13-0 Became 13 and Oh My God! Tide Shoots For Another Important 13

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2009

Alabama's win on Saturday was epic for so many reasons. It preserved Alabama's streak of winning an SEC Championship every decade since the SEC was formed. It brings Alabama back to the gate of the promised land, where it used to go with regularity, and it put Nick Saban back on top as the premier coach in all of college football.

This is a team that is 13-0 and has only Texas between them and national title number 13. Suddenly, 13 is a lucky number for Alabama.

This was not a game that showcased just one player or had just one player setting records, this was a team victory where everyone in crimson beat down the closest player to them in a white jersey.

There were plenty of records broken or maintained. The first was the before mentioned SEC Championship win in every decade. Additionally, Mark Ingram broke Bobby Humphrey's single season rushing record and Javier Arenas, who already owns the SEC and Alabama records as a punt returner, needs just 29 yards in the title game to become the NCAA record holder.

But the most important record breaking item still has to broken. Alabama is win less against the Texas Longhorns.

And while that record will build momentum in the minds of the players over the next month, they should savor this win over the Gators as revenge extracted.

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At least three different Alabama players were all quoted saying the same exact phrase that was on the mind of every returning player from last year, "We have been looking forward to this rematch for a whole year to finish our business."

Last year, Tim Tebow was able to put the Gators on his shoulders and will both himself and his team to victory in a come from behind fourth quarter that left the Tide players feeling like they let a championship slip away. To a man, they all vowed to make it back to Atlanta and exact their revenge.

This time, Tebow couldn't will himself or his teammates to keep a stiff upper lip while they watched the clock tick down. Mission accomplished for the tide.

But this was just one more mission in a war, total victory was not yet realized, and when the players wanted to dowse Nick Saban with a Gatorade bath, they were told quite soundly, "We ain't won nothing yet."

So while 13-0 was really a 13 and "Oh my God" moment on the field, the staff at Alabama is reminded the team that the most important 13 is still out there, a 13th National Championship.

If they win that one, even taskmaster Saban might let them break a rule, and let them enjoy that one for the rest of their lives instead of the mere 24 hours he usually gives them to enjoy a win.


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