49ers' Top Hypothetical Trades to Make Splash in 2022 NFL Draft

Joe Tansey@JTansey90Featured ColumnistApril 6, 2022

49ers' Top Hypothetical Trades to Make Splash in 2022 NFL Draft

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    The San Francisco 49ers enter the 2022 NFL draft with nine selections. 

    A majority of those picks are scheduled for the final day of the selection process. 

    Kyle Shanahan and his staff are not slated to make a pick until the 61st overall position that resides at the end of the second round. 

    San Francisco owns two third-round picks and three sixth-round selections in addition to one pick each in the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds. 

    That set of selections could be important to the 49ers if they decide to make a move up the draft board late in the first round, or early in the second round. 

    The latter scenario makes more sense for the 49ers in case they believe they can land a prospect that unexpectedly dropped out of the first round. 

Make Early Surge into Top of 2nd Round

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    Potential Trade: 49ers acquire No. 35 pick from New York Jets for Nos. 93, 172 and 187 picks. 

    San Francisco might be inclined to move up into the top of the second round if a prospect it rates highly falls to the second day.

    The New York Jets are an ideal trade partner for the 49ers because Robert Saleh came from Kyle Shanahan's staff and the AFC East side owns two of the first six selections in the second round. 

    The 49ers could target the No. 35 selection to jump ahead of most franchises at the start of the draft's second day.

    San Francisco might have to pay a hefty price for a high second-round pick, but it may be worth it if a prospect falls to Day 2. 

    San Francisco could package one of its picks in the third and sixth rounds as well as its fifth-round selection to satisfy New York's demands for what could be a coveted spot in the draft order. 

Move Up a Handful of Spots in Deal with Pittsburgh

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    Potential Trade: 49ers acquired No. 52 from Pittsburgh for Nos. 61 and 172 picks. 

    San Francisco could wait to pull the trigger on a trade until the middle of the second round. 

    At that point, the 49ers could be more willing to move up in the draft order because it would cost less on the trade market. 

    A trade up to No. 52 with the Pittsburgh Steelers could allow the 49ers to land a player before a positional run happens, or it may occur in the middle of a streak of selections at a position of need. 

    A potential move up nine spots could cost the 49ers a swap of second-round picks as well as a selection on the third day. 

    Pittsburgh only has four selections on the final day of the draft and three of them are in the sixth or seventh rounds. 

    San Francisco could ship its fifth-round selection to the Steelers to sweeten the deal and land a player it needs at that juncture. 

Jump Ahead of NFC Rivals in 2nd Round

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    Potential Trade: 49ers acquire No. 54 pick from New England for Nos. 60 and 220 picks. 

    San Francisco could be motivated to leap up a few positions from No. 61 to get in front of its NFC rivals in the second round. 

    Dallas, Green Bay and Tampa Bay are all slated to pick in front of the 49ers in the second round, but there is a path to move up without giving up a ton of draft capital. 

    The 49ers could call the New England Patriots about the No. 54 pick, which may cost them less than moving up into Pittsburgh's spot. 

    New England is one position ahead of the Arizona Cardinals and two in front of the Cowboys.

    If the 49ers value a prospect they believe could help Arizona or Dallas, they could pay the price of second-round swap and a Day 3 selection to land that player. 

    New England might be willing to add another draft pick to its Day 3 haul. Three of its selections in the fifth or sixth round of the 2022 draft were acquired in some sort of trade.