WAC Bowl Predictions: Will Boise State Get Embarrassed in the Fiesta Bowl?

Caleb M.@MouthoftheQuackAnalyst IDecember 8, 2009

Due to family emergency and a long power outage, this has been delayed a bit from Thursday. I apologize for that. 

At the bottom you'll find a link to my profile and that of Sportscaster007, who helped me with all these conferences. 

The WAC has fewer bowl bids than those of BCS conferences, so I'll go more in depth in every game than I normally would.  

Fiesta Bowl (Big 12 champion or BCS at-large vs. BCS at-large)—Jan. 4, Glendale, Arizona

With Texas locked into the national championship after a Nebraska victory, the doors are wide open for the Fiesta Bowl, letting in Boise State and TCU. 

Boise is overrated. Let's just get that out now. Their only credible win comes over Oregon, which was in some people's opinion a fluke. 

However, Kellen Moore is quite the quarterback. But the WAC will never be respected by the sports nation until it stops playing all the FCS teams and starts playing with the big boys.

I understand they don't want to play Boise State, but this is an argument for another day.

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That said, fact remains: However crazy the stats they put up are, it's against crappy teams almost all year. 

They do have quite a gunslingin' offense, headed by Moore and a lot of weapons at his disposal. Boise State performs with its offense, airing it out with Moore and then running it up the gut when you least expect it. 

Boise scored 54 points on Hawaii, 52 points on Utah State, and then 63 points on Idaho, marking their highest scoring games. There were seven other games where they scored at least 40 points. Wow. 

Not much of a defense all year save for the five games teams scored under 14. 

TCU, on the other hand, is a powerhouse on defense and is ranked up there with Texas, Florida, and Alabama. It suffocates teams with the 4-2-5, meaning they have five defensive backs on the field. This will frustrate Boise State all game.

Their offense isn't too shabby either, led by quarterback Andy Dalton. We've seen what this Horned Frog offense is capable of. 

I didn't think the offense was anything to brag about—until I saw the BYU game. A good team vs. another solid team, and TCU dominated. Then there are the San Diego State and Utah games, where they scored 55 points in each.

In fact, watching the game against the Utes, I busted up laughing. It was such a sad game...TCU really just ripped them to shreds.

TCU also won over a decent BCS team in Clemson, winning 14-10. 

Only three teams have scored more than two touchdowns on TCU, and usually late in the game against the benchwarmers (Texas State-San Marcos 56-21, Air Force 20-17, Utah 55-28).

Overall, I see TCU dominating Boise State on defense and then driving it home with an impressive offensive performance over Boise State's not-so-impressive defense.

TCU 35, Boise State 16

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl (WAC vs. MWC five)—Dec. 30, Boise, Idaho

With Boise in the Fiesta Bowl, the door is wide open for the Humanitarian bowl. Idaho is the WAC representative, and they'll have home field advantage against replacement team Bowling Green.

This is one of those "toilet bowls," or the bowls between two mediocre teams that won't make the news except for locally around Idaho and then back in Bowling Green, Ohio.

That said, it should be a complete shootout, with a total lack of defense from either side.

Idaho averages 32 points a game and gives up around 41 points a game. Not much defense going on there. 

Bowling Green, though, averages 28 points a game, giving up 26 points a game—a big difference and a better defense from the Falcons. 

The Vandals gave up 70 points to Nevada, being the most all year, and scored 49 at their best against Utah State (which resulted in a loss).

Bowling Green has scored 38 points at their best, which came in a win against Toledo. The most they've given up was 49 points, and that was to Boise State. 

Idaho is on a three-game losing streak to Fresno State, Boise State, and then Utah State—three ugly, defenseless games. 

Bowling Green is on a four-game win streak against Buffalo, Miami (Ohio), Akron, and Toledo. They win by scoring what's necessary, and they have more of a defense than Idaho. 

Frankly, it comes down to who can outscore who. 

Bowling Green 35, Idaho 28

Hawaii Bowl (Hawaii or WAC vs. C-USA)—Dec. 24, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Hawaii Bowl always features Hawaii unless they are BCS eligible or don't qualify for a bowl game, as this year.

In that case it picks a different WAC team—Nevada—to face off with a C-USA (or Pac-10) team—SMU.

Nevada will manhandle the Mustangs, hands down.

Frankly, I don't get how the Mustangs won so many games. They lost to Washington State and Marshall, for god's sake! They barely beat UAB, some FCS team, UTEP, Rice, and Tulane.

In fact, they never really were in control of a whole game other than perhaps the Tulsa game.

SMU played too many close games against rather bad teams. Their only hot spot was contending with Houston.

Nevada nearly took down Boise State, dominated Idaho, and manhandled Fresno State—three good teams outside the BCS conferences. 

Nevada started off terrible, getting blown out by Notre Dame, Colorado State, and losing to Missouri. Their only other loss came to Boise State in the last game of their year. 

There isn't much to compare...Nevada's a strong team, SMU isn't. Plain and simple.

Nevada 45, SMU 31

New Mexico Bowl (WAC three vs. MWC four)—Dec. 19, Albuquerque, New Mexico

In third place for the WAC is Fresno State. They will represent the conference in the New Mexico Bowl.

From the MWC, finishing in fourth place, is Wyoming. 

It should be rather obvious that the Bulldogs will walk away with a victory. I don't think it'll be very close, but Wyoming may give them a run for their money.

Wyoming barely qualified for the bowl games, just edging out Colorado State 17-16.

The Bulldogs, though, are a team that's hard to figure out. They play some intense shootouts like the Illinois game, 53-52. Then there are the Louisiana Tech, San Jose State, Wisconsin, and Utah State games. All of them were who-can-score-last type games.

They've been blown out by Boise State and Nevada, as well as losing to Wisconsin and to Cincinnati by a measly touchdown. A great game for Fresno State.

Wyoming, though, has been shut out by Colorado (24-0), Air Force (10-0), and BYU (52-0). Ouch.

Their only big win was against New Mexico, which was a 37-13 spanking. Other than that, they haven't won by more than five points, even against D-II school Weber State.

I see the Bulldogs winning, both teams scoring 20 points, with Fresno State controlling the whole game.

Fresno State 38, Wyoming 24

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