The Last "Houston-Nutt-For-Kansas-Job?" Article

JDAnalyst IDecember 9, 2009

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 10:  Coach Houston Nutt of the Mississippi Rebels walks off the field followed by quarterback Jevan Snead #4 after losing to the Alabama Crimson Tide 22-3 in their college football game at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on October 10, 2009 in Oxford, Mississippi. (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)
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I'm not against any of the other articles that have been written on Houston Nutt's potential interest in the University of Kansas or vice-versa.

I simply thought it was time to clarify that any such notions were probably done before they ever really started, in retrospect. 

The only source that released any names whatsoever, The University Daily Kansan, did not even have Nutt's name listed among Perkins' targets.  A move from Ole Miss to Kansas probably means less money, worse recruiting and facilities, and less potential for big publicity.

This is not to say such a move couldn't have happened. 

He's the caliber of coach that could have accepted a few less dollars while, thanks to a lax schedule and some decent leftover talent from the Mangino regime, pulling out six or seven wins next season and looking like a hero before moving on to bigger, better things (not to mention, more dough).

In fact, with all due respect to Mr. Nutt, that seems almost exactly like something he would have done, doesn't it?

I do want to know where the rumors originated, because that would answer a few questions for everyone.

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Maybe it started in Arkansas, where it might have simply come up to distract Nutt and his Rebels before the Cotton Bowl, or even wishful thinking in that he might leave the SEC.

Perhaps it started in Kansas, just like those I heard of Jim Harbaugh, Charlie Strong, Brent Venables, and even Bobby Bowden that popped up.  I don't care if other people think they were complete crap; I refuse to fault Jayhawk fans for such speculations.  It's harmless, and looking around at the coolest options brings a lighter mood to the current grid-iron depression in Kansas.

The rumor could have possibly even started from Houston Nutt himself.  The way the media is, he could have let the name Kansas slip once and have it turned into a secret interview with Lew Perkins by every sports columnist from Kansas City to the Gulf of Mexico.

Even more interesting yet, what if letting his "interest" in Kansas slip out was on purpose?  Maybe Nutt is simply interested in garnering himself a few more dollars next season, and what a better way to get Ole Miss to dip into it's checkbook than by making himself a hot commodity?

I really don't think Nutt's a bad guy, and he's a quality (not superb) football coach.  It just so happens that he, and some of his decisions, attract a little extra drama than do most coaches' activities.

That's all this is, too.  Drama following a coach who attracts it like ramen noodles do a poor college student.

Maybe there was truth to all the talk.  Then again, maybe there was no interest at all from either side.

I guess my point is that I'm glad it doesn't matter anymore, because, thankfully, all talks of Houston Nutt and Kansas appear to be done.

I, at least, am thankful.  Sure Nutt is a good coach, and many people would tell me that as a measly Kansas fan I should be grateful for even the mildest speculation over a head-man of his caliber.

However, I would rather promote defensive coordinator Clint Bowen to head coach than hire Nutt.  First of all, at least Bowen would have a lesser negative effect on the defense.  Secondly, Bowen would not be likely not have many other suitors to distract Kansas.  Thirdly, Kansas would get exactly what it payed for.

No, I don't think Nutt would have been any good for Kansas anyway.  Lew Perkins, I think, would much rather have a coach he can hire, treat well, and forget about for the next 10 years while he continues fortifying his basketball team.

I don't think that I, as a Jayhawk fan, want Nutt around either.  I don't want to worry each and every day about the next big story following him around or constantly be wondering where he'd be off to next, leaving Kansas in yet another hole.

But enough talk about Houston Nutt, because I hope it's done, and I hope this is the last article concerning him that I ever see on a Kansas page.  Good luck in the Cotton Bowl, Ole Miss.

On a side note, a source very close to the football team tells me that the interest between Turner Gill and Kansas seems mutual, and that he is Kansas' current prime target as of this evening, as far as he (the source) knew.

Meanwhile, the letter sent from the juniors to Kansas fans tells me (literally) that they are optimistic simply to start over and move forward from there.

Whoever takes over at Kansas will not only inherit some youthful talent, but as demonstrated by such a letter, some maturity and leadership as well. 

I'm not about to build up any major expectations for the Jayhawks next season, but I can't help but be proud of how well the team seems to be handling the tumultuous situation, and that the future seniors are taking this team under their wing.

Way to go, Jayhawks.


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