BCS Bowl Selections: Did BCS Anticipation Crash Twitter?

B.Senior Analyst IDecember 7, 2009

The BCS craze has officially taken over the Internet, and it may have temporarily killed Twitter in the process.

As the anticipation for the BCS bowl selections began to boil, overzealous fans flocked to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for gossip and hints about bowl games.

The longer fans waited, the more the rumors from "sources" started to float around the web.

The more rumors floated, the more traffic increased on social media sites. Some sites, like Twitter, may have had too much traffic to handle.

Twitter, the micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read text-based messages (called Tweets) of up to 140 characters, has become increasingly important in the world of sports. 

Writers use it for breaking news, athletes use it to connect with fans, and fans use it to support their teams.

I am a heavy tweeter. I use my Twitter account to inform people of anything and everything Iowa Hawkeye related. Sports Illustrated 's Stewart Mandel is a heavy tweeter, too, using his account to inform his followers of happenings in the sports world. 

And no sports fan needs reminding of Ochocinco's tweeting habits .

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Fans and writers may have been tweeting a little heavy on Sunday while awaiting the Bowl selection announcements, which may have caused Twitter to go down for over 30 minutes on Sunday evening.

TechCrunch, a well-known social media news site, reported that Twitter was down while responding to a high rate of errors. As a result, fans were presented with an all-too-familiar symbol known as the "Fail Whale."

Twitter users know the lovable image of the whale all too well, as it represents Twitter's server downtime, something they have experienced their fair share of during their growth. 

The popular social networking site has been known to go down unexpectedly from time to time because of heavy web traffic. 

When Michael Jackson died, Twitter almost exploded. 

Luckily, the social media site was back up and running Sunday night before most people knew what was happening. The rumors and conjecture continued, as if there was no interruption, and fans still continued their assault on the BCS's Twitter account .  

While there is no real proof BCS-related traffic caused the Twitter crash, I have a hunch it at least contributed to it. People get crazy come bowl time, and social media allows them a way to have their voice heard.

After the downtime brought on a mild panic attack , the Web-obsessed nerd in me returned to normal, and I was able to watch the rumors about my Hawkeyes jump from the Fiesta Bowl to the Orange Bowl. 

As a note to any fellow tweeters, travel agents probably aren't a reliable "source" to listen to when purchasing bowl tickets in advance. 

Anyone want to buy Fiesta Bowl tickets?


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