Confessions of An Anxious Gator Fan

Larry SnarkvilleAnalyst INovember 30, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 28:  A fan shows support for the Florida Gators during the game against the Florida State Seminoles at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

I'm nervous. As a Gator fan that is. See, I've been around for awhile. Ever heard the Florida Gators referred to as the "Choking Gators?"

Unless you're over the age of 35, probably not. Heard of "Run, Lindsey Run!?" Again, probably not. But I have.

I've seen the other side of Florida football. Know all too well that the well hasn't always been as deep as so many perceive it to be. But believe me, I'm nervous.

Saturday, the Florida Gators will play (again) in the SEC championship game against Alabama. The Gators have been playing with fire all year. Too many close calls. Too many bad calls. And too many questionable calls that have the naysayers questioning the validity of Florida's number one ranking. Trouble scoring in the red zone all year. No big down field threat. Tebow overrated. Offensive line giving up too many sacks. And on. Heard all of it.

I'm afraid of the bell tolling this Saturday. The prospect of losing to Nick Saban (and Alabama) is nauseating. We don't like Nick Saban. Maybe he reminds us of ourselves.

But he's the bad guy, so we can justify our displeasure.

My Gator friends probably wouldn't come as clean as I'm doing right now. Too much pride, hubris, and maybe not enough humility. But I'm nervous.

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I know what'll happen on Saturday. I'll act like I'm just going to watch the game.

"It's just a game," I'll say.

But I know better. It's way more than that. I realize the emotional attachment I have to my team and the investment sitting down to watch the whole game entails. But I'll have to.

My kids will have to understand. They know what daddy is like once the Gators come on. The yelling. The nervousness. The hair-pulling. It's never easy.



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