Does Phil Mickelson Have Tiger Woods by the Tail?

Edward JonesContributor IMay 14, 2010

SHANGHAI, CHINA - NOVEMBER 08:  Phil Mickelson of the USA watches the tee shot of Tiger Woods (R) on the fourth hole during the final round of the WGC - HSBC Champions at Sheshan International Golf Club on November 8, 2009 in Shanghai, China.  (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Does Phil Mickelson have Tiger by the tail or has Tiger done what all animals try and do and has actually caught his own tail?

Tiger has been an almost immortal force on a golf course for several years now.

  But it seems the wheels have fallen off the wagon.

One could argue that Phil is made because of how good Tiger has been. Competition breeds greatness and brings out the best in all of us. It’s true. Tiger’s heart hasn’t been in his golf as of late. Phil’s has even though it probably shouldn’t have been. Phil’s weathered his storm magnificently and Tiger is drifting on the turbulent sea in search of a life raft.

  I hope he finds it. Golf will survive but it would still be good to have Tiger in the game for a while longer.

I’m thrilled to death to see someone, actually several someone’s take the spotlight in golf for the time. I also hope that Tiger can come back for his share in the spotlight. Phil Mickelson is playing lights out golf lately and golf fans that weren’t there 15 years ago are still watching even though Tiger is effectively out of the picture for now. That’s a beautiful thing. There hasn’t been this much talent at one time in golf since the 60’s into the 70’s. I’m not knocking the golfers in the 80;s and early 90’s, mind you.

To quote/paraphrase Tom Edrington in a comment I read that inspired me to attempt to write this article, “Phil hasn’t tamed Tiger, Tiger has tamed Tiger.” Phil’s just played some great golf and so have others on the tour and Tiger’s life caught up with him for the time being. Tiger still has the opportunity to pull it all back together. In golf, he’s a young man in his prime.

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And a long prime it could still be should he get things together and still have the desire and drive to be great. In the meantime, let’s watch Phil & company because we’re only missing things if we don’t watch.

There’s some great golf going on out there…..and it would be a shame to miss out because Tiger’s not a part of it. He will be again, I’m sure of it. But for now and also for a long time to come, Phil Mickelson is playing just as well, if not better than Tiger and he’s doing it quietly and gentlemanly.

It doesn’t get any better than this....

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