Larry's Losers in the SEC and the SEC Championship Game

Larry BurtonSenior Writer INovember 29, 2009

After a few days off visiting relatives, eating turkey and being stuck in the car on two long trips, Baccardi the wonder dog and I have just gotten home and are ready to end this season's regular season and conference championship game on a high note.

Well, Baccardi, we finished another regular season and this last week provided us some upsets and some near upsets and this week, the prognostication process proved pitiful.

The Old Ball Coach proved you better not make his reservation at the nursing home just yet as he dished out an upset to Dabo Swinney's Clemson Kitty Cat Club. That was a shocker, but not like the one that took place in Mississippi.

Dan Mullen's mutts have been kicked like a yard dog this season as far as the check marks go in the win column, but they, the kickers, have pulled back legs with quite a few tooth marks in them. It was only a question of time until the dogs had their day.

Well that day came today and they just completely ripped the wheels off the 10-win express that Houston Nutt was hopin' to sport around in this off season.

The Rebels came into this dog pound and got mauled by a pack of pooches that had so many other good teams on the ropes, only to see them jump over the fence and get away at the last minute.

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Lane Kiffin improved the Vols bowl hunt with an overtime win against Rich Brooks and them Kentucky Kitties. Baccardi and I both felt this was an upset in the making, but it just didn't come through.

Would the Les Miles Meltdown continue in Louisiana? We picked that upset. At least this week Miles figured out that when the clock numbers get smaller that means time is going off the clock and he got the field goal team out there just in time to get it to overtime.

Seems like these two teams never can settle the argument in the regulated time and last year when it went to continued contestin', the Hogs came out a winner, and this year it was payback time for the Tigers.

And lastly Mark Richt, proved you can't keep a good dog down and he upset the little smart pill machine with a win over Georgia Tech in what would prove to be the second SEC over ACC upset of the day and neither did I or Baccardi see it coming.

These five misses brought about the worst week in week Larry's Losers history and is making me and Baccardi rethink the whole smart pill machine thing. It just ain't workin'.

This brought the season total down to 73-20 or 77 percent. A coach winning 77 percent of his games would have a 10 win season out of 13 games, and that'll keep your job, so Baccardi and I will be back next year, but we'll be bakin' up some "Smart Cookies" to help us be one smart cookie ourselves.

As far as the only two we got right, Gene Chizik reached into the Tiger trunk of tricks and almost pulled out an upset, but an Elephant knows that slow and steady usually win the final race, and the pachyderms finally trampled the Tigers.

And lastly, Urban Meyer kept Bobby Bowden from strolling into retirement wearing any new Gator skin boots and they snapped and chewed the Seminoles as predicted and now prepare for the final SEC match up of the year.

And how will that go?

The Gators are coming in fat and happy after feeding off all their opponents this year and they are no doubt confident after their final course of Seminole Souffle.

And that last drive of Alabama's down in little brother's backyard is gonna give the Tide the belief that they can do anything once their mind is set on it.

This Saturday's game is really for the national championship, as the winner should walk over Texas for yet another title coming home to the SEC.

This game will have great defense, a few big plays and maybe a nail-biting ending but when it's all over, the Elephants will prove to more than a mouthful for the Gators and they will come out on top.

Larry's loser: Florida.

Baccardi and I need to go out on top with this last SEC match up, but we'll have one more chance to set the bar a little higher for next year with Larry's Losers in the SEC Bowl Games in the next installment.

So once the bowls have all been decided, old Baccardi and I will have all the details worked out on that recipe and have us some smart cookies ready to make some gallant guesses at the bowl games to come.

Thanks for sticking with us this season and we'll see you back next year if the good Lord's willin' and the hurricanes don't blow us out to sea.


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