Brian Burke= Sorta Set Himself Up

Keith DravidContributor IDecember 2, 2009

TORONTO - NOVEMBER 29:   MLSE President and CEO Richard Peddie and Brian Burke attend a press conference announcing Burke as the teams new General Manager November 29, 2008 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
Brad White/Getty Images

So lets recap. We all know what a bad start the Leafs are off to, and how little their luck changed with the Phil Kessel being taken of the IR. But what should they do now?

Bring up some people from the Marlies?

Well they did that with Hanson and Gunnerson but really is the a significant change? Trade players?  Who wants what we have?

If we trade away Hagman (\maybe our only forward worth something) who else is going to score other than Kessel? And what sniper do we have in the Marlies? Forget sniper we need a playmaker! We don't have that either in the Marlies. BUT back to the point we have nothing and don't anyone dare say trade kaberle, who will take his spot?  honestly who? Frogren?, Exelby? Don't make me laugh closest thing we have is Beauchemin.

Let's look in the past shall we. Brian Burke traded away Anton Stralman, who was a offensive defense man with a lot of potential, and really was the only person who can beable to take Kaberles spot, and for those who doubt that statement take a look at this, he plays for team Sweden, and he's playing in the 2nd defensive pairing on the Columbus Blue Jackets raking up 15 points in 24 games that's more than any of the defense men on toronto's team with an exception of Kaberle who's the best puck moving defense men in the league hands down. That's Burke's mistake No. 1, 2nd is my favourite on July 1st, Pavel Kubina and Tim Stapleton to Atlanta for defenceman Garnet Exelby and forward Colin Stuart. taking a closer look, lets see what the leafs so far got out of it. Exelby is the best deffencemen on the leafs and is not even playing every night, he has 1 point in 13 games and is a -6, Colin Stuart? no one know's where that man is he's not even playing in the minors. now lets see what Atlanta got- Pavel Kubina 12 points in 23 games and is among the top leaders IN THE LEAGUE in +/- with  +16. Tim Stapleton is in the minors geting 14 points in 23 games but hey he's doing a hell of alot more than colin stuart. 3rd mistake is Brian Burke's refusal to trade away Luke Schenne and a 1st rounder for what draft pick which would end up to be Vicktor Hedmann. I bet you anybody leaf fan would do that trade right now in a heartbeat. But what's done is done and you cna't go back into the future unfortunately, so i'm thinking we should send down Luke Schenne to the minors to regain some confidence, there absolutely nothing wrong with that and in the past players have gone back to the minors and prospered. Look at Dion Phaneuf, Eric Staal just to name a few who went down and came back up and blossomed. Leaf fans have been talking about it for weeks but Ron Wilson and Brian Burke refuse to send down the lad, and i'll tell you one thing things arn't getting better.

But I shall propose this unlikely thing to you, its very unlikely but it works out.

Leafs need a playmaker for Phil Kessel, like Kessel had Marc Savard in Boston, Ottawa they have a playmaker who's afraid to shoot and does nothing but passing named Jason Spezza, and he has been going down ever since Heatly left for San Jose. Trade what for well if you people remember back on draft day where Ottawa was eyeing Nazem Kadri but the leafs snatched him up at 7th, well why not Spezza is young still.

I"ll let that loom in the air but hey makes sense.


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