Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2021

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A year ago, Slammiversary changed Impact Wrestling as we knew it.

    New faces, new stories and new champions fueled the company for the next 12 months, carrying it through the pandemic era of professional wrestling. Saturday night, fans returned to Nashville for one of the company's premier shows, headlined by a massive main event pitting All Elite Wrestling star and Impact world champion Kenny Omega against "The Draw" Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification Match.

    What went down on a show promising more surprises and potential company-altering debuts, as well as championship encounters up and down the card?

    Find out with this recap of Saturday's pay-per-view extravaganza.

Match Card

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    • No Disqualification match for the Impact World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sami Callihan
    • Knockouts Championship match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. a mystery opponent
    • Moose vs. Chris Sabin
    • Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams
    • FinJuice vs. Shera and Madman Fulton
    • W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards
    • Fatal 4-Way match for the Impact Tag Team Championships: Violent By Design (c) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. Fallah Bahh and a mystery partner vs. The Good Brothers 
    • Mixed Tag Team match: Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood vs. Matt Cardona and a mystery partner
    • Countdown to Slammiversary match for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Fire 'N Flava (c) vs. Rosemary and Havok

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Fire 'N Flava vs. Decay

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The night's action kicked off with Decay's Rosemary and Havok hitting the ring, accompanied by Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus, for their Knockouts Tag Team Championship opportunity against Fire 'N Flava's Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz.

    The champions dominated the action, cutting off Rosemary from her partner. They beat her down and appeared to be well on their way to a successful title defense until a double-boot spot allowed The Demon Assassin to tag Havok into the match.

    The biggest, strongest member of the match knocked around the opposition until a blind charge into the steel post left her stunned. Havok shook it off, countered a sleeper into the tombstone and picked up the win and titles for her and Rosemary.



    Havok and Rosemary defeated Fire 'N Flava to win the titles.






    This match was hurt by a distinct lack of time but still hella fun thanks to the energy brought by the champions and the popularity of Decay.

    The babyfaces had to fight from underneath if they wanted to win the titles, and they did, overcoming a team that had systematically torn through the women's division to establish themselves the unquestioned best tag team on Impact's Knockouts roster.

    As a teaser for the show to come, this worked well and gave fans an exciting title change to boot.

Ultimate X for the X-Division Championship

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Six of the most talented professional wrestlers in the world kicked off the main card portion of this year's blockbuster event when Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Petey Williams, Rohit Raju and Chris Bey challenged Josh Alexander for the X-Division Championship in an Impact Wrestling staple: the Ultimate X Match.

    To win, a competitor would have to climb rigging, maneuver their way across ropes and retrieve the title.

    Raju repeatedly tried underhand tactics to grab hold of the belt without having to work for it. He also repeatedly failed. The competitors engaged in a mid-ring submission spot that started with a Sharpshooter and went all the way up to the ropes, where a hanging Alexander grabbed an ankle lock on Bey.

    Williams uncorked Canadian Destroyers on Raju and Miguel and then delivered another to Bey, who was on the shoulders of Alexander.

    Late, Alexander wiped out Miguel with a super exploder and then tussled with Bey over the title. Austin tried to steal the belt from them but crashed and burned before The Walking Weapon finally secured the gold and ensured the continuation of his reign.



    Alexander defeated Bey, Miguel, Austin, Raju and Williams to retain.






    The X-Division, as it has so often over the course of Impact Wrestling's history, tore it up and set an almost impossible bar for the rest of the card to eclipse. The creativity, excitement, energy and fearlessness with which the performers approached the bout resulted in an electric start to the show.

    The submission spot midway through the contest will earn all the buzz on social media. It was excellent and unlike anything we have seen in any of these matches. The super destroyer by Williams to Bey was equally great, but it was the rather simplistic last-chance dive by Austin to steal the title that upped the drama.

    Alexander winning was the right call, as it still feels like we are in the infancy of his reign. Miguel will have his shot. Bey too. Alexander is a hybrid competitor whose love for the X-Division is well-documented, and letting him have a lengthy run as a seemingly unbeatable champion will only help the star who is tapped to knock him off.

Mixed Tag Team Match

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    After Brian Myers aligned himself with Tenille Dashwood in his war with former friend Matt Cardona, the Long Island Broski reintroduced "Hot Mess" Chelsea Green to the Impact faithful, his mystery partner for a special mixed tag team match.

    Cardona rolled early but a face-first flatliner on the entrance ramp by Myers turned the tide in his and Dashwood's favor. Myers worked over Cardona for several minutes while Dashwood pulled Green off the apron, preventing her from making the tag to her fiance.

    Green finally tagged in and unloaded on Dashwood until both tumbled to the arena floor. Cardona downed Myers and survived a low blow from Dashwood by revealing a cup. From there, Cardona wiped out Myers and Kaleb at ringside, and Green flattened Tenille with the Unprettier for the pinfall victory.



    Cardona and Green defeated Dashwood and Myers.






    This was boatloads of fun, with Cardona and Myers getting their ring time and Green and Dashwood entering late to put an exclamation point on everything. It was, like the opener, energetic and featured some cool throwback spots to previous angles, matches and characters involving this bunch.

    In an industry where so many matches try to go for epic and thus overstay their welcomes, this was short, sweet and to the point.

    Green, if she is signed to the company, figures to be an instant contender for the Knockouts title and another talent thriving outside the confines of WWE.

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    W. Morrissey sought to continue his crusade against an industry that he believes wronged him, battling the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling, Eddie Edwards, in the night's next bout. The big man dominated the action early and often, even shaking off a bum knee to wear down the former world champion.

    Every time it appeared as though Edwards might manage a comeback, Morrissey cut him off, going as far as to drive him into the ring apron with a chokeslam. Eddie finally created separation, delivering a back body drop on the entrance ramp and following with a Boston Knee Party.

    He took down Morrissey with a sunset flip powerbomb and added a Blue Thunder Bomb but could not put the undefeated monster away. With desperation setting in, Morrissey wrapped his hand in a chain and rocked Edwards with it before adding a powerbomb for the win.



    Morrissey defeated Edwards.






    It started rather slow, but Morrissey and Edwards hit their stride midway through the bout and managed to have a damn good physical fight.

    Edwards is such a great babyface and has such a connection with audiences that he will always be able to get them invested in whatever he is doing. He proved it here, and the monstrous intensity of Morrissey only made it easier to tell the story.

    The giant is headed for big things in Impact as the type of unstoppable force who will always work across the ring from a babyface champion. While it remains to be seen how the main event plays out, a no holds barred series between Morrissey and Sami Callihan could be a hell of a lot of fun.

FinJuice Returns!

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Shera and Madman Fulton interrupted a ringside interview between Gia Miller and the Impact Wrestling superfan and took exception with a referee over being barred from ringside during Ultimate X.

    Scott D'Amore arrived and booked match between the big men and returning former Impact Wrestling tag team champions FinJuice.

    Juice Robinson and David Finlay made short work of the opposition and scored the decisive win off a Dudley Dog from Finlay to Shera.



    FinJuice defeated Fulton and Shera.






    This was little more than a nice surprise for the live audience and an opportunity for the former tag champions to perform in front of fans in the Impact Zone.

    It was fun, if forgettable, but could mean a great deal to the tag team division if the victors stick around.

Chris Sabin vs. Moose

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The grudge match between Chris Sabin and Moose saw the former X-Division champion cut a frenetic pace early, only to have his onslaught negated by the strength and ferocity of his opponent. Moose punished Sabin, chopping him and obliterating him with a dropkick to the face.

    A missed, unnecessarily high-risk moonsault by Moose allowed Sabin to mount a comeback. But Moose halted his momentum with a fallaway slam from the top rope. He rag-dolled Sabin back and forth into the barricades but Sabin, ever the resilient babyface, caught Moose with a rollup for the upset victory.



    Sabin defeated Moose.






    On the surface, this was a styles clash, but in execution, it was a solid match that showed off Moose's ruthlessness and Sabin's ability to overcome it all to score a win.

    There are some who will question the logic of putting over Sabin when Moose just re-signed with the company and battled Kenny Omega for the Impact world title at Against All Odds in June. If the intention is for the feud to continue, then Sabin winning and setting up the rematch makes sense.

    If not, one has to question what the thought process was outside of giving Sabin a big win on a stage he has competed on many times over his Hall of Fame-worthy career in Impact.

Fatal 4-Way for the Impact Tag Team Championships

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    With TJP ruled out, Fallah Bahh revealed former WWE star No Way Jose as his tag team partner for the Fatal 4-Way Match against The Good Brothers, Willie Mack and Rich Swann and tag team champions Violent By Design's Rhino and Joe Doering.

    Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson cut off Swann, isolating him in their corner until a tag to No Way (apparently sans Jose) saw the fun-loving big man explode into the match. The action broke down, giving way to a tense staredown between Gallows and the massive Doering. The heavyweights exchanged hard rights and a double choke before the other combatants re-entered the ring.

    Just as it appeared as though Doering and Rhino were about to retain their titles, The Good Brothers entered the match, drove the latter into the mat with the Magic Killer and stole the win and titles.



    The Good Brothers defeated Swann and Mack, Violent By Design and Bahh and No Way for the titles.






    This was the first underwhelming match of the night. Not because it lacked effort or because it wasn't good, but there were too many moving pieces. No one was allowed to get over or have any sustained offense because of the confines of both the contest and time.

    The Good Brothers winning the titles makes sense based on star power alone, but from a storytelling standpoint, VBD was in the midst of a substantial push. Why take the belts off Rhino and Doering so early unless the idea is to remove the former from the group.

    And if that is the case, might Heath be ready to rejoin The Man-Beast in a war with the Eric Young-led faction?

    And where do Gallows and Anderson go from here as champions? A feud with Swann and Mack, maybe?

Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Thunder Rosa

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    For one year, Deonna Purrazzo has dominated the Knockouts division as its champion, dispatching any and all challengers to her throne. The Virtuosa entered Saturday's pay-per-view unsure of her challenger. The answer came quickly, as Thunder Rosa of NWA and AEW fame entered the Impact Zone, looking to continue her monumental year.

    Early back and forth gave way to a missile dropkick from the face-painted challenger, only for Purrazzo to twice look for her Fujiwara armbar. Rosa escaped and delivered a double stomp to the spine of the champion for a close two-count.

    Purrazzo escaped the Thunder Driver and showed her adaptability, abandoning the submission attempts to deliver the Queen's Gambit piledriver for the win.

    After the match, Mickie James returned to Impact and extended an invitation for Purrazzo to appear as part of the NWA's all-women's show, Empower. Purrazzo scoffed, insulted James and paid for it as the former Knockouts champion stood tall to close things out.



    Purrazzo defeated Rosa to retain her title.






    These two were just getting started as they went into the finish, which came out of nowhere. It was the second straight match that felt somewhat rushed. It is a shame because Purrazzo and Rosa were having a great contest with a ton of potential to steal the show.

    With that said, it was still neck-and-neck with Ultimate X for the best match on the pay-per-view to this point.

    Faced with the challenge of a competitor she never could have imagined, Purrazzo learned quickly that she would not be able to rely on her trademark armbar. Instead, she showed off her deep arsenal, putting away one of the best women's wrestlers on the planet with her devastating Queen's Gambit finisher.

    The forbidden doors continue to open, as it now appears as though Impact has some relationship with the National Wrestling Alliance. If that is the case, the potential for crossover in the women's division is plentiful, as are fresh matchups for Purrazzo, who may well be the most gifted female wrestler in the business.

No DQ Match for the Impact World Championship: Sami Callihan vs. Kenny Omega

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Sami Callihan was the hero Impact Wrestling never knew it needed Saturday night as he stepped up to the plate to challenge Kenny Omega for the world title in a No Disqualification match.

    The Draw struck early, delivering a piledriver for a close near-fall before producing a pizza-cutter and slicing into the forehead of the champion. He tore up Omega's forehead and delivered a Death Valley Driver. Omega, reeling, wisely rolled to the floor.

    Omega fought out of a rollup, sending Callihan head-first into a steel chair propped between the ropes. The champ followed up by using Callihan's fork against him, driving it into his forehead and bloodying the challenger. He double-stomped a table into Sami as he continued his onslaught.

    The champion set up for a piledriver through a table, but the challenger grabbed him low and delivered one of his own. Callihan produced a barbed wire-wrapped chair, but Omega delivered a powerbomb on the weapon and followed with a V-Trigger but could not put him away. A superplex on to a concoction of weaponry also failed to finish off Callihan.

    Blinded by salt thrown in his eyes, Callihan delivered a piledriver to the referee. Chris Sabin and Eddie Edwards fought off The Good Brothers, preventing them from interfering on Omega's behalf. Don Callis did, though, allowing Omega to deliver consecutive V-Triggers, assisted with thumbtacks.

    The One-Winged Angel on the thumbtacks put away The Draw, and Omega successfully retained his title.

    After the match, Omega and The Good Brothers looked to throw up a "too sweet" when "Switchblade" Jay White from New Japan Pro-Wrestling made his way to the ring. The NEVER Openweight champion entered the ring and refused the gesture from The Elite as the pay-per-view feed cut.



    Omega defeated Callihan to retain.






    First things first: The match ruled. Omega and Callihan had a violent, bloody Match of the Year candidate that put both men's intestinal fortitude on display. Omega looks like a total badass for overcoming what he did but preserved his heel heat because he still had to rely on Callis to help him.

    Callihan looked every bit Omega's equal and will not have to worry about losing momentum. He is still clearly one of the top stars in Impact and a foundation on whom the company will be built for the foreseeable future.

    The big news is the arrival of Jay White, the leader of the same Bullet Club from which Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers came. The way he looked at Omega's collection of title belts at the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring and denying the victors a Too Sweet was enough to leave wrestling fans salivating.

    That the official announcement of Bound For Glory heading to Las Vegas this October 23 featured a tease for some All Elite Wrestling/AAA/New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Impact mega-event suggests we might see a war for dominance between The Elite and The Bullet Club, if Saturday's tease is any indication.

    The forbidden door is wide-open, and fans are witnessing partnerships between promotions the likes of which we have not seen since the glory days of the National Wrestling Alliance. This is a special time in wrestling, and we are all lucky enough to witness it.