Why John Wall Is Not a Draft-Must for Golden State Warriors

Ashwath KrishnaContributor IMarch 4, 2010

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - JANUARY 12:  Evan Turner #21 of the Ohio State Buckeyes shoots the ball during the Big Ten game against the Purdue Boilermakers at Mackey Arena on January 12, 2010 in West Lafayette, Indiana. Ohio state won 70-66.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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When you spend the best part of your life in Australia, you have to develop a very powerful sense of irony.

Anyone from a different country who has ever dealt with us will probably know this. Some examples:

•When a prime minister goes missing and is presumed drowned, naming a swimming pool after him is an appropriate tribute.

•If some guy insults you and you can retort fast enough, you just might have made a friend for life (or at least earned a free beer).

•If you believe in something, it probably means you're up the proverbial creek without a paddle and need something to cling to.

The last lesson is one all Golden State fans can probably relate to. We all remember the "We Believe" era, where we somehow managed to cobble together our best team since the days of Run-DMC and make it into the playoffs. And no one can forget that playoff series. We believed. Yes, we did.

But did we truly believe or did we just need something, anything, to cling to after so many years of failure?

Anyway, that's not a point of debate. What matters is that, once again, Warriors fans have something to believe in.

Not our team's performance. Even if there have been good signs after the All-Star break, with Stephen Curry turning out to be even better than we imagined, the fact is that right now we are a mediocre (at best) team playing under the worst system in the NBA.

So what's left? The magical NBA Draft Lottery, of course. With our terrible record, we currently have the third best shot at the No. 1 pick.

Almost every talking head worth his salt has anointed Kentucky's freshman PG John Wall as the No. 1 pick. No one in their right mind would doubt that Wall has the potential to become an NBA superstar. He's fast, athletic, can score points, and is also capable of running an offense. All nice things to have in an NBA PG.

There's one problem if the Warriors have a fair shot at Wall: We already have someone who fills all those categories along with having an even sweeter J than Wall. His name is Stephen Curry.

"Fine, move Steph to SG," you say. Well and good. But once again, you're forgetting about the 26 ppg elephant in the room named Monta Ellis.

Recently, the calls from Warrior Nation to trade Monta have been ringing loud and clear. I was originally one of them myself, and even those that don't want to let him go are well acquainted with his flaws as a player. Namely, he's a ball-hog who's shot selection is often questionable and he isn't a brilliant defensive player.

However, once again I reply with "26 ppg." No matter what his flaws, it's hard to ignore those stats.

If Curry can continue to step up and run the offense while deferring to Monta as the first scoring option, he'll eventually realise that, for the first time since Baron, he has a PG who can create open looks for him and basically make his life much easier as long as he works on his off-the-ball game. No scorer is stupid enough to pass that up.

Plus, drafting Wall will not do anything to fix our biggest flaw. That is, our utter lack of defense.

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Currently, our starting backcourt players (when fit) are both 6'3". Wall is only an inch taller. Our backcourt guys will continue to get out-muscled by the Butlers, Arizas, and Johnsons of the world. Curry has the potential to become a good defender and Monta usually gives it a fair go, but giving it a fair go isn't enough to win games when the shots aren't falling.

This is why I (seemingly alone in the world) believe that even if the Warriors can get Wall, they shouldn't. Essentially, he doesn't add anything we don't already have and we still don't plug our main gaps.

So who should we draft? Evan Turner would be my first choice, as he provides a 2/3 option who can defend the bigger guys and score at will—he could almost become Durant with a defensive game. Even if his three ball isn't that flashy, we have Morrow off the bench for that.

Greg Monroe is the kind of big man Nellie likes—he's a decent playmaker with a nifty jump shot who can also play in the post in a better system. However, he isn't much of a defender anywhere and has the athleticism of a bush pig.

Derrick Favors is one of the more intriguing prospects, with his size and defensive ability, but he's pretty raw to say the least. I've also heard good things about Wesley Johnson, but haven't seen enough of him to be sure.

Of course, there's a high chance (this being the Warriors, after all) that everything's going to end up going sideways and we end up not having a chance at any of our guys.

But no matter what, we believe.

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