Dusty Dvoracek Gets Arrested, Fault Still In Question

Logan RogersCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

CHICAGO - AUGUST 25: Dusty Dvoracek #98 of the Chicago Bears looks on from the bench during the game against the San Francisco 49ers on August 25, 2007 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As former Oklahoma Sooner and current Chicago Bear defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek got arrested in a bar brawl outside of a Norman restaurant Jan. 16 on multiple misdemeanor charges, all the reports seem to be barking the same noise.

That Dusty once again got in an alcohol induced "fit", and once again, started unwarranted trouble, ending with the NFL lineman being charged with public intoxication, assault and battery, and interfering with an official process.

That may be a rush to judgement. One that's not completely absurd because of past incidents, but a rush none the less.

The past incident that most recall took place at another Norman bar on Sept. 11, 2004. Dusty and hometown friend Matt Wilde (Lake Dallas, Tx) got in to an argument that ended with Wilde in intensive care at Norman regional.

Though some reports came out after that Dvoracek was physically accosted by Wilde first, Dusty, then team captain was still kicked off the team for the year, and deservedly so even according to Dvoracek, "...I made a mistake, and I'm going to move on from it." 

That's just what Dusty did, undergoing anger management and alcohol abuse treatment. Then returning to play the next year (2005), helping the Sooners to an 8-4 record and a Holiday bowl win over the hated Oregon Ducks all while making the Academic all-Big 12 team.

That was the last altercation Dusty was involved in, until a few weeks ago.

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Now as the reports and rumors alike fly around, most seem ready to convict the former Sooner star based on his past, and on the one-sided version of what happened that night by the restaurant general manager (both manager and bar shall remain nameless in this article).

The rundown by security and staff that night are that the group that Dvoracek was with, including  at least three other men (one was Teddy Lehman, former OU LB) and a few women (one was Dusty's wife), were being "unruly" and had also violated three of the restaurant's policies. The first was Dvoracek laying his head on the table, the second was him "bumping" in to a female patron of the bar, and the third was never named.

So two of the four bouncers present that night walked over to the group and asked them to leave the establishment. Somewhere between there and the door, at least five members of the group began to attack security with "extreme aggression", causing a stand-off that included Dvoracek "huffing and puffing in rage", then went all the way out the door onto Asp avenue, where the battered security crew, who were in over their heads, turned the group over to the police.

But from the accounts of some of the other people that claimed to be there during the altercation, that may not be an accurate account of the events took place that night.

While the manager of the bar has his business to protect, the patrons of the bar have no dog in the fight, and some of them say that the bouncers had been "eyeing" Dusty all night, maybe looking to start something with an NFL player.

Also the report of only two of the bouncers may have been all four, with at least three attacking Dusty first. One even attempting to choke Dvoracek, which is a common move for bouncers. Of all to which received no response from Dusty himself, as a few of the other men in the group to tried to remove the bouncer from around his neck.

At that point is when the actual "fight" broke out, while Dvoracek moved for the door. Most published reports that site the security crew as the ones being assaulted and in a "losing battle", but most accounts of the actual patrons that night are quite the opposite.

   According to some of the eyewitnesses, Dusty's own wife was thrown to the ground and received multiple abrasions and bruises. Another member of the Dvoracek party (one of the men) was struck in the face, which may have been "without cause", leaving him with a bloody lip. Yet another man in the group was thrown to the ground and kicked, his eye was swollen shut "almost instantly".

Then where the reports would steer you to believe that the security crew then turned the "unruly group" over to police, they just stood stoically by as the police took it from there. But there are many accounts that the four bouncers actually started to "mock" Dvoracek and his friends, laughing and posturing as if proud of what they did, trying to provoke the group.

The restaurant's actions following may lend to that account to, seeing how the business' first public statement was a Twitter post partly reading, "...see ya Dusty." The smugness does seem a bit palpable. Though the next "official" statement was no where near as crass.

While most of what is out there to read may lend itself towards Dusty being the one totally at fault here, there are other accounts of what happened that early Saturday morning. Which story you want to believe is up to each individual, but at least now, for those who haven't heard, Dusty may have actually been the victim, not the aggressor.