Top Five Remaining Offseason Signings and Trades the Detroit Lions Must Make

Oliver SethContributor IApril 4, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 27:  Ken Hamlin #26 of the Dallas Cowboys prepares to be introduced before the game against the Washington Redskins at FedExField on December 27, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Cowboys defeated the Redskins 17-0. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
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The Detroit Lions, haven't been quiet this offseason, making a plethora of good moves prior to the NFL Draft, but there are some moves I think that are still remaining in order to allow a easier draft for the Lions and criticism for the choice. My top five are:

1. Sign two DB's, preferably Adam Jones and recently released Ken Hamlin.

Adam Jones, has visited with the Lions, and is most likely to sign with familiarity to the system, and the likely role he'll have will be larger then on most other teams, as a return man, and secondary corner. Schwartz has brought in one of his players this year with VandenBosch so why not to with Jones.

Ken Hamlin, the other player I mentioned, was recently released due to lack of production. That narrows his field down. While he is still young, I would love to see him sign a one to two year deal with the lions, in the $2.5-2.8 million range. That would surely grab his attention, and he would fill a void a Free Safety, helping ease not draft Eric Berry(which I have been quoted as saying is the right choice for Detroit at No. 2 or to trade down).

2. Trade for Jared Gaither

This may be obvious to some, but Gaither is the best RFA Left at the LT position, and would be easiest to trade for since he lost his job. A Logical Trade would be to swap second rounder’s and give a 3rd Round Conditional that would escalate to a second based off his production in the year, but of course, he would need to sign a five-six year deal, in the range of a top 20 LT or even top 15 and secure the job down.

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Moving Backus to Guard would slow down the business for Sims, but he would be a nice trade for as well, but would be part of negotiations. And that would solidify the line for at least another year, that is if Peterman, who signed a large contract the year before can come back and be healthy to play at RG, and Gosder takes another step into being a franchise RT.

3. Trade for Rob Sims

Yes, I stated before that the trade for Gaither would slow down business for Sims, but he would still be nice for a trade cheaply of course. I would consider trading Dennis Northcutt or Bryant Johnson or even Cliff Avril to the Seahawks and a sixth rnd pick for Sims and seventh. Again, that would be if he were to sign a two-three year extension with the team at a low cost, since he is coming off injury.

He would take Backus for LG and unlikely to prevail unless he shows he is ready, and the following year would or later in the season, take over and not let go. That would make the Blind Side of Detroit respectable enough, and be able to keep Stafford up and help make another choice of taking Suh easier for Detroit. Although, I still firmly believe Berry is the right choice.

4. Sign Alex Brown

Detroit lets get some revenge seeking Alex Brown from Chicago in Detroit. He would play Left, leaving Bosch to play Right, and Williams to play D-Tackle, and Suh at Nose. While having Hill and others to rotate. Hargrove could also take this spot, but this would be a disaster passing up Suh for a guy like Okung, since Berry is third on the watch list.

5. Sign a savvy Running Back like Justin Fargas or trade for LenDale White

LenDale! Yes, Mr. White, I mentioned his name. Tennessee has no need for him and, if he were to sign the tender, could be traded quicker then a bee to Detroit at a low cost, maybe trading one of the three not traded for Sims and giving them the seventh acquired from Seattle for it. He is a Big Boy, and could compliment Smith in the RBBC. Along with that, if not sign Justin Fargas to a one year deal for around $1.5-1.9 million to be part of system with Smith.

After those five moves, Detroit would have a likely easy draft for them, filling a few more holes, and giving them this draft:

Round 1: Suh, easiest choice, now. No explanation needed for the best player.

Round 2(pick swapped with Ravens):EDIT: Shipley was here, but having swapped him to go in the 3rd, this would be my pick in the 2nd.Syd'Quan Thompson, this being because, Shutdown corner, ability, and to be honest, has a awesome name. Great caliber for years to come.

Round 3:EDIT: Blount was here, but Due to lack of my own intelligence, realized I had the move #5 going thru, Blount is a useless pick, although I'd still love to see him in Honolulu Blue.Jordan Shipley, he has fallen to 4th round status, but one team will indeed reach, and I see Detroit making this move, and immediately plugging him at slot.

Round 4: Myron Rolle, the developmental starting FS for Detroit, while Hamlin holds down the fort for two years while he adapts and learns the system as well.

Round 5: Donovan Warren, CB Michigan or DB, Warren has the skill set of a Revis, and well worth the 3rd round pick to me, if not a guy Defensive Back would fill this pick with ease, and is predicted to be a 6th rounder, and would be a nice reach with comparisons as such

Round 6: Traded to Seahawks

Round 7: From Seahawks traded to Tennessee, if not, expect to see Blocking TE selected here.

Round 7(from Cleveland): Blocking TE here, if trade is completed, if not, expect to see a Linebacker selected.

Round 7(compensatory): Mr. Irrelevant that will belong to WR this year, which will be a developmental selection and will be used at a later time as potentially a No. 2 WR. Emanuel Sanders out of SMU would be the selection.

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