Is Bobby Petrino Building a Quarterback U at Arkansas? (Videos)

Blake StansberyCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2010

The Arkansas Razorbacks have quickly become one of the most exciting offenses in all of college football under Bobby Petrino. In just Petrino's second year at Arkansas, the Hogs ranked No. 1 in the SEC in offense, scoring, and ranked at the top or near the top in nearly every scoring or passing offensive category.

The quarterback is an essential piece to running Petrino's system. In 2008 he was able to take an undeveloped quarterback in Casey Dick from the Nutt regime and make the Hogs an immediate offensive threat.

In 2009 the success came behind the arm of Ryan Mallett. Mallett is arguably the best quarterback in the country and stands a good chance of being at the Heisman Ceremony this coming season.

The present is clearly bright with Mallett at quarterback, but behind him are current Razorback backup quarterbacks with tremendous skill as well as future in-state recruits that rank among the best quarterbacks in the nation.

Feast your eyes on the Arkansas Razorbacks present and future at the quarterback position.

On Campus:

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Ryan Mallett and 2009 Highlights Redshirt

Freshman Brandon Mitchell Junior Year of High School Highlights (not the highest quality video)

Redshirt Sophomore Tyler Wilson (High School Footage)

Early Enrolled Freshman Jacoby Walker (HS Sophomore Year Highlights

Since arriving on campus Mallett, Mitchell, Wilson, and Walker have been under the wings of Bobby Petrino and Garrick McGee, two coaches known for their development of quarterbacks.

Early in 2009, as the Razorbacks struggled, many Arkansas fans were second guessing Mallett asking why Wilson was not getting a chance since he had shined in all the scrimmages.

In the second half of the season, Mallett lived up to his hype, and then some, as he rewrote the Arkansas record books breaking over a dozen records while leading the SEC in passing and efficiency.

The cupboard is full for the future with the current Razorbacks on campus, as they are developed by the Arkansas staff as Mallett enters what is expected to be his final year of college ball in 2010. But the Arkansas coaches are hot on the trail of two top nationally ranked quarterbacks for the 2011 class both within the safe confines of Arkansas.

In-State Offered Quarterback Recruits:  

Committed 2011 Quarterback Brandon Allen (HS Junior Year Highlights)

Kiehl Frazier No. 6 Nationally Rated QB for 2011 Class (HS Sophomore Year Highlights)

These two current Razorback recruits have wowed scouts at combines and 7 v. 7 tournaments for two years now.

Allen is the son of Arkansas assistant coach Bobby Allen and committed a short time ago. He has an extremely strong arm, and his mobility is highly underrated. Frazier has been named an early four-star recruit and the top player in Arkansas.

He has openly talked about his love of the Razorbacks but will take his time in the recruiting process. He is close friends with Allen, and if the Razorbacks are fortunate enough to have him commit to Arkansas as well, the Razorbacks will be on track to be the Quarterback U of the SEC.

This is a far cry from Arkansas' historical issues at quarterback. Yes, there have been greats to quarterback the Hogs over the years, but Bobby Petrino is taking it to a whole new level.


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