Georgia Has "Contacted" Virginia Tech Assistant Bud Foster (UPDATED)

Kimberley Nash@sambrooklynSenior Writer IDecember 15, 2009


Bud Foster had discussions with Florida, Florida State, and Georgia regarding their vacant defensive coordinator spots. 

However, he states that Georgia gave him the most serious offer of the three schools—he declined the offer and will stay at Virginia Tech. 

According to the "Hokies Journal" section of The Washington Post, Foster will not receive a bump in his salary but has been offered "a financial arrangement Monday that he said would keep him in place at Virginia Tech". 

One might wonder if this was his intention all along but, needless to say, the flirtation with Bud Foster began and ended quickly. 

This does bring one assumption into question, though— the popular opinion is that coach Richt had a short list of candidates and this process would likely progress fairly smoothly. The opposite has proven true, however, as Georgia's efforts have netted numerous names, Manny Diaz, Victor Koenning, Kirby Smart, and Tyrone Nix among them, but no real candidates.

Everyone appears to be remaining mum on the issue as of now and, that is an amazing feat when you consider the sheer proliferation of electronic media in the mainstream, but it is clear that Georgia is still shooting for the brightest stars where this endeavor is concerned.

The search goes on and the Georgia Bulldog faithful continue to wait with baited breath for the next name to surface.

Kudos to Wes Holtzclaw for providing the initial link (read the comments section that follows) to update this story. 

It just goes to show you how quickly information can move when it becomes readily available.

Original Entry as Posted:

Have you had enough of the "who will it be" game that the rumor mill and, admittedly, posts such as this one have wreaked upon your sensitive Georgia Bulldog fanaticism?

Well, if so, you may want to skip this article altogether since it will likely add more frustration to your heart as a new hat has entered Georgia's search for a defensive coordinator. 

According to a report offered by dailypress.com, Georgia has contacted Virginia Tech's current defensive coordinator, Bud Foster, about the vacant spot on Georgia's staff.

Foster has flirted with leaving Virginia Tech before when he was offered the same spot at South Carolina back in 2007. He opted to stay at Virginia Tech instead and was given a bump in his pay for doing so. 

Foster currently makes $402,000 per year as coordinator at Virginia Tech.

There is little to say how serious he would be about coming to Athens but, as is the case every year, Foster is a name that is mentioned in the same breath with every other top DC in the nation—as well he should be. 

Foster has been at Virginia Tech since 1987 and has coached their defense since 1995. 

His defenses have consistently finished tops in the nation and Foster won the coveted Frank Broyles Award in 2006 when his defense finished ranked No. 1 in passing, total, and scoring defense.

He's the real deal and he is definitely a guy that no Georgia fan would be disappointed to have patrolling the sidelines of Sanford Stadium.

Just a side note for fans who might be interested in his prowess against in-state foe, Georgia Tech. Virginia Tech has gone 4-2 in Bud Foster's tenure as a coordinator and, in two losses to Tech, his defense allowed 38 (2006) and 28 (2009) points respectively to the Yellow Jackets.

He has never coached in the SEC but the Hokies have an 0-5 record against the SEC in his time as Virginia Tech's coordinator.

Does this mean he wouldn't be successful in the SEC? No. It's just a little FYI for those who are looking at each candidate from as many perspectives as possible. 

As for a timetable for a defensive coordinator hire, it varies from minute-to-minute and, at this point it's truly anyone's guess.


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