Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 8

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 8

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling world champion Kenny Omega returned to the Impact Wrestling ring Thursday night in the company's return to its original night, partnering with The Good Brothers to battle Impact world champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards in a blockbuster six-man tag team match.

    That contest headlined a show that continued the company's trek to Rebellion on Sunday, April 25.

    Who emerged from this week's red-hot main event with momentum on their side as Omega prepares to battle Swann in a title vs. title match at the extravaganza?

    Find out with this recap of the April 8 broadcast.

Alisha, Nevaeh and Tenille vs. Havok, Jordynne Grace and Rosemary

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    This week's show kicked off with a preview of Saturday's Knockouts Weapons Match to determine the new No. 1 contender to the Knockouts Championship. Jordynne Grace, Havok and Rosemary battled Tenille Dashwood, Alisha Edwards and Nevaeh.

    Grace used her undisputed power advantage to down Edwards. After a brief tangle with Rosemary, Edwards tagged a reluctant Dashwood into the bout. Rosemary's Decay teammates Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve prevented Dashwood from running away, while Havok sent her face-first into the steps.

    However, the heels beat down Grace until a hot tag to Rosemary sparked a comeback for the babyfaces.

    Rosemary trapped Edwards in the Upside Down. She scored a near-fall on her opponent, but Nevaeh broke up the pin. Nevaeh and Havok exchanged blows on the ring apron, one week after a shocking betrayal by the former. The fight culminated with the former teammates crashing through a table at ringside.

    Back inside, Rosemary put Edwards away with the Red Wedding for the pinfall victory.



    Rosemary, Grace and Havok defeated Nevaeh, Dashwood and Edwards






    This was a rare misfire for the Knockouts division. The match had no real flow to speak of, half of the competitors were barely involved and Edwards was miscast on the heel team. 

    Given the talent involved, it should have been a better match than it was, but it was a mess and the leg sweep spot through the table was hardly enough to save it.

    The good news is that, with more time and opportunity to shine, the Knockouts should excel Saturday afternoon at Hardcore Justice.

Matt Cardona vs. Jake Something

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Matt Cardona asked Scott D'Amore for a match with a wrestler he could tear the house down with. The result? A singles match with young Jake Something.

    Cardona took the fight to Something from the opening bell. Something slowed things down and worked over Cardona, overpowering him and driving his shoulder into the midsection of the former tag team and intercontinental champion.

    Cardona dodged a corner clothesline and tried for Radio Silence, but Something caught him and drove him to the mat with a powerbomb.

    As the action spilled to the floor, Brian Myers attacked both men, drawing a disqualification. He sent Something face-first into the edge of the steps, seemingly damaging the fighter's vision, before taking a seat beside Cardona on the floor.

    Myers accepted Cardona's challenge for a match at Rebellion. "I'm afraid you're going to be just another victim of the Roster Cut," he said, referencing his lariat clothesline finisher.



    Cardona and Something fought to a no contest






    This was a physical little sprint of a match and evidence of some solid chemistry between Cardona and Something. A rematch between the two could be fun, especially as Something looks to build momentum for himself in this post-Deaners singles run.

    Myers' attack was to be expected and his acceptance of Cardona's challenge for Rebellion sets up the anticipated showdown between former tag team champions.

    Keep an eye (pun intended) on Something, whose newfound injury may very well result in a character change and heel turn that sees him fall under the tutelage of Myers, perhaps in time to cost Cardona a win on pay-per-view.

XXXL vs. Sami Callihan

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Despite Trey Miguel's insistence that he would not team with Sami Callihan against XXXL, Larry D and Acey Romero taunted the former Rascal, antagonizing him over a perceived lack of passion. Miguel's music played, but the former X-Division champion did not appear, at least initially.

    When the music played a second time, he made his way to the ring and immediately unloaded on the super heavyweight team. He escaped their grasp on more than a few instances and stood alongside a loudmouthed Callihan entering the commercial break. 

    Romero and Larry D worked over Miguel coming back from the timeout until Miguel tagged Callihan into the match. The Draw wiped out Romero at ringside, and Miguel, once again legal, tapped Larry D out with the hourglass submission.

    After the match, Miguel left, leaving Callihan to celebrate the win alone.



    Miguel and Callihan defeated XXXL






    The storyline dynamic between Callihan and Miguel is interesting in that we know The Draw is testing his rival every week ahead of an eventual double-cross. Sometimes, Miguel operates as if he does, too, such as earlier in the night when he refused to tag with Callihan.

    His emotions, though, got the best of him and Miguel ultimately agreed to tag with the slimy heel to pick up the win. Those emotions are eventually going to cost him, as Callihan manipulates them in his favor. At that point, the former Rascal will regret ever entertaining anything Callihan had to say.

    But that is later. This was a solid match, with a nice spark late, where the right team went over and the losers weren't particularly hurt in any measurable way.

Deaner vs. Chris Sabin

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Violent By Design's Deaner made his way to the ring for his match with former Impact world champion Chris Sabin, knowing full well a merciless punishment awaited him at the hands of Eric Young, Rhino and Joe Doering if he failed to earn the victory.

    He weathered the early flurry from Sabin and grounded him, working the head and neck while taunting "Cowboy" James Storm at ringside.

    Sabin fought back and delivered a fisherman buster for the two count. Deaner recovered and hanged Sabin up on the top turnbuckle, driving the air out of him with a running knee to the ribs. The heel continued his relentless ways, raking at the eyes of Sabin.

    The champion somehow recovered and earned the victory.

    After the match, Eric Young appeared on the video screen, providing a distraction that allowed Rhino to enter the fray and join Young in a beatdown of Sabin and Storm. Backstage, Young and Doering teased punishing Chris Harris as the screen went static.



    Sabin defeated Deaner






    Deaner continued to work hard here, making the most of this singles run while trying to get his aggressive heel persona over with the audience. The problem is, for all the aggression and intensity he shows, he loses too frequently to build any sort of momentum.

    Sure, that is part of his character's growth, but at some point, he needs to earn a win.

    Sabin was his typically great self, as should be expected, and the idea of Young and Doering targeting Harris in an attempt to stick it to Storm was a nice touch. 

Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A huge six-man tag team match headlined this week's show in a preview of Rich Swann and Kenny Omega's Rebellion main event in which both the Impact and AEW world titles will be up for grabs. Swann teamed with Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards to battle Omega and The Good Brothers. 

    The babyface wiped Omega, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows out with stereo dives heading into the commercial break. Back from the timeout, the heels seized control of the match, driving Edwards to the mat and working him over in their corner.

    Edwards created separation and tagged Mack into the match. The former X-Division champion enjoyed momentary success but quickly found himself on the defensive. 

    Mack finally managed to tag Swann into the match, and the unified Impact and TNA world champion exploded into the match. He unloaded on Anderson and Gallows, then Omega. The Good Brothers and the AEW world champion again gained control of the match, delivering a triple splash. Swann broke up the pin with a frog splash.

    Swann teed off on Omega, escaped the One-Winged Angel and delivered a second-rope 450 splash. Don Callis pulled him off before he could earn the pinfall victory. Anderson tagged himself in and scored a near-fall on Swann.

    Mack and Edwards entered the fray to clear Omega and Gallows out, and Swann scored the pinfall win over Anderson. 



    Swann, Mack and Edwards defeated Omega and The Good Brothers






    This was easily the most hyped match of the night, and it delivered. It was an action-packed battle, especially down the stretch.

    Swann needed to build momentum entering a match no one really expects him to win and did so by picking up a clean, impressive victory over Anderson. The commentary team did a fantastic job of putting over Omega's disbelief and determination following the win, which only intensifies how far the AEW world champion will go to pick up the win at Rebellion.

    On a night where Impact needed its guy to be highlighted, he was.

    If only he could get the sort of respect on AEW Dynamite that Omega gets on Impact, things would be even better.