A Message To The WWE Writers: What Happened to Carlito?

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2010

There was one superstar in WWE who I had great hope for.

I always felt that he would be someday be WWE champion.

Ever since his debut he never failed to impress me, whether he's a fan favourite or a heel. 

The man I'm talking about is none other than Carlito.

Carlito debuted in 2004 where he beat reigning U.S champ, John Cena in his first match on SmackDown. The two feuded and later on John Cena beat Carlito for the U.S championship due to a legitimate injury. 

Soon Carlito was drafted to Raw where he beat Shelton Benjamin to become new Intercontinental championship on his debut match.

Later during his career on Raw he beat Shelton Benjamin in an elimination chamber qualifying match. Although he didn't win the WWE championship, he had an impressive showing after eliminating Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, and Kane.

Carlito then formed a team with Chris Masters and they became the contenders for the World tag team championships at Wrestlemania 22. The two lost after Masters accidentally hit Carlito which caused the two to embark. on a feud with one another which lasted until Backlash where Carlito won.

Afterwards during his career, Carlito became frustrated with how his career was heading and even asked Vince Mcmahon for a release.

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This may have been Carlito's biggest mistake in the company as he might have ruined his career.

Nobody would want to give Carlito his push if he didn't have any potential not even me.

Anyways let's continue on with his biography.

Carlito was drafted to SmackDown and teamed with his brother Primo as a fan favourite tag team and the two became the first ever unified tag team champs after defeating The Miz and John Morrison at Wrestlemania.

During Carlito's teaming with his brother, I was very impressed with both brothers but apparently WWE was afraid that Carlito can't move at the same pace as his brother which is exactly why this happened.

The two brothers were drafted to Raw and soon lost their unified tag team championships to Rated Y2J. Carlito soon turned on Primo and turned heel once again in his career.

Weeks before WWE's new TLC PPV, Carlito came out during John Cena's promo and said that there are a whole bunch of people backstage who want Cena to lose in his match against Sheamus.

I thought that this was it, it's Carlito's time to shine.

When Carlito said that, I had many ideas popping into my head.

Perhaps Carlito was going to start his own stable full of superstars that are tired of main eventers like John Cena?

But that wasn't what happened.

The next week Carlito went one on one with Cena and basically jobbed to him.

Week after week he was constantly embarrassed, one time even dressed as Napoleon Dynamite.

Now you tell me, should a guy who won two secondary titles on both of his debuts deserve to be treated like that?

Maybe Carlito ruined his career himself when he asked Vince Mcmahon for his release.

Too bad because I saw true main event talent in Carlito, he had the mic skills, charisma, and in ring talent to become truly successful in WWE if his talent was utilized properly.

Unfortunately it wasn't.

Then again, it's not too late WWE.

Give Carlito his push, and all of the other superstars that have been misused on Raw lately.

I can come up with a bunch of names such as Chris Masters, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger.

Put all of those guys together in one stable that's hellbent on ending the careers of  main eventers like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and John Cena.

Anyways I just hope the best for Carlito I am a fan and lets hope there's a better tommorow for Carlito and all of the misused superstars on Raw lately.

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