Arsenal : Who Is Vincenzo Morabito?

Shyam ParthasarathiSenior Writer IJune 26, 2008

Has anyone heard of the term "super agent"? Who on Earth is a super agent? Some agent with super powers? Can he fly? Does he represent those who fight crimes?

I'm sure that all of you have had enough of these questions, but I haven't figured it out. If agents are idiots, can we call super agents super idiots?


One such super fellow is Vincenzo Morabito. He is somehow very close to all the Italian clubs and has made some very brave admissions to the press about "his" players.

I'm sure that every Arsenal fan has heard about Alexander Hleb's ice-cream incident before the Champions League game against AC Milan. He had that ice-cream with... Vincenzo Morabito.

He was the one who came out with the outrageous statements (initially) that Hleb wants away from Arsenal and was certainly the one who started all the nonsense that has now become a huge transfer saga.

He was the one who said that Hleb's going to Inter Milan. Is he going to Inter Milan?

No. He's supposedly going to Barcelona.. right?

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Alberto Aquilani is a very talented youngster. I'm sure yet again, that every Arsenal fan would have heard about his link to Arsenal. Who provided that link?

That's right! It was Vincenzo Morabito.

Aquilani was supposedly considering an offer from Arsenal according to the above-mentioned name and what exactly came of that?

Nothing. In fact, Aquilani is going to sign a new contract with Roma.

I'm sure you see where this is going. Vincenzo Morabito is somebody who wants to make a lot of money by making absolutely foolish claims.

Let's now come to the man pictured in this article — Emmanuel Adebayor. After having one good season, it has been claimed that AC Milan are prepared to pay 30 million pounds for him. While I can believe that AC Milan are interested in Adebayor, one suggestion just made me laugh.

That was about the deal being "almost 80% done." Who was the guy making those claims?

You guessed right again! It's Vincenzo Morabito!

So, where do you think the Adebayor deal is going? If I were as brave as Vincenzo Morabito, I'd say — nowhere.

But, I'm not that brave.

He represents nobody. He appears from nowhere and makes outrageous claims. He certainly is super, but unfortunately isn't an agent of any kind in my opinion.

So, I stick to my guns when I say that super agents are super idiots.


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