WWE Making The Product Kid Friendly: One of the Biggest Mistakes to Date

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 9, 2010

Hey guys I am back.

We all have read many articles about the biggest mistakes ever done by the WWE. Some might say that it was making Kane removed his mask, others say making Austin quit due to a dispute, but I feel one of the biggest mistakes the WWE has ever done was done recently—Making the product kid-friendly.

As we all know, the company we once loved, is no longer what it used to be.

I recently wrote down an article about how the creative staff is screwing things up, the question that still comes to mind is, Why are they screwing with the WWE?

After a lot of thinking, I realized that even though I would love to go and bang their heads together and question them, the problem is not because of them, but because WWE being converted in a kid-friendly product.

This might earn a lot of dollars for Vinnie Mac, but might just dig the grave for WWE?

Now I might be criticized for saying that, but I feel that if the WWE continue to do this, then they will surely be reduced to a shell of its former self, in fact they are pretty much on the path of becoming so.

I guess that this has got to go down as perhaps one of WWE’s biggest mistakes of all time. Simply because, by making the product friendly for kids, the WWE is driving out traditional and hardcore wrestling fans whose loyalty to the WWE was at one time unmatched.

Perhaps by disappointing the mature audience, they might just lose the young fans as well, because young children can be easily influenced by their seniors.

Now even I have said this many times: the PG Era is not the problem and neither is the Attitude Era.

The solution is, as long as we don’t get edgier story-lines and witness certain turn of events which make us go, “Oh My God I can’t wait to tune in next week,” we will continue to complain about the staleness of the product.

By making the product friendly to the kids, WWE is restricting themselves of providing that ‘it’ factor to its product, which will prevent it from standing out from a group of pro wrestling promotions.

Now, I don’t mean to say that we need to bring back Attitude into the WWE, but I say we prevent making it a show which is only suitable for the kids.

At the end of the day, the reviews do make a difference and really go a long way into influencing people to watch them.

The WWE has really made a bad business move which will really come back and bite them in the ass, by trying to impress the kids.

I know that Vince is making a whole lot of money, but the viewership rating has really gone down as well, and at the end of the day the money you earn, will depend on the viewership rating you draw as well.

So, I guess, this is one move which can backfire on them.

Here is a look at a few things the WWE has been forced into doing by making this move and how exactly will it affect them in a negative way:

They have given Cena the Superman gimmick and made him the face of the company because the young audience just goes nuts whenever he makes an appearance.

But by making him the face of the company in spite of him not having the best move set, it is seriously killing the mature WWE fans and they are complaining every time about him winning all the matches.

With the WWE not paying any heed to them, the adult fans are reducing, and so are the ratings. The true example is that SD is doing better than RAW brand, which proves that they should make a few changes, but can’t until they don’t make a change.

Also, one more thing they have done, is the WWE has perhaps ruined Cena’s career. Now you might say that he does not deserve it, but that guy has worked really hard for it, and really deserves it, but he should actually lose a few matches as well.

We say that Cena is stale but we have to realize that it is because of the WWE. I mean what else you can expect from a guy who is playing the role of superhuman or rather Superman for the kids.

You can’t expect him to come up with those good promos he had when he had the rapper gimmick, because of the current gimmick given to him by WWE.

To me, Cena is an average wrestler, whose hard work paid off, but more importantly he can connect with the crowd and be a good heel as well. He can really cut great promos but looking at his current condition we only have the WWE to blame.

We would love to see Orton as a face of the company, but just after an excellent heel tenure which ended recently, you can just imagine that how impossible is it for the WWE make him the face of the company.

This tells us that how stupid this move is by WWE.

It was because of this move that—I hate to say this but because of this nonsense—DX was seriously stale this time. I did not watch DX when it was formed in 1997, but when they reunited way back in 2006, they were just awesome. 

Without being in the main event scene, they were the hottest property of the WWE at that time because Vince had not yet lost it, but this time around he had and DX was really stale.

They put on no funny jokes or segments, this time and they had the really awfully long people’s court, as the only skit which has to go down as one of the worst segments I have ever seen.

It is because of this move that Austin, as a guest host on Raw, could not give us what we expected from him.

I was expecting Austin to come out abuse the holy hell out of Vince and stick out his finger and stuff. But thanks to the current WWE product, even Austin, one of the best wrestlers of all time who can make the ratings and more importantly the reviews, shoot up like crazy, could not help win back those huge ratings.

As a result of this move, the WWE hasn't gave us main eventers. The last groups of main eventers were, Cena, Batista, Edge and Orton, none of them in the current era.

The only guys they have seriously pushed since then are; Jeff Hardy, who left the company. CM Punk, who I don’t know why, is not in the main event scene right now. Sheamus, who does not even enjoy the respect of a top mid carder and Swagger who I feel will, like Punk be mysteriously be taken out of the main event scene.

One more drawback of this move, which I mentioned in my previous article as well, was the birth of ‘Jobbermania,’ in the WWE.

If I were Vince then I would take it as a disgrace, you run such a big organization and then you get criticized for a thing like this to put over wrestlers is awful.

Linked to this is perhaps the WWE wasting or rather spoiling the lives of many wrestlers. Actually there is a link between the wasting and pushing of talent. The more talent you push, the more slots you have to fill in the mid card department and less is the number of guys getting wasted as jobbers.

Also pushing the guy will only be possible if you keep the already present main eventers, out of the main event scene, but because of this move, the WWE fears if they take out any well known wrestler to accommodate a new one, the “KIDS” won’t like.

This is just awful. It shows the WWE is not concerned about the once insanely loyal fans, and also fears pushing talent, proving how stupid of a move this truly is.

Due to this move, the WWE has to put up shows suitable for kids, proving they can’t go that extra mile to impress us.

I mean when did you last see a Valet supporting a champion through thick and thin like Lita did to Edge?

Currently the only Valet we have is Rosa Mendes for Zack Ryder, and they have no real ‘It’ factor because it wouldn't be suitable for the kids, even though a saucy or edgy angle is just what the crowd would love to see. 

Similarly to this, we just can’t get those really extreme matches, which we all loved.  The WWE can’t do them in a large proportion because they feel it can be the cause of violent behavior in children, which they are correct, but my question is that why did the put themselves in this condition in the first place?

The WWE just literally made a mockery of the recently retired ECW brand which I guess should have been dubbed the “not so,” Extreme Championship Wrestling during the last two to two and a half years of it’s time.

They just crushed one of the greatest promotions of all time and really gave the hardcore fans absolutely nothing to cheer about. In fact, it made them get mad at the WWE for having ruined it.

When ECW returned as one of the three brands of the WWE it did really well because we actually got to see a lot of Extreme matches from originals like Sandman, Sabu, RVD, and even had Paul Heyman as well.

But then again to favor the kids, the WWE made it less of an extreme show and more of a liability for the company, which to a true WWE fan, is just simply painful.

By making the product kid friendly and pushing only those guys who receive the most recognition from them, the WWE has somehow made the young kids the driving force in case of many decisions in the WWE. For example, keeping Cena a face, or not pushing guys like Chavo Gurrero because of his feud with Hornswoggle where he turned out to be the bad guy.  

This is perhaps the biggest reason why I am really against this business move. I mean how can you just make certain moves because the kids like it?

Are the WWE sane enough by doing this? I don’t think so, the kids don’t understand the reality of the situation, they think the WWE is real and not scripted or planned.

How can they just consider giving those human beings with not fully developed brains the status of the main WWE fans, ignoring the real once loyal and long time WWE fans?

I think the WWE is insane enough that they are doing this kind off a thing. By making the product Kid-Friendly, the WWE is really heading into a wrong direction and entering a place from where it will be hard to return. I am not in favor of it at all.

So do you guys agree with me? Please do comment and let me no for sure as I will be ready to handle any criticizing remarks put forward by you because as always my love for the WWE will be good enough to handle it.


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