Wrestlemania 26 Match Card

ASHUTOSH SINGHContributor IFebruary 11, 2010

My bit realistic Wrestlemania 26 match Card----

1.Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne vs Chris Masters vs Rey Mysterio vs R Truth vs John Morrison vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Jeff Hardy

2.Future of Legacy
Randy Orton vs Ted Dibisae vs Cody Rhodes (Triple Threat Match)

3.US Championship
MVP vs The Miz vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero (Fatal Four Way Match)

4.Divas Championship
Maryse vs Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox (Triple Threat Match with Trish Stratus as Special Refree)

5.Inter Continental Chapionship
Kane vs Drew Mcintyre vs John Morrison vs Dolph Jiggler (Fatal Four Way Cage Match)

6.Unified Tag Team Title
DX vs Miz-Show vs The Great Khali-Matt Hardy vs CrymeTime (Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match)

7.NXT Title
Yoshi Tatsu vs ????####

8.WWE Women Title
Mickie James vs Maria vs Natalya vs Michelle McCool (Fatal Four Way Match with Chyna as Special Refree)

9.Hair vs Mask Match
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

10.Match to determine new World's Strongest Man
Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Big Daddy V (Last Man Standing Match\Submission Match with Shaquille O' Neal as Special Refree)

11.Match for "World's Strongest Woman"
Chyna vs Beth Phoenix

12.Dragon vs Viper Match on the stipulation that if dragon wins then he will return and randy quits RAW
Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

13.WWE Title
John Cena vs Triple H vs Christian (Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match\Punjabi Prison Match)

14.Ultimate Revenge Match
Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Vince McMahon (Street Fight)

15.World Heavyweight Title
Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge (King of the Mountain match/Ladder Match)

The youngsters that i have quoted In MITB match have potentials and are future of WWE  so they deserve  a chace on a grand stage.Reason of putting Jeff  in the list is that I am  a big fan of him and would like his return.

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Chavo Guerrero is nephew of The Hall of famer Eddie Guerrero and needs to be utilized by Vince rather than putting him in senseless feud with Hornswoggle.

Also,ECW is going off air and new show named NXT has to surface.So,NXT title has been added.

Chyna had been the first woman to win Intercontinental Title and Beth has showed his poer and potential by entering in Royal Rumble Match.So why not see him fighting with Chyna for becoming "World's Strongest Woman".

Viper has no respect for veterans so why not dragon being a Veteran teach him some manners by defeating him.I want to see Dragon in action again.

Christian has to be shifted to Raw or Smackdown.So why not see him in title race once again with The Champ and The Game.

I have mixed a grudge match and Streak On The Line Match in Heavyweight title to add some fun.Idea of King of the Mountain Match is revolutionary and in my view WWE needs something unique at this time.

Some of the superstars have been added in multiple matches as they are capable to do it.HBK and The Game have won deadly Elimination Chamber matches earlier.Y2J  is called as LIONHEART  and HBK  and Orton  had been in 1hr. Ironman Matches.So putting them in multiple matches had been justified

I have added all the ingrdients of wrestling like hardcore variations and normal matches to add some joy.Nor I am saying that every match will happen but if some matches will happen then it will be fun to watch them.This is my opinion

Plz. comment......................

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