How a Trojan Fan's Support Of The Crimson Tide Paid Off For Mark Ingram

Rick McMahan@@RickMcMahanSenior Writer IDecember 13, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 24:  Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Tennessee Volunteers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Embracing my new self appointed role as west coast ambassador of all things Crimson Tide, I thought it would be appropriate to comment on last nights recipient of the Heisman trophy, Alabama's own Mark Ingram.

First, for those of you not privy to know how I received my title, or perhaps I should say, how I bestowed upon myself this honor, it all came about as a result of an article I wrote a couple of days ago where I pledged my support of Alabama in their title game against Texas.

In the article, I gave a variety of reasons why Trojan fans should rally behind the Tide and officially lined up to be one of the first supporters here on the west coast for Alabama.

I won't go into those reasons here but suffice to say, selfish motivations dictated my entry into the minions of fans who support Nick Saban and his boys.

Nonetheless, here I am and ready to claim my small share in the choosing of Alabama's fine running back, Mark Ingram, as the best college football player in all of the nation.

How can I have the temerity to make this outlandish claim you ask?

Well, its a bit convoluted but let me explain.

All of the Heisman candidates were fine choices and worthy of consideration.

However, some of them didn't stand a chance from the get-go.

I am thinking primarily of Tim Tebow and Ndamukong Suh.

Tebow, despite my deep admiration of him as a player and human being, didn't have the year required to deserve serious consideration.

Suh, who, in my opinion, did merit consideration, is a defensive lineman, and despite his dominant performance on the field, was at best only a darkhorse candidate.

That Ndamukong Suh finished a fairly close fourth in the Heisman balloting should be considered a major triumph for unsung linemen everywhere.

That left Colt McCoy of Texas, Stanford's Toby Gerhart, and Alabama's own Mark Ingram as the three serious players for Mr. Heisman's straight arming little man.

Now, when I threw my support behind the Tide, part of the reason for this was elaborated as my need to remove Texas as a serious contender for "college football team of the decade."

So I wrote an article imploring my fellow Trojan brethren to rally behind Alabama in the title game against Texas.

Who does McCoy play for? Texas.

And when did my article come out? Yep, three days before the award was announced.


I'll let you be the judge of that.

Meanwhile, there is the little matter of Toby Gerhart.

Gerhart, the excellent running back from Stanford, despite his impressive showing, never stood a chance.

Remember, USC fans have now targeted Stanford and their coach, Jim Harbaugh, as our new public enemy No. 1.

This, combined with my meager efforts to rally all good Trojans to the side of the Crimson Tide, turned just enough votes from Gerhart to Mark Ingram.

Okay, you are probably thinking I am an idiot, so full of myself that I have distorted reality.

Perhaps, but I will say to you that since I have become a fan of Alabama, Kirby Smart won the Broyles award as assistant coach of the year (okay, technically he won it before I became the Tides No. 1 West Coast fan, but I didn't find out about it until after I wrote my article) and now, Mark Ingram wins the Heisman.

Again, coincidence?

These are questions for you to judge, but in the meantime, for fans of the Crimson Tide from your new west coast buddy...

Your welcome.


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