Reacting to B/R Community Takes on Omega vs. Reigns, Undertaker, Big E and More

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Reacting to B/R Community Takes on Omega vs. Reigns, Undertaker, Big E and More

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    Welcome to the Bleacher Report WWE and All Elite Wrestling mailbag.

    The B/R community has always been outspoken, especially when it comes to opinions on pro wrestling and its biggest stars.

    We will answer your questions and react to your hot takes about WWE, All Elite Wrestling and the wider world of pro wrestling.

    A variety of questions about everything from specific Superstars to broader topics were submitted. Check out what was on the minds of the B/R community this week.

Would The Undertaker Have Gotten Over If Social Media Existed in 1990?

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    "If the Internet Wrestling Community had been around when Undertaker debuted, the gimmick would have been scrapped in a year." (@jaydub1987)

    If the exact same people were using social media back then, this would probably be true. If we are talking about fans of that era and how they would have reacted online, that is a different story.

    The gimmick arguably never should have lasted more than a few years, but it kept going because he was over and the live crowd ate up everything he did.

    As goofy as that character can be, that was just something we accepted as part of the deal back then. Kamala, Papa Shango and even Doink showed signs of supernatural powers, so Taker wasn't an anomaly. He just did it better than anyone else.

    Yes, there would have been some pushback on Twitter if it were a thing back then, but for example, it's doubtful it would have been even close to the level of criticism The Fiend has received online.

Who Will Beat Karrion Kross for the NXT Title?

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    "With Bronson Reed losing the North American title, one can only think Karrion Kross is next. Who does he lose to?" (@CMan9158)

    One has to assume this is in regard to the speculation Kross will move to the main roster after being used for Main Event recently. Reed was also used at the same taping, so it's possible WWE is looking to call up both of them.

    As far as who beats Kross goes, if WWE wants this to happen soon, Johnny Gargano is already in a good position to take the belt.

    Johnny Wrestling still has Austin Theory to do his dirty work, so Kross wouldn't have to lose clean to keep him protected before he moves to Raw or SmackDown.

    If WWE waits a bit longer, I could see somebody like Finn Balor, Kyle O'Reilly or Walter taking the title from him. O'Reilly would be the most satisfying option, but Walter might be a better choice if he ever plans on making the move to the main NXT brand.

Is Big E the Man to Beat Bobby Lashley?

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    "Who drops their respective brands' top title first, Bobby Lashley or Roman Reigns?" (@LakeShow93pt2)

    "Big E should move to Raw during the draft to beat Bobby Lashley after Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are done." (@Dcollie)

    We're going to combine these two statements because they kind of go together. To answer LakeShow's question, Lashley will probably drop the WWE title before Reigns loses the Universal Championship. It just feels like WWE has longer-term plans for The Big Dog.

    When it comes to Dcollie's statement about Big E moving to Raw to beat Lashley, I support that idea wholeheartedly. Big E not only deserves that spot, but Lashley would also be a better opponent for him than Reigns from a physicality standpoint.

    The storyline with The New Day is already established, so working Big E into that would be easy. The bonus to all of this would be the promos we would get between MVP and Big E.

    As great as Reigns is, he needs to hold on to that belt for a little while after crowds are back full time. His tenure with the gold will be more affected by the heat he gets from the WWE Universe.

Does AEW Lack Storyline Development?

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    "WWE is playing out average to weak storylines, but AEW is leaps and bounds behind at this point. NXT is probably running the best storylines right now." (@jimmy48)

    "I feel like AEW has so much potential, but the storylines feel stale and lack suspense or anticipation to a payoff. I love their roster and their journey so far, but they hit the wall creatively." (@omegaman321)

    "AEW has gone dry. They have potential, but the stories are so predictable." (@fridafelcher)

    There was a common theme among many comments this week. It looks like a lot of people feel like AEW is slowing down and lacking the kind of storyline development we have come to expect from bigger brands.

    I can't say I disagree with anyone here, but it would be unfair to say that and not point out the differences between WWE and AEW in how they tell stories. It all comes down to the difference between a feud and a storyline and how each company uses them.

    A feud is a rivalry between two or more people. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have had an ongoing feud for years, but it has encompassed several storylines.

    A storyline has a clear path from start to finish. It is usually told in chapters each week and comes to a natural conclusion. AEW seems to prefer booking feuds and letting the wrestlers tell their own tales, while WWE tries to plan out specific storylines based on different types of conflicts.

    Some might say AEW's approach is more old-school, which would be a fair assessment. However, it can also lead to repetitiveness because there are only so many ways for two people to say they don't like each other.

    AEW has told some good stories, but most of its feuds tend to be on the simple side. It will be interesting to see whether anything changes when AEW heads back out on the road. It's possible a return to touring will have a positive impact on the product, but only time will tell.

Kenny Omega vs. Roman Reigns

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    "I personally don't think Omega can compare to Reigns right now. Honestly, The Tribal Chief is the best thing going." (@JTSavage5700)

    Before anyone makes a big deal out of this, we need to note how we often use a composite image of Omega and Reigns for the crowdsourcing post when we ask for your takes and questions. It's not as if JT randomly compared the two.

    When it comes to pure character work, The Tribal Chief is unmatched. He is lightyears ahead of where he was as a babyface. With The Usos and Paul Heyman by his side, he is untouchable on the mic.

    However, Omega is a more well-rounded in-ring performer. He can work multiple styles against a variety of opponents and adjust his style to fit the situation.

    Reigns is an outstanding wrestler, but his brand of offense tends to be the same whether his opponent is 150 or 350 pounds. He might be able to throw around lighter guys easier, but the basics never change.

    Some of this is subject to opinion. Omega has devoted fans who will always say he is the best. So does The Tribal Chief.

    In the end, we are talking about two guys who have worked hard to reach the top of their respective promotions. They both deserve their flowers for being two of the most relevant names in the business. We should all be happy that both companies have performers like Reigns and Omega to lead the charge.


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