Some Thoughts on the Heisman Trophy From a Pro Football Guy

Leonard SuttonContributor IDecember 9, 2009

When it comes to football, I’m a pro guy.  That is to say, that I favor the professional game over the collegiate, at least as far as the BCS and D-1 of the NCAA is concerned.   I don’t dislike the college game, but I favor the pros for several reasons. 

First, there’s this mess about a playoff, or in my view, the lack of one in the NCAA division 1 variety of the great (and I do mean great) game of football.   Look, I know this like beating a dead horse, but if Divisions II and III can have a legitimate, nationwide, playoff system then the big boys (BCS) should be able to also, but I digress….

Second, one of my pet peeves with college ball is that of duplicate numbers.  Colt McCoy has a twelve on his shirt and so does Earl Thomas.   What the hell’s up with that?  Can’t Mack Brown and the Burnt Orange Boosters pony up enough green for “The” University of Texas to afford enough jerseys without having to duplicate poor old Colt’s dozen?  How will it ever be retired if there’s more than one?  If you have 80 or 90 players’ suit out for a game, can’t you find at least 1 number that’s not already taken?  I know, you’re thinking to yourself “get over it, already”, but did I mention this peeve was one of my pets?

Third, is the ridiculous attempt at an overtime system in college football.  The pros have this down, and do it the only way it should be done, sudden death.   Look, each team has had 60 minutes, 2 halves, 4 quarters, to get best the other team on the scoreboard.  If you can’t do it in the time allotted, the team that scores first in the OT should be the winner.  Done.  End of story.  To give both teams a shot at the overtime is like not keeping score at all.  This system was probably designed by a tree hugging liberal who didn’t want to make anyone mad by actually having the competition result in an obvious winner.

OK.  That’s off my chest and I feel better.  Thank you for permitting me that relief.

One thing about the college game that I enjoy watching and paying attention to, is the Heisman Trophy, the annual award given to the player that most see as the best player in the NCAA. 

This year’s stable of studs includes the aforementioned Colt McCoy, whom many had as the frontrunner until his mediocre Big 12 (no not his shirt number) Conference Championship game against Nebraska,  Ndamukong Suh, the D-Lineman of the Cornhuskers, who played better in that game than McCoy did, Mark Ingram running back from the University of Alabama, Toby Gerhart, Stanford’s outstanding tailback, and Tim Tebow, the All Everything quarterback from the University of Florida, who won last year’s award, and looks to be only the second player in NCAA history to win the award twice, the first and only so far, being Ohio State’s Archie Griffin who won it back in the 1974 and 75 seasons.  I think they ran the wishbone back then, but I’m not sure.

I won’t bore you (if I haven’t already, and your still reading this) with each players stats because I’m not a stats and numbers guy, because quite frankly, research is not by strong suit, but, once again, I digress…

However I will say this about the Heisman.  I would be overjoyed if Suh won the trophy.  He won’t, but man, what a surprise that would be, right?   A defensive lineman winning the Heisman?  That’s like Paris Hilton winning on Jeopardy for five shows in a row.

I don’t think Tebow wins it this year, because he won it last year, and his year this season is more remarkable for concussions than TD passes.

Colt McCoy won’t win it either because the Big 12 Championship game was a little disappointing.  He holds several NCAA QB records, and his number, regardless of who else wants to wear it should be retired at Texas.  This Aggie has a world of respect for Mr. McCoy…

Toby Gerhart won’t win it because Stanford didn’t have a Pac-10 Championship season, even though Gerhart is an all out stud on the football field.  Players from schools with less than undefeated seasons don’t fare very well in the award business.

Mark Ingram probably will win it.  I mean, the odds makers have him as like a 2-1 favorite over the next best player, whomever that may be.

If I was voting (for one thing, it would mean that I do this for a living, or I’ve won the award in the past) it would be for Suh.  Why?  Because large, fast, strong, defensive linemen need a little love, too, but then again, the Heisman is too sexy for a defensive player.  


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