How a College Football Fan Fills the Void Between Signing Day and Spring

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fl) Now are the dead days. National Signing Day has come and gone and spring practice is still weeks away, so what's a good fan to do?

Here are seven suggestions that will help you be prepared for the upcoming season and dealing with both fans of your own team and your hated rivals.

1. Take the time to think up new insulting words that rhyme with your rival's head coach's name—and good luck with Chizik.

2. Look over the schedules and go ahead and find out which games you can go ahead and start needling your rivals over that they're sure to lose.

3. Take the time and find the worst pictures of your rival coach that exist on the internet. Be sure to have them ready when you write your next article on him or you email a story about them to your rival friends.

4. Learn the names of your own new players and be the first among your friends to know how to pronounce them properly. In my case, can someone please help me with Arie Kouandjio? To make matters worse, his brother's coming next year.

5. Go ahead and look at all the big names your rivals are looking to sign next and go ahead and list all the reasons why your school didn't want them. Just make sure that your school really doesn't want them first. Then start sharing them with your rivals.

6. Go ahead now, and start dropping subtle hints about all the interesting places there are to visit in Knoxville and how beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas is in September to support your argument later they they would be a lot more fun to visit than your wife's choice of Hawaii.

7. Be sure to start telling your wife or husband how much more impressed their friends will be that you have season tickets to all your team's games than they will be with a new living room suit.

And there you have them—the seven things you can do during the off time before spring training. Start now, be persistent, and may you have a great year.


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