2010 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Hazen VennardContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

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As another football season ends, another must start up. The NFL Combine is close to being underway. Free agency is coming along too. It feels like Christmas again for football fans. 

Just like any other football I cannot wait for the 2010 NFL Draft to fill our team needs and to see if that player will begin to take our team to the top.

I have been trying to think of every possibly scenario where players are going to fall in the draft. Free agency makes this tough, with the release of Tomlinson, Westbrook, and Peppers. 

Cornerback Dunta Robinson and RB Thomas Jones look to be the next big players to be released and join the free agent market. 

This year is going to be a big draft class and to me, one of the better ones in the past years. 

This is my 2010 NFL Mock Draft:

#1) St. Louis Rams - DT. Ndamukong Suh - Nebraska.

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I think that the Rams will either try to trade for QB Michael Vick or wait until the second or third round to pick up a quarterback. Suh's play this year definitely earned him the number one pick overall in this draft.

#2) Detrioit Lions - OT. Russel Okung - Oklahoma State

The Lions need some help protecting Matthew Stafford this year. Stafford cannot afford to be taking hits, and in order for him to succeed in the NFL he needs to have some time in the pocket. 

#3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT. Gerald McCoy - Oklahoma

The Bucs need to improve their defense and with McCoy being the next best DT in the draft, it's a no brainer that the Bucs will pick McCoy with the third pick. 

#4) Washington Redskins - QB. Sam Bradford - Oklahoma

QB Jason Campbell is either on his way out of Washington or will be sitting on the bench here soon. The Redskins will need to draft a QB and I think Bradford has everything to be an NFL QB, if he comes back healthly from his sugery. 

#5) Kansas City Chiefs - S. Eric Berry - Tennessee

Berry is the best Safety in the draft along with Earl Thomas from Texas. The Chiefs needs their defense to step up for them to start winning some games. Berry cannot only stop the pass but he also runs a 4.4 in the forty. Berry can step up and make the big hit against the run.

#6) Seattle Seahawks - QB. Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame

Matt Hasselbeck does not have many years left in his tank so they will be looking for a new QB to take the reins. Clausen will be that guy. 

#7) Cleveland Browns - CB. Joe Haden - Florida

The Browns pass defense was absolutely horrible last year. Look for them to pick up a couple of defensive players in the early rounds. Haden has great speed and strength. He can press and run with the receiver which could make for a very deadly corner. 

#8) Oakland Raiders - OT. Anthony Davis - Rutgers

This is the most logical pick for the Raiders, but with Al Davis in charge you never know what can happen. Oakland needs to improve their offensive line to help the run and the pass .

#9) Buffalo Bills - OT. Bryan Bulaga - Iowa

Buffalo needs some big men up front. If Bradford slips to nine, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bills snagged him instead of Bulaga.

#10) Denver Broncos (From Chicago) - WR Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State

If the Broncos end up shipping Marshall out, they'll need another go-to WR, and Dez Bryant is that guy. Even if they keep Marshall, Denver could have one of the best WR's in the NFL. 

#11) Jacksonville Jaguars - DE. Carlos Dunlap - Florida

Dunlap's of the better pass rushers in this years draft. I don't see how the Jaguars could pass up on Dunlap. That DUI last season might hurt his chances. But a player like Dunlap is hard to pass on. The Jaguars only had 14 sacks last season.

#12) Miami Dolphins - DE. Derrick Morgan - Georgia Tech

Miami and their 3-4 scheme would be the best fit for Morgan at DE. He has great size, good speed. and even could be the Jaguars pick at #11 if they pass on Dunlap.

#13) San Francisco 49ers - OT. Trent Williams - Oklahoma

The 49ers need help on the offensive line which should be their biggest concern. Coach Singletary wants to get the ball on the ground and another offensive linemen would help the pass and run. 49ers can't go wrong with this pick. 

#14) Seattle Seahawks (From Denver)- RB. CJ Spiller - Clemson

The Seahawks need another RB and with Spiller on the board they have to take him. He is a play maker and anytime he touches the ball he could be gone. He looks to me like a better Reggie Bush

#15) New York Giants - LB. Rolando McClain - Alabama

Giants need some help at the MLB position right now. So why not take the best one in the draft? McClain has great speed and size. I think he'd be great in either the 3-4 or the 4-3 scheme the Giants play. 

#16) Tennessee Titans - DE. Jason Pierre-Paul - South Florida

Pierre-Paul has great size and could fit in behind Vanden-Bosch at the DE—if he returns. Hopefully Pierre-Paul can live up to the hype. 

#17 San Francisco 49ers (From Carolina) - DE. Sergio Kindle - Texas

Kindle has the speed to play LB in the NFL or he can beef up and play at the DE spot. I think Kindle would be the better fit, and he can fly around the field with his speed and athleticism. He'd be a great complementary player for Patrick Willis and the 49ers could have the best defense in the NFC West. If CJ Spiller falls this far I think they would have to take him. 

#18) Pittsburgh Steelers - S. Earl Thomas - Texas

Thomas is a nightmare for offensive players. His hitting, speed, awareness and athleticism could make him a great fit in Pittsburgh. Why not have him learn behind Troy Polamalu?

#19) Atlanta Falcons - OT. Mike Iupati - Idaho

The Falcons were in the middle of the pack offensively last season; why not help out QB Matt Ryan and RB Michael Turner. At 6'6 and 330 lbs., Iupati can move some people. Look for the big guy to be able to come in and make an immediate impact for the Falcons. 

#20) Houston Texans - RB. Dexter McCluster - Ole Miss

Houston needs a RB now and honestly I think McCluster is a spitting image of RB Chris Johnson. McCluster runs a high 4.3 low 4.4 forty time. He is a little undersized, but that doesn't stop him. He can play special teams, RB or slot. Another play maker for the Texans—other than WR Andre Johnson—will be neceassary for this team to make the playoffs.    

#21) Cincinnati Bengals - TE. Jermaine Gresham - Oklahoma

I think the Bengals are close to reaching an agreement with WR Terrell Owens and with him in Cincy, taking a TE will give more targets to QB Carson Palmer. WR Chad Ochocinco wants Owens in Cincy and I have been following both Ochocinco and Owens on twitter. I expect to see them as a duo this 2010 football season.

#22) New England Patriots - DE/OLB Brandon Graham - Michigan

Patriots need some help defensively and taking Graham should be the move. Graham can play both LB or DE but I see him playing DE because of his lack of height and speed. He can work that outside corner and as saw in the Senior Bowl, he put up some big numbers. 

#23) Green Bay Packers - LB Sean Weatherspoon - Missouri

I know most of you are thinking that they need to take an offensive lineman right here. But I think if they pick up Weatherspoon here then they could have the best defense in the NFC North. The Packers will then select an OT in the later rounds. But i think this will really solidify the Packers defense.

#24) Philadelphia Eagles - DT. Brian Price - UCLA

I have been trying to find a spot for Price, who last year he had 44.5 tackles and 12.5 sacks. He is definitely a big rusher pass rusher that has flown under the radar on some mock drafts because of the talk of Suh and McCoy. 

#25) Baltimore Ravens - WR. Golden Tate - Notre Dame

Plain and simple, the Ravens need a go-to WR for QB Joe Flacco. Golden Tate is a home run hitter. He has proved that he can return the ball and catch the ball. If Tate's unavailable, I can see them taking another WR possibly Arrelious Benn.

#26) Arizona Cardinals - OT. Bruce Campbell - Maryland

Protection was an issue last year for the Cardinals. They need to move the ball  and help protect new starter Matt Leinart. 6'7 and 310 lbs., he can definitely move some people and keep them out of the backfield.

#27) Dallas Cowboys -  DT. Dan Williams - Tennessee

Williams is 6'3 and 327 lbs. and he can get into the backfield. Dallas defense could get a little better and I think Williams could help them the best. He has great size and is another DT that is flying under the radar.

#28) San Diego Chargers - RB. Javid Best - California

With LT gone and Sproles' status not for certain, the Chargers could be looking for their next big back. He has great speed and can read the hole. Best is a play maker and with no real running back expect them to fill this need with their first pick of the draft.

#29) New York Jets - WR. Arrelious Benn - Illinois

Benn is 6'2, 220 lbs, and can run a 4.4 forty. He has ideal speed and size and to play WR in the NFL.  I can see him coming in and making an impact right away, depending what Braylon Edwards does right away. Benn could be a favorite target for QB Sanchez.

#30) Minnesota Vikings - CB. Patrick Robinson - Florida State

The Vikings need a CB to step up in 2010. Winfield is getting up there in age and with his recent injury it looks like he has lost a step or two. Expect Robinson to be number three on the depth chart but could move up to number two if Winfield begins to slip a little bit.

#31) Indianapolis Colts - DT. Jared Odrick - Penn State

The Colts need a strong DT to slow down opponent's rushing attack. Their last couple picks haven't worked out as well as planned. Odrick is very quick off the ball and could make a three technique in the Colts scheme. He could definitely come into Indy and be the starter for years to come.

#32) New Orleanas Saints - S. Taylor Mays - USC

The Saints might be losing/releasing Safety Darren Sharper and will need some help refilling that position. Mays could fall this far into the 1st round. He is a big safety 6'3 and 230 lbs. but the unique thing about him is he can hit like a linebacker and run like a corner. Has been being compared to Ed Reed and Bob Sanders.

Well that is my 2010 NFL Mock Draft so far. I am sure I will update this mock draft prior to the combine and free agency. I hope you all enjoy the read, rate, comment, and subscribe. 

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