When Auto Racing and Social Media Collide

JC CoteContributor IMay 10, 2010

About four years ago, I began to test the waters of professional auto racing. It was something I’d been wanting to do ever since I was a kid. Probably not unlike most teenage boys (and some girls), the thought of throwing a fast car around a race track and competing against like minded individuals seemed overwhelmingly attractive, yet impossible.

At the time, I was already involved in a variety of sports including Track & Field. I excelled at track, but longed to be able to prove what i was already convinced of. That I would make a really good race car driver.

Fast forward to 2005 and a chance meeting with former F1 World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve, with whom I eventually became friends. Our friendship led to a deeper understanding of how to go about setting my racing career into motion, as well as a pretty decent bank of knowledge and contacts.

As of late 2009, I was signed and fully committed to racing in the Canadian Touring car Championship in the Super-Touring class. I had someone to put together a really good website, a well organised, motivated and knowledgeable manager and a group of very supportive friends and family, who were/are all pulling for me to get together a good package for the 2010 season. I'm not down on my luck though, don't get me wrong. If things are tough for Sauber in F1, if JV and Paul Tracy are having similar difficulties (although their financial needs are far higher than mine are)

To run a decent team in the series (aside from the cost of the car) you're looking at 5k to 10k in expenses per race. Given the low cost compared to other race series, everyone was/is hopeful about finding a few good sponsors/partners for the season. As of yet, there are a few media partners like the Team 990 that will be covering my entire season, as well as one secondary sponsor that wants coverage at a couple of the races.

With the season opener two weeks away, we set into motion a different plan this past weekend...so far, response has been pretty good, with PayPal payments coming in from people I don't even know! Here is the pitch:

Your face on a pro race car for just $5.00?!

Yes! Sponsor car #3 in the 2010 Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship (CCTCC)!

Why? For several months, JC Cote has been promoting his upcoming racing season heavily through Facebook... we thought it'd be cool to pay tribute to our friends, friends of friends and Facebook users in general on the car as a shout-out to one of our favourite social networks! We think this could gain some great publicity, too...and you can tell everyone YOU were a part of it!

Photos of the car with your profile pic tagged will be posted to Facebook (on JC Cote's profile). This will include professionally shot photos of the car in action and of JC in his racing gear, posed with the car.

You'll be on the car for the upcoming race on Victoria Day Speedfest Weekend at the Mosport International Raceway, May 22 & 23.

Decal size: 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches

Payment accepted via Paypal and credit card at http://www.jccote.com

Please email the original hi-res image that you use as your profile pic to: april.robinson@coteracing.com

Note: This same opportunity will exist for the below races, too. Just let us know where you want to be seen:

Jul 3/4 – Grand Prix de Mirabel, Circuit ICAR
Jul 16/17/18 - Honda Indy, Toronto
Aug 13/14/15 - Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres
Aug 27/28/29 – Grand Prix of Mosport, Mosport International Raceway
Sept 11/12 – Sundown Weekend, Circuit ICAR, Mirabel

For more info on JC Cote and the CCTCC, visit www.jccote.com


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