WWE NXT (Next Generation)

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010

ECW is finally dead and over with. Long life the life of what was once an extreme brand of wrestling with blood, gore, women in little clothing, barbwire matches, scaffolds, and more...though we never saw that on the WWE state of ECW (unless you count Kelly's "stripping").

And it seems like Vince isn't going to listen to the Sci-Fy network or whatever it is called and give us crappy scince fiction crap that no one cares about. No, instead, Vince is going to give us what I and hopefully many others want to see...younger guys on TV to earn a shot at Raw or SD.

WWE NXT, Next Generation, is overtaking ECW. And I, for one, am excited. For one, I have been wanting to see FCW, though since I don't live in Flordia, I don't get to see the new guys in the ring before they hit the big brand. Two, now is the PERFECT time for Christian to drop the title and move onto Raw or Smackdown.

I've been DYING to see Joe Hennig in the ring. I personally feel that Curt Hennig is one of the best wrestlers to ever get inside the ring and his father, Larry, wasn't too bad either. So if this is the chance for Joe to get on WWE TV, I'm all for it. And what better way to let him come in than by teaming him with Brett DiBiase? Both are third generation superstars that are still a bit green in the ring, but give them a team together on WWE NXT, big things might happen. They are already called "the Fortune Brothers" over on FCW and are the Tag Team Champs, so bring them over here and let the fans see if they are as good as their fathers and brother.

We also get to see Bryan Danielson as he wanted to go down to FCW to get in shape. A few months, give him the ECW Title, and then have him jump over to SD would be the perfect fit for the Dragon. The brand is going to need a new face for the show once Christian leaves and what better way of getting the Dragon over than by giving him the title and letting him carry NXT like Christian carried ECW last year.

Besides this, they can use this show to showcase the new Divas of the future. I want to see what the new Divas can do. There are quite a few cute women over on FCW, but can they wrestle? What can they do? Put them on this show and let's see if they have what it takes to go against Mickie, Melina, Michelle, and the rest of the WWE Divas. Let them build a character on this show before jumping over to the big brand.

I, for one, am excited if they use this right. I got some high expectations for the brand. I want to see the future showcased instead of jumping to the main brand and getting squashed or in mid card hell. So this is your shot to make me get behind the new blood. I wish you luck.