Why Wait? Notre Dame, Jack Swarbrick Need to Fire Charlie Weis Now

Dan Scofield@BleedingGoldAnalyst INovember 22, 2009

With each passing week, rumors and speculations grow on who will take over as the newest head football coach for the most watched, scrutinized, hated, and loved team in the country.

Although many believed even before Notre Dame's Saturday afternoon overtime loss to Connecticut that Charlie Weis was as good as gone, this one leaves very few, if any,  supporters of him in South Bend.

Entering the stadium, arm in arm with his captains and his football team behind him, Weis supplied a watery-eyed moment as he took the field for maybe his last time in South Bend.

Does he already know what lies ahead in the next week or so?

Some say yes.

Rumors were making their way through the Notre Dame community before the game that Weis had told his team he had planned to resign after the Stanford game. Even if that appears to now be false, the entrance itself showed a coach that seemed like he had nothing left in him.

After the game, Weis was seen again sporting the waterworks during the Irish alma mater and then snubbing sideline reporter Alex Flanagan for only one question before making his way into the depths of the tunnel.

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The real question now is when, not if, Weis will be fired or if he will resign.

In either case, the call shouldn't have to be made at the end of the season. Anyone that knows what a football is can sense that Weis' time in South Bend has run out.

With that said, Jack Swarbrick should inform Weis that he will be letting him go (if he hasn't already), let his team know, and let them play one last game for their sorrowed coach.

This need not be a messy break-up.

Pat Haden said during the game that Swarbrick has not and will not contact any other programs about their coaches until the end of the season. Choosing to stay quiet on prime-targets who are about to sign extensions through the year 2075?

Not the smartest move, Jack.

Getting the news out about Weis' future and trying to lure the next big name to South Bend doesn't need to wait another week. Not only is the Irish fan base on edge, but the current recruits must really be scratching their heads on where Notre Dame is headed.

Patience is a virtue in some cases. In this situation, decision-making is the virtue that needs to be attained.

Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Brian Kelly, and all of the other 35 names mentioned with the Notre Dame job are all in their primes and have phones ringing off the hook. Most of these targets haven't denied interest in Notre Dame, but simply have replied by saying "this isn't a relevant conversation if there isn't a vacancy."

Make that vacancy, Jack.

South Bend needs it. The fan base needs it. The future needs it.

And most importantly, Charlie needs it.


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