable championships the pairing would easily win, at least according to most Chicagoans).

The fact of the matter is that while Phil is a great coach, he just doesn't fit with this Chicago Bulls team. So let's echo Jackson's notion (that was recently reported by the L.A. Times) that he has "no desire at all" to return to Chicago by showing no desire to have him back.

With a youthful team and enough money to land a big-name free agent, the Bulls need to continue to look towards the future instead of once again living in the past.

Tom Thibodeau, anyone?


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