Putting the LSU Loss to Ole Miss in Perspective

Dale WeaverCorrespondent INovember 24, 2009

To say that Coach Miles has taken some heat over the last few days would be an understatement.

Irate fans, disgruntled alums, and overall nausea filled the hearts of all who follow LSU with the passion that only LSU people do; I was one of them.

But as the gagging reflex has now subsided and in light of all the things that go on around us, it’s hard to stay focused on the mishaps that led to LSU losing to Ole Miss this past Saturday.

I have a very dear friend who I cherish and adore who shared some things with me that are close to her heart that so dwarf the loss to Ole Miss.

How do you compare a boy’s game of football to the tragic loss of a sister who passed of cancer and her two little girls who no longer have their mother with the holidays that approach?

Holiday times are normally filled with family and friends who you love and care about. The laughter, the stories, the chance to spend if not but just a few hours; time with those who mean the most to you, but these two little girls don’t have their mother.

How about their little hearts in knowing that their mother is not there and although they move on with seamlessly no hurt, they still must have a deep yearning that they can’t quite understand and comprehend and how it must linger in their souls.

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How does that compare to a football game where it’s lost because of carelessness or inattentiveness?

How their father must deal with the pain of another holiday season without the love of his life and his best friend, although, the blessing of having two incredible, beautiful girls and the love they have for their daddy is bitter sweet. For he sees his wife in both of them and knows how proud she would be if only she were there.

That pain in my heart for them so profoundly puts to shame any outcome to my beloved LSU Football team.

For I’m blessed with two incredible children of my own and the thought of one of them not here because of a disease or the thought of me not being here for any reason and the loss in their heart for me; burdens my heart with humbleness and thankfulness.

We all know someone close to us who has tasted life when it’s most bitter.

So, as we move into the holiday season and with Thanksgiving at the threshold, let’s stop and remember what’s most important: Be thankful for what blessings we have and remember that there are so many people hurting who have soul crushing challenges in their lives. Put what’s purposeful and most important at the focus of our hearts.

Sports are great, especially LSU Sports and it‘s a great way to put behind us, but for just a period of time, the problems we face.

But LSU sports is not and should not supersede the humanity and the scope of what’s truly real. The reality of life and all its joy, happiness, pain, and sufferings.

Keeping it real helps you deal with what's real.  You feel me? Happy holidays.


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