Notre Dame Football Is Not Relevant Anymore!

G TContributor IDecember 14, 2009

"Notre Dame Football is irrelevant," say many.

"Well, allow me to retort..."

Many of these people are writers for Bleacher Report that fail to even proofread their own articles/comments for spelling errors. Some even readily comment on other's lack of writing skills despite the fact that they, often, lack the same ability.

Onward, I'd like to point out that the "irrelevancy," many point to, of Notre Dame's Football program stems only from the hatred of a tradition of winning. (Geez, you people have ruined that phrase for me, too!)Β Please see "Most Winning College Football Programs ".Β 

I guess we can coin a new phrase in this instance:

"Relevancy is in the Eye of the Beholder" (Thank you, Third Century B.C. Greeks)

Now, you may not LIKE the fact that Notre Dame gets media attention after going 6-6, but the fact remains that there is also an open coaching position. Wherever there is an open coaching position, that program gets media attention (see: Mark Mangino).

This is also the world we live in, when it comes to sports. Hey, the Raiders got much more attention that normal when they beat Pittsburgh didn't they. That's because Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl, LAST YEAR. Did anyone that hates ND cry about that? My guess would be: no. Why?

Well, the reason many didn't complain is because they don't realize that they need to look at everything as a level playing field, which it is not, I'll grant you. But, from a fan's perspective, that's what you need to do. If you look at everyone on the level, then you will most likely not show so much hatred towards one program or another.

Why isn't the playing field level: MONEY.

If you didn't know that, then you've been in a cave since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

You either have it or you don't. Or, you start to get some because of your accomplishments. This is why I believe that, if they go about things the right way, and don't dwell on "Oh where oh where has my coooaaach gone?! Oh, where oh where can he be?!", then Cincinnati can remain a dominant program in college football.

You know how else to get money: have a supportive fan base! Struggling to sell out a 35,098 seat stadium during an undefeated season isn't exactly ANY coach's dream. Can't you at least understand THAT?

The moment that all Cincinnati fans realize this, the better off their program will be. I would be willing to bet that many of you didn't sit through all of their games, no matter HOW many games the team won each year before BK came to Cincinnati. And, you still couldn't fill the stadium this year on many occasions, if I'm correct. Notre Dame has a stadium (over) TWICE the size of Cincinnati's, can fill it, and it doesn't matter HOW many games ND wins in the season.

I was there when ND played Syracuse, and lost. It sucked. BUT that's the difference between Notre Dame fans and other programs. Notre Dame fans also do something else: TRAVEL. They go wherever the team is, keeping aside the fact that they're all over! Notre Dame fans, for the most part, the ones that understand the school and its history, will stick through the worst of it (see: Gerry Faust ).

When it comes to ND, we've been there before, before I was born and up until I was one year old when Gerry was coach, mind you. However, I understand the happenings of the Faust Era because I have close family friends who graduated with my father that lived through it. Stories about Notre Dame Football are like bedtime stories, for crying out loud.

Notre Dame is like that fantasy world that adults can even believe in. (Yeah, go ahead and attack me on that one, you'll only prove the relevancy!)

Has it really been 20 years since Notre Dame was relevant? Lou coached until '96. In '96 they went 8-3, hardly irrelevant. In 2003, they went 10-3, again hardly irrelevant. In 2005, 9-3. For those that can't subtract, that was only 13 years ago, six years ago, and four years ago, respectively. Many that point to the fact that ND hasn't been relevant "In 20 years," as they say it, apparently cannot perform basic subtraction.

So, I think most will agree, if you were to put aside your childish hatred for Notre Dame for even a little while, that Notre Dame's football program is hardly irrelevant. We all like to see The Big One fall: See "David v. Goliath" from...THE BIBLE .

If you are THAT convinced that Kelly was and IS the sole missing aspect to your football program, then you give absolutely NO credit to what the players themselves have done on the field. For that, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

As for those Cincinnati fans that are simply angry because they couldn't keep Brian Kelly, how relevant is your program going to be in five years? I guess that's up to you, because:

Relevancy is in the eye of the beholder.


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