B/R CFB Community: Celebrating the Best Plays of the College Football Season

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterDecember 21, 2021

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix (10) passes in the second half of an NCAA college football game against LSU in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. Auburn won 24-19. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

The final results are important. There is no getting around that. But the moments inside the outcomes that make up the college football season are the ones that seem to carry on.

Forget a great game or a great half. The greatest individual plays of the CFB season are always worth celebrating, and that is precisely what we plan to do.

From one-handed interceptions to season-altering plays, we asked Bleacher Report readers to share their most memorable plays of the season as the bowl season picks up steam.

They, of course, did not disappoint. Here are some of the best plays of the season with thoughts on the significance and brilliance of each.


The Punch 

User: @The_Pirate_Crew

Suggestion: Tyler Allgeier punch-out

This was my favorite play of the season. That doesn't mean it was the best, although it certainly deserves plenty of consideration for that as well.

BYU running back Tyler Allgeier, who remains incredibly underrated, didn't hurdle a defender or deliver a crushing stiff arm.

Instead, he tracked down an Arizona State defender after his quarterback threw an interception and jostled the ball loose with one of the greatest punches—of the legal variety—ever delivered on a football field.

There are so many elements of this play I absolutely love. For starters, Allgeier uses every bit of his athleticism to reassert himself back into the play once Merlin Robertson is running down the field.

He then aligns his body brilliantly with a well-executed jump along with a perfectly placed right hook to force a fumble and give the Cougars the ball back.

This is forced-fumble art.

Without this play, Arizona State likely takes the lead. Instead, the Sun Devils ultimately didn't score another point. BYU won the game 27-17.

Also, this moment came during Week 3. It really was largely when the Cougars' year started to take shape.

This one is hard to top.


The Bo Nix Experience

User: @thomasfrancescon

Suggestion: Bo Nix's scramble touchdown against LSU

I remember exactly where I was when I watched (now former) Auburn QB Bo Nix essentially become a football wizard for a brief moment.

I was on my couch, and I cannot type here what I said after the play had finally ended. It's still hard to process months later.

Nix, who just announced he is transferring to Oregon, rolled out right. Then he rolled out left. He escapes a tackle, and he's near the sideline with five LSU defenders within roughly five feet of him. Half of the Tigers defense is about to clobber the QB when he delivers a ball perfectly to Tyler Fromm as he's being tackled.

Playing at LSU, the fan reactions to this moment are some of the best the sport produced all season, and understandably so.

Auburn ultimately won the game 24-19, although the season fell apart near the end. Nix was also injured and is now with a new program.

Still, this moment will not be forgotten. Neither will the other moments similar to this one that Nix uncorked this year.

It isn't always perfect with the QB, but it is exciting.


The Pick


User: @dawg_Nation1

Suggestion: Oklahoma's DB's one-handed pick on Nebraska

In terms of general "wow" factor, you would be hard-pressed to find a moment more jaw-dropping than this.

It was a play so good, you would have doubted its authenticity in a video game. But it was indeed real and spectacular.

Early on in the season, Oklahoma defensive back D.J. Graham reeled in a one-handed interception against Nebraska late in the game. To categorize this as merely an "interception" fails to capture the absurdity.

Graham caught the ball falling backward, using his right arm that came almost across his body. He picked the throw from Adrian Martinez out of thin air, tucked it into his body as he was falling and celebrated as such.

Yes, it was fourth down in a game that was on the verge of being over. Yes, his team actually lost yardage because of the fact that he caught the ball rather than letting it hit the ground.

No, that shouldn't matter in our appreciation of this play.

It was the best catch of the season, and I'm not sure it's even close.


Season Saver


User: @CBell42

Suggestion: Ja'Corey Brooks' touchdown in the Iron Bowl. 'Bama is out of the playoff without it

In terms of significance, no play impacted the season more than this one. And when you consider where things stand right now—with Alabama back in its normal role as CFB chalk—this specific catch might carry more weight than any single play this year.

Alabama had not scored a touchdown against Auburn 59 minutes and 30 seconds into the Iron Bowl. That was until Ja'Corey Brooks hauled in a glorious touchdown catch from Bryce Young.

The 28-yard catch featured a) a beautifully thrown football and b) a wonderful adjustment from Brooks, who managed to turn his body and catch the ball over his shoulders.

It also came on third down, which cannot be lost in this. If he drops this pass, Alabama is facing 4th-and-10 with a little more than 20 seconds remaining.

Oh, and Brooks enters the College Football Playoff with only 79 yards receiving. This single play accounted for more than a third of his receiving yards this season.

Alabama, of course, went on to win this game in four overtimes. This kept the playoff hopes alive. The Crimson Tide then conquered Georgia in the SEC Championship Game to become the one seed heading into the playoff.

None of it happens if this play doesn't happen. What a massive moment.


The Ultimate Finish


User: @darian

Suggestion: Jacksonville State's winning Hail Mary catch versus FSU

I had to confirm that Florida State actually lost a football game to Jacksonville State this season.

To be clear, I know this happened. I will never unsee it. Although many of us didn't seek out Jacksonville State-Florida State when the game began, we tuned in at the end when we couldn't believe the score.

But doesn't this game feel like it took place roughly three years ago?

Regardless, the Gamecocks indeed delivered a walk-off blow during Week 2 in one of the more unfathomable ways imaginable.

The play itself wasn't all that wild. A pass and a catch before the end zone, and a slew of missed tackles that seemed to happen in slow motion.

Zerrick Cooper's 59-yard pass to Damond Philyaw-Johnson wasn't particularly different. It was a lack of defense, a bizarre play call and a robust lack of execution that brought it together.

Still, FSU lost as a 28-point favorite in the final seconds. This was the play that really jump-started a chaotic season full of weird outcomes.