Reacting to B/R Community's Bold Takes on Bray Wyatt's Future in Pro Wrestling

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2021

Reacting to B/R Community's Bold Takes on Bray Wyatt's Future in Pro Wrestling

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    Welcome to the Bleacher Report WWE and All Elite Wrestling mailbag.

    The B/R community has always been outspoken, especially when it comes to opinions on pro wrestling and its biggest stars.

    We will answer your questions and react to your hot takes about WWE, AEW and the world of pro wrestling.

    This week's topic of discussion was Bray Wyatt and the possibility of him ending up in All Elite Wrestling. His real name is Windham Rotunda but for the sake of convenience, we will refer to him by his Wyatt name. 

    Check out what the B/R community thought.

The Windham Family

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    "I would pair him up with Bo [Dallas] to be managed by Barry Windham. Have them go after the other Horseman's groups. Lots of tag team and individual feud potential." (@beaudameron)

    I love this idea for several reasons. For one thing, it feels like a huge missed opportunity for the two Rotunda brothers to have never once tagged together while they were in WWE at the same time.

    We all know how creative Wyatt is, but what if he wants to spend some time just being a traditional wrestler like his dad? Nobody ever asks that question.

    If Barry is willing to do the work as their manager, this would be a great way to get their family name back in the conversation. With both sons going by different names in WWE, there are some fans who might not realize they are Barry's nephews. 

    Another option would be using their father, Mike Rotunda, in that role. Taylor and Windham Rotunda could even form a new version of The Varsity Club to feud against The Varsity Blonds. 

    Even without a manager, seeing the Rotunda brothers work as a tag team would be great. Let's hope they get that opportunity at some point. It would be perfect for a short run with NWA. 

Using James Mitchell as a Manager

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    "Bring in Father James Mitchell as his manager." (@AcesAnd8s)

    This is an interesting proposition. If Wyatt wanted a manager, Mitchell would fit his personality better than just about anybody working in the business today.

    Wyatt doesn't need a manager, but neither does Roman Reigns. Sometimes, having a mouthpiece is more about accentuating the character than making up for their lack of mic skills.

    Mitchell has a certain aesthetic that would work well whether Wyatt tried to do something supernatural or something more like his original cult-leader persona.

    I would say Impact Wrestling would be the best place for this, but that might lead some people to make comparisons to Abyss. 

The Three Faces of the Fiend

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    "He should be booked as the creative genius he is. Let him portray multiple personalities at the same time like they are completely different people." (@bmase68)

    This sounds like it would be a more serious take on the Three Faces of Foley. While this is an idea I like on paper, it might not be possible outside of WWE.

    His Bray Wyatt, Husky Harris and Fiend personas are all property of WWE. Even if he used different names, he probably doesn't want to just do those same gimmicks again.

    My guess is when he pops up somewhere, be it in AEW, Impact or Japan, he will be a completely new version of himself. That is what excites me the most about his eventual debut somewhere. 

    If he did create three unique personas for use somewhere else, it would take some time to establish each character as a separate entity, but it's not impossible if he has the time and patience. 

Taking Leadership of The Dark Order

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    "Leader of The Dark Order with -1." (@sk206)

    "What better way to honor Brodie Lee than to have Bray assume leadership of The Dark Order?" (@mcruz2189)

    "Everyone saying Dark Order leader has a small brain." (@TDLakerFan)

    There were a lot of takes about Wyatt becoming the leader of The Dark Order, but there were also some people who went out of their way to say AEW should not go that route.

    I get it. Wyatt and Lee were good friends in real life and worked together closely for years in WWE. There would be a certain symmetry to him taking over where Lee left off, but I don't think it's the right move.

    For one thing, The Dark Order has become a babyface group that has embraced a more comedic approach since becoming linked to "Hangman" Adam Page. A lot of fans like the group just the way they are, so changing directions now might be a mistake.

    If Wyatt did join AEW, he would probably do something with the group, but it shouldn't be more than a few segments. Becoming their new leader would bring up too many Wyatt Family comparisons. 

    Besides, The Dark Order has a leader. All hail -1. 

The House of Black

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    "Have the House of Black that Malakai Black speaks of become a stable. Black recruits Butcher and Blade and then they speak of a true leader. The arena goes black, enter Bray Wyatt." (@kmiller44)

    This sounds too similar to what The Dark Order did with Brodie Lee, but the idea of Black and Wyatt forming a tag team is intriguing.

    They don't need The Butcher and The Blade, but Black and Wyatt would add something fresh to AEW's already strong tag team division as a duo. 

    Wyatt could come up with something that would complement Black's character well because it could be similar to what he has done before or completely different. Black's character is just unique enough to mesh with either possibility. 

    They also have that classic combination of one powerhouse and one technician/high-flyer that has worked so well for countless tag teams from The Hart Foundation to Jurassic Express. 

Breaking Matt Hardy

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    "Bray should come in and be the one to break Matt Hardy again. He could target the HFO and drive Matt to the place he needs to pull out an amazing character." (@dainseli)

    I really want AEW to avoid connecting its storylines to WWE's whenever possible, but having Hardy and Wyatt tell another chapter of their story may be too good to pass up.

    Their feud and tag team in WWE was decent, but it never quite reached its full potential, especially since Hardy had to take time off due to an injury. They never had a proper breakup angle.

    This is the one time when I would say using the Ultimate Deletion stipulation would be the best way to go because it would allow Wyatt to use the Lake of Reincarnation just like Hardy used on him during their first encounter.

    This angle would be controversial for some fans due to the WWE connections and how some people feel about that kind of cinematic match, but it could be a lot of fun if done right. Wrestling is supposed to be fun, right?

Quick Takes

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    "Bring Husky back." (@Quackquackdave)

    I can't tell if this is serious or sarcastic, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him do something more like that again. Just a regular guy who is good at knocking heads. It might be refreshing. 


    "Seems like Cody Rhodes is the one to put over new talent, so him vs. Cody would be good." (@Pezmerga5)

    Thank you for acknowledging that Cody puts people over. He has lost most of his big AEW matches, especially this year. As far as seeing him face Wyatt goes, they could put on a great match together if it was more about the wrestling and less about a mystical character. 


    "[Have him debut as] The Friend and join Best Friends." (@jfritz412)

    A weird part of me wants this to happen just to see how the internet would react to it.