CBS: Please replay SEC games for an Hour of Power on Sunday mornings!

Dave HoganContributor IIDecember 14, 2009

13 Aug 1997:   A view of Touchdown Jesus at newly renovated Notre Dame Stadium during Media Day in South Bend, Indiana. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman  /Allsport
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Dear University of(Insert any SEC School), President:

I have conferred with God and he has asked that your football players no longer invoke the name of his son during the post game interviews.  His son has more important things to do on weekends than to worry about your pompous ass players.

But seriously folks, without getting into a debate over the virtues of faith of one Jesus Cristo, a debate that would be scorned at any bar where football is watched.  Why is it Tim Tebow's, Mark Ingram's and countless other's "Mission" to pontificate over their personal beliefs with a National audience in tow?

More importantly, why do these secular institutions and the networks allow it?  It is the consummate buzz kill.  It's bad enough to watch constant, advertised reminders about which beer to drink, or worry about asking the doctor about male drug enhancement.

The hypocrisy of these telecasts is palpable. Invariably most post game interviews force us to ponder eternal salvation inside the white stripes.  Apparently our other institutions are not doing a very good job helping us keep the faith.  Thus, these unpaid athletes’ have taken upon themselves to do the clergy's work- save souls! 

The pregame prayer was and is still cool, after all, it's inside the Locker Room.  But who allowed this fanaticism over the airwaves? Was it Roger Staubach? Maybe, but he was lampooned in the film- North Dallas 40, during the kinder, gentler 70's.  Was it Kurt Warner?  Well at least it's not so bad in the NFL, because, though God loves you- he is always broke and needs your last dollar,  much like your typical NFL owner.  So it least they are consistent in their core beliefs in the NFL and won't lift a blackout in the worst economy ever. 

Yet the "revelations" of college players are more of an abomination on the gridiron than Janet Jackson's exposed breast.  They are worse than any discernible F bomb from the field. The reason is simple.  These young guys do not have a clue.  The NCAA should look into it as a violation of their amateur status.   They certainly come across as religious professionals, working for the good Lord.  

At least you have to give BYU's athletes credit.  They literally walk the walk and give up NFL money to go on missions.   Yet you never see a post game talk with a Cougar. Er ah,The Cougars might hold the mike, but they don't preach. Maybe the Mormon brand of faith or fiction is too controversial? Again hypocrisy, prevails. I say take all comers-Hari Krishnas too! I wish Tim Tebow would quit his day job.  If this continues he will be insufferable inside an NFL locker room.  

For these jocks to imply that their talent is “god given” is either ludicrous, or selfish. That means god hand picked them and also made it possible for their team to win. Sitting on our couch we are mere mortals. Because, after all, how many of us reach their level on any playing field? God is certainly on their side. Or as Abe Lincoln said: "they are on God's side"

They should be giving Darwin and that lucky sperm cell equal time for their talent.  Never mind that these are alleged student athletes and for the most part they attend secular schools. Maybe as a public service, they could talk about higher education and learning instead of their ministries? 

If they ever did much reading outside the "good book", they certainly aren't willing to share that knowledge.If they had, they would have learned that Einstein considered dancers, not football players, as God's chosen athletes.

Besides, these teams should have already gotten the memo that our Lord is busy elsewhere-How has Touchdown Jesus been working for Notre Dame lately?  Oral Roberts University does not even have a football team and if Jesus wanted them to, they would have it. I know, because God personally talked to ole Oral himself too! Just like me!


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