WWE Bans Blood, Chair Shots To Head, Sexiness, and Wrestling

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2010

In the past two years WWE has made numerous changes to its format in an attempt to be more kid friendly.  This was done because Vince understands that kids drive the consumer market by getting their parents to buy stuff for them.

And Vince also understands that parents will be more likely to let those kids tune in if the show is less violent than it has been in years past.

The first big step WWE took was banning blood in matches.  At first, I have to say, I actually liked this idea.  I felt that WWE relied on blood too much sometimes, but now they stop matches when someone gets a paper cut.

I am all for preserving wrestlers and not having themselves cutting open their own heads with razors, but stopping a match because someone got a little cut on his head is a little over the top.

The next step in WWE's plan to get Linda elected to the Senate was to ban all the sexiness form the Divas division. 

Now, I know they still wear sexy ring attire, but they got rid of all the bra and panties, pillow and stripper pole matches.  At first I was like "good now we will see some real women's wrestling."

But that never happened.

Instead we have models training for a year and then becoming women's champion.  The women's division is a joke compared to the talent in TNA so why not let them run around in thongs if they can't wrestle.

On a side note, I love a good match between anybody, but if WWE can't put on quality women's wrestling then they should at least give us some eye candy.

The latest move by the team in Stanford was to ban chair shots to the head.  This is good because it will prevent a lot of injuries, but in most cases guys blocked the shots with their hands anyways, so why not just ban "open" chair shots to the head and make them cover up.

Foley was renowned for never covering up for chair shots and now look at him.  He is a legend without a doubt, but if he is still lucid in his 60s I will be surprised.

Banning the use of blood, chairs, and cleavage has made WWE what it was like in the 80s again, and they don't have the same type of audience they did back then.

I wonder if WWE's next move will be to ban all wrestling in the ring.  Raw is on average more segments, videos, and interviews than it is wrestling.  Vince used to say he hated talking heads because they were a wrestling company.

Now the WWE classifies itself as an entertainment company, which is fine as long as you don't alienate your established fans in the process.


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