SEC Turkey of The Year Voting and More

Joel Barker@joelabarkerSenior Writer INovember 25, 2009

SEC Turkey of the Year Nominations

A local radio station has been handing this award out for nearly 20 years. So this is anything but original. However, they do not hand their's out to sports figures. So I will begin that tradition myself.

But I'm going to let you, my readers, vote from my list of candidates.

Here they are in no particular order:

Lane Kiffin: Do I really have to explain?

Urban Meyer: If you've won two national titles in three years, do you really have to turn to a rookie coach's words for motivation?

Les Miles: Once again, no explanation needed.

SEC Officials: Keep on spittin' out the obvious, Joel!

Houston Nutt: For not letting Dexter McCluster loose sooner.

Mike Slive: For being an all-around terrible commissioner.

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Willie Martinez: For turning Georgia's defense into gelatinous mess.

There you have it. Vote early and often!

My 2009 Thankful (and not-so-thankful) List

What a season this has been.

Two great teams are going to duke it out in Act One of the National Championship Game (otherwise known as the SEC Championship). The SEC West has taken the overall balance of power in the conference.

The top-half of the SEC East is nowhere close to what it once was.

I know these things are cyclical and it won’t last, but the SEC East has ruled the conference since the league split into two divisions in 1992. Now it’s the West’s turn. Goodness knows they’ve waited long enough.  

That being said, here’s my list of things I’m thankful (and some not-so-thankful) for in the SEC for ’09:

I’m thankful the top two teams in the country are from the SEC. I’m not thankful that they’re my team’s two biggest rivals.

I’m thankful LSU fans are finally seeing Les Miles for the fraud that he is. I’m not thankful that he’s still deflecting blame for his brainfart.

I’m thankful for the best conference in the land. I'm not thankful for it's commissioner.

I’m thankful for Lane Kiffin’s ability to turn Jonathan Crompton into an SEC-caliber quarterback. I’m not thankful that it took until the fifth game to happen.

I’m thankful that Kentucky, of all teams, can finish second in the SEC East. I’m not thankful that the 'Cats could end their 24-year hex against Tennessee’s to do so.

I’m thankful Georgia has finally come down from their lofty perch. I’m not thankful that some of their fans still trash talk as though the ‘Dawgs are the greatest. 

I’m thankful Ole Miss finally got going and started living up to their hype. I'm not thankful that it began against the Vols.

I’m thankful some rogue officials were suspended during the season. I'm not thankful they are still employed.

I’m thankful for a new direction in Knoxville. I'm not thankful for all the baggage that has come with it thus far.

I’m thankful I got to attend two games this year! I'm not thankful that I walked a total of eight miles and spent a combined four hours in traffic.

I’m thankful Lane Kiffin's first season wasn't a total failure. I'm not thankful that the Vols lost to UCLA.

I'm thankful that I'm through telling you what I'm thankful for...

Thanksgiving Week SEC Picks

I was 5-1 last week to improve to 17-4 overall.

Clemson @ South Carolina: South Carolina usually struggles in November but I think Clemson will get caught worrying more about Georgia Tech than their in-state rival. Gamecocks 27-14.

Ole Miss @ Mississippi State: I wonder how hard Houston Nutt will kick himself for not depending on Dexter McCluster through the first 8 weeks of the season? Ole Miss 41-13.

Florida State @ Florida: Remember when this game was fun to watch? Florida 45-17.

Arkansas @ LSU: Arkansas has actually won the last two meetings in this rivalry. Les Miles needs a win to take the attention off the fact he can’t coach. Arkansas 24-23.

Tennessee @ Kentucky: It’s been 25 years since the Wildcats defeated the Vols. This just might be the year for Kentucky. You would be surprised at what a streak like that can do to an opponents' psyche. Tennessee 28-24.

Georgia @ Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets had a week off to prepare while the Bulldogs got beat by Kentucky on Senior Night. This one gets ugly quick. Tech 52-20.

Game of the Week

Alabama @ Auburn: A few weeks ago when the Tide and the Tigers were 5-0, this looked like a potential brouhaha. Now that Auburn is 7-4 and Alabama is 11-0, it looks more like a blowout.

Of course if you have watched this rivalry more than a few times you realize that’s not usually the way this one goes (’08 being the most recent exception). Bama wins it, but not by 36. Tide 30-14.

Random Musings (Football and Non-Football Thoughts)

  • Well I've been writing on this site for over a year now. I must say it's been a blast and I look forward to doing this for quite some time.
  • Les Miles, seriously dude... what we're you thinking!?!?
  • Bon Voyage, Charlie Weis
  • The Colts have been extraordinarily lucky of late... but I'll take it!
  • Congrats to Bruce Pearl's Vols for making the finals of the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands this week. Played a great Purdue team down to the wire. I'm positive this Vols team will be special.
  • The Dan Patrick show is quite possibly the greatest radio show in the history of sports radio. Those guys crack me up every day!
  • Jimmy Johnson--Four titles in a row, wow! In one of the big three sports they'd still be talking about it.
  • PETA needs to get a life! A robotic Uga?!
  • Speaking of Georgia--I'm surprised to hear the growing echo of unrest concerning Mark Richt's job. Has he not earned at least one more year?
  • I love Hot Stove League Baseball, but it's just way too early to get any good rumors right now. I've heard everything from Miguel Cabrera to Prince Fielder. The Braves need a bat, but I seriously doubt anything close to that caliber.
  • Finally, Thanks to all those who have read this column over the last few weeks. I wish I had started with this concept at the beginning of the season. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

'Til next week...


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