2010 NFL Draft: The Top 25 Unanswered Questions Heading Toward Draft Day

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Do you suffer from the following symptoms?


-Sleep deprivation and excitement


-Lack of interest in Todd McShay's and Mel Kipers' Mock Drafts

Than you probably have what I like to call "NFL Draft Withdrawal Syndrome".

Maybe it's due to this years' NFL off season packing a serious punch in the free agency and trading block scenarios, but with the NFL Draft a week away, I can't help but wonder how much has really been determined so far this off season.

Obviously, there are many questions still without an answer.  Therefore, here is a look at the Top 25 unanswered NFL Draft questions, along with a probable answer that I feel will fulfill everyone's needs.

25. Will Tim Tebow Slip Come Draft Day?

Some feel that Tim Tebow's poor performance at the Senior Bowl has severely affected his draft stock. 

While this is true, Tim Tebow has redeemed himself recently, and has soared back into the first round, and could still possibly be taken in the top 20.  Quarterback need is high this year, so don't expect Tim Tebow to slip to severely come April 22nd.

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24. Do the Seattle Seahawks Need To Draft a Quarterback?

This answer has two sides.  The first is that Matt Hasselbeck failed miserably last season, and really hasn't helped Pete Carroll in terms of promising a secure offense for the 2010 season. 

The other side is that Matt Hasselbeck is beginning to grow a little old, and it may be wise to draft a young quarterback that the Seahawks can mould over time. 

Jimmy Clausen or possibly Colt McCoy could be a good pick for Seattle, as both have the ability to throw the short to intermediate route quite well, and could fit in nicely with Pete Carroll's offensive plans.

23. Should The Denver Broncos Target Dez Bryant?

There has been little speculation in regards to Denver possibly drafting Dez Bryant. 

For the most part, Bronco fans are against signing the sometimes immature Bryant, but I do see the need in drafting a number one wide receiver that can provide big plays for their young offense.  Therefore, the answer to this question is yes, the Broncos should draft Dez Bryant. 

The possibility of Denver signing Golden Tate is small, and although there are other wide receivers to target this year, Dez Bryant seems to fit in with Denver's offensive strategy due to his elusiveness on the field, which would fill Brandon Marshall's absence.

22. Is Tony Pike really a contender to consider?

Although the list of quarterbacks is long in this years draft, for some odd reason Cincinnati Bearcat prospect Tony Pike has seemingly gone unnoticed. 

Fortunately for Tony, his skill set is what keeps in this years' draft race, and provides a very convincing argument as to why teams should consider him.  He passes well, he is strong, he knows what it's like to claw his way to the top of a roster and above all else his mechanics and throwing arm are in tip top shape.

Tony hasn't experienced total success during his brief two year stint with Cincinnati, but that could prove to be a good thing.  Winning isn't everything, and Tony knows what it feels like to lose.  This makes him even that much more of a safe bet for any lucky team come Draft Day.

21. Which Offensive Lineman Will The Green Bay Packers Target?

The Packers obviously need an offensive lineman.  Aaron Rodgers was sacked far too many times last season, and as a result the entire Packers roster felt the force of their quarterback going down. 

Right now, Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis is leading the voting.  His brute strength and solid formation make him a strong candidate to be wearing green and gold next season, and also make him Ted Thompson's possible number one prospect at this point in time.

20. How Has Colt McCoy's Injured Shoulder Affected His Draft Status?

It's no secret that Colt McCoy isn't 100 percent.  His injured shoulder is still a concern for teams looking to draft him, and although Colt is a great quarterback, there is no denying that the injured shoulder has made the McCoy effect just that bit more faint.

With this said, don't expect McCoy to drop too much.  He is still a probable to be taken possibly in the first or early second round, and has the ability to surprise a lot of people. 

I for one hope McCoy gets a fair placing, as his devotion to the game of football deserves a solid reward.

19. Who Is The Better Safety In This Years' Draft?

The candidates for this award are of course Eric Berry, Taylor Mays and Earl Thomas. 

Right now, I would take the safe option and say Eric Berry, although Earl Thomas has the ability to flourish into a top caliber athlete in the NFL. 

Eric Berry, on the other hand, just has the excitement factor to him, and his ability to stay seemingly glued to wide receivers earns him a top spot in my book.

18. Is Kyle Wilson Set To Surprise?

Boise State players don't have a huge impact on this years' draft, but corner back Kyle Wilson is amongst the stand outs in blue and silver.  He is projected to possibly be a Green Bay Packer pick, but I do fail to see why the Packers would target a corner back, given their defense is stacked as it is.

Kyle Wilson's skills are duely noted, and due to the lack of corner backs in this years draft, he may outdo Joe Haden from Florida. 

Where Kyle Wilson ends up is a guess, but I do think he could make a surprise statement in this years draft due to his speedy play and eye catching moves.

17. Can Toby Gerhart Excel In The NFL?

Toby Gerhart in the NFL is an image that is sometimes hard to conjure up.  He is a often a quiet man that rarely shares his opinions, however his on field play at Stanford more than made a statement. 

As of now, Toby Gerhart could go in the first round, but it may be hard to fight off competitor CJ Spiller who most teams are seeking out at this point in time.

Toby is an excellent runner and a tremendous blocker, but his catching sometimes lacks.  He is known for his ability to have safe and strong hands, but he often fails to really make much of a passing play after the catch.  This isn't a big strike against Toby's NFL career, but one that could play against him.

16. Where Will Golden Tate End Up?

As I've already discussed with Dez Bryant, but the demand for wide receivers this year is great. 

Golden Tate is quite possibly the most talented wide receiver in this years' draft, and I can guarantee that he will make a huge impact on whatever team is lucky enough to draft him.

So where will Tate end up? 

My bet is possibly Seattle, as Pete Carroll will know well and good just what Tate is capable of, and will also take into account just how much his offense needs a play maker.  Seattle may take a quarterback in the first round, but don't be surprised if they do decide to take a wide receiver.

15. Is Rolando McClain Heading To New York?

The New York Giants have been linked to drafting linebacker Rolando McClain recently.  Personally, I see this draft working wonders for New York, as their defense struggled to keep even some of the weakest passing attacks at bay last season.

NFL.com currently speculates if Rolando McClain will indeed sign with New York, and McClain does head to big blue, Tom Coughlin may be able to finally relax as his head coaching job may not be as under threat as it is currently.  Rolando to New York makes sense, and it is a move that will tighten up the Giants defense.

14. Has Marc Bulger's Release Affected The Rams Draft Plans?

The simple answer to this question, is no. 

Marc Bulger was a once great quarterback for St. Louis, but the time has come to move on and look toward the future. 

Fortunately for St. Louis, they are currently in prime positioning to take home Sam Bradford at the end of next week, and hopefully build on a new quarterback that can clear up the Rams' offensive struggles.

13. Who Will Be The Unlucky Team To Draft Poorly?

Every year it seems we see at least one or two teams draft quite poorly.  Who will it be in 2010? 

Well nobody knows for sure, but judging by Oakland's lack of motivation this off season, they are likely to once again take home the award.  The Raiders need numerous players to make their team complete, and realistically no matter who they draft fans will be unhappy. 

Unlucky at the draft?  Possibly, but you can never write off Al Davis.

12. Have The New York Jets Made The Right Choice?

There is mixed feelings here in regards to the Jets trading up recently. 

On one hand they have gained great players such as Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis this off season, while on the other they may have missed out on drafting another young talent such as Mark Sanchez.

Right now the Jets are a team quite close to a Super Bowl spot.  They don't really need a young player at this point in time, and Rex Ryan has more than a firm grip on this franchise.  The curse seems to be broken, so I think the Jets have made a firm choice in this instance.

11. Why Is Taylor Mays Going So Unnoticed?

For the most part, safety Taylor Mays has received his fair share of criticism.  In 2009, his play with USC was of course dominant, but his thinking of "I'll just go for the big hit" doesn't really do much for teams in the NFL. 

Unfortunately for Taylor Mays, he's done more harm than good with this dominant play, and although he is an all round athlete that plays the safety position well, he is a guy that may significantly drop in the draft.

10. Which Owner Needs a Big Pick The Most?

This question applies to nearly all 32 teams, but obviously there are owners in the league that need a big pick more than others. 

The ones that come to mind are Jerry Jones, Ted Thompson, Ralph Wilson and Chip Rosenbloom. 

The Cowboys and Packers are teams all to close to a Super Bowl victory, while the Bills and Rams are two teams that are on the verge of a total collapse (if it hasn't happened already).  All of these guys need successful draft picks.

9. Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh?

This is a rather recent debate about who is the better defensive tackle.  There is no doubt in anyone's mind that both are dominant and highly talented players, but there has to be a better man of the two, right? 

Currently NFL.com has Gerald McCoy listed as a better prospect than Ndamukong Suh.  I tend to disagree here, given the impact factor that Suh really did have to Nebraska.  Teams strategize heavily around Suh, and often still feel the pinch of his dominance.  Don't get me wrong, McCoy is great, but I do feel Suh is more of an impact player.

8. Who Is The Next Mark Sanchez?

Since Mark Sanchez had a rather impressive rookie year guiding the Jets to an AFC Championship Game, an argument could be made for one of this years' prolific draft picks. 

My money is on Jimmy Clausen, who has the mechanics and motivation to go far in the NFL.  His draft stock may have plummeted thanks to Donovan McNabb, but I expect a good rookie year out of Clausen, as his head is on tight and ready to make an impact in the NFL.

7. Rams, Lions, Bucs, Redskins or Seahawks?

Who will have the better draft I hear you ask? 

Well all of these teams are in a great spot to draft exactly who they want this year.

As for who will draft the best, I give the edge to the Seattle Seahawks.  Pete Carroll has had a quiet off season by his standards, and I expect him to be right on the money come next week.  He is a great coach, but also a man of business, which looks to benefit Seattle immensely.

6. Who Is The Sleeper Team In This Year's Draft?

All 32 teams have the potential to do well this year.  Some may give this award to teams that have a Top 10 draft pick, but I tend to lean toward the San Francisco 49ers here. 

The 49ers have had a very quiet off season, which shows me they are focused and ready for the draft.  There needs aren't long, but I see them taking a corner back or linebacker. 

Can the 49ers clean up in the Draft?  It remains to be seen, but I expect Mike Singletary to have his game face on and ready for April 22nd.

5. How Does The Draft Affect Free Agency?

This years' draft may affect the current players in free agency rather badly.  Terrell Owens is a name that pops into mind, and if he doesn't hurry up and sign with a team soon, it may be a long wait in line for the former Buffalo Bill. 

Certain positions draw a cause for concern in this debate, especially if most teams get their needs and wants out of the Draft, and free agency becomes an after though.  Blockbuster names in free agency are likely to be signed, but older guys such as Brian Westbrook could be left behind.

4. Which Draft Picks Will End Up Being Draft Busts?

I hate judging any player and predicting whether or not they may be a draft bust, but it is something that comes up fairly often in debates.  The talent is high in this years pickings, but if I did have to pick a suitable bust for 2010, I would choose Jevan Snead.

Jevan is a good quarterback, but often lacks a deep ball threat and an ability to make the big plays happen.  If Jevan is to go to a team that needs him, he will either flourish or fail, as Jevan may succumb to the pressure early.

3. What Should St. Louis Do With The 1st Overall Pick?

Some have suggested that St. Louis would be wise to trade for more draft picks, while others take the safer option and say draft Sam Bradford. 

In my opinion, the Bradford option does seem the most likely, as the Rams need to put the old saying of "It's better to be safe than sorry" to good use.

We've seen way too many teams pass up on quarterback's and regret it in recent years.  St. Louis should do the smart thing and buy into their possible future with Sam Bradford.

2. Has Jimmy Clausen Really Been Affected By The Donovan McNabb Deal?

This question has probably already been answered, but to me I don't see why Jimmy Clausen has really been all that affected by Donovan McNabb being signed by Washington. 

Sure, Jimmy has missed out on a potential draft signing by head coach Mike Shanahan, but there are still several other great options such as Seattle or Oakland to consider.

The truth is that Clausen may slip a few picks and wind up with a team more in need of a quarterback, but that's just the way the NFL is.  To say that McNabb has affected Clausen immensely is a cop out, and I do think Jimmy will be signed by a worthy team.

1. When It's All Said And Done, Who Is The Number 1 Overall Pick?

I've got to go with Sam Bradford.  His injury last season did look like it may cost him dearly, but he has managed to put forward a more than impressive combine and workout routine to boost him ahead of others.

The Rams are the likely candidates, and Bradford is likely to deliver in every way.  He may not be the greatest passer in contention, but he gets the job done.  Above all else, Sam Bradford clawed his way from the bottom, and in my mind that earns a number one pick.

Will we hear the following statement in a weeks time: "With the 1st pick in the NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select Sam Bradford, quarterback Oklahoma"?  It's a 50/50 chance, but it's a statement that is proving to be the most likely as Sam Bradford is by far one of the hardest working athletes in this years list of quarterbacks.

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