Kevin Owens Defeats Sami Zayn at WWE WrestleMania 37

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2021

Photo credit: WWE.com.

Kevin Owens defeated longtime friend and rival Sami Zayn in a grudge match at WrestleMania 37 on Night 2 of WrestleMania 37 on Sunday.

KO hit a stunner to seal the victory over The Great Liberator, but the action did not finish there.

Zayn was left incensed when his guest of honor, Logan Paul, congratulated Owens after the contest. The YouTuber pushed him over in response and then raised KO's hand.

The situation did not sit well with KO, who delivered a stunner to flatten Paul, much to the delight of the fans inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.


WHAT. A. MATCH. @FightOwensFight defeats @SamiZayn at #WrestleMania https://t.co/nub6yn1aeW

Owens and Zayn go back many years after rising through the ranks on the independent wrestling scene together and becoming close friends in the process before both of them signed with WWE.

Over the past several years, they have alternated between being friends and foes in WWE, but they entered WrestleMania 37 in the middle of a heated rivalry.

Their issues stemmed from the fact that Zayn wanted KO to be part of his attempt to expose an alleged conspiracy against him in WWE. He is convinced the higher-ups in WWE have it out for him, and he has been followed by two cameramen over the past few months in an effort to gather evidence.

When Owens made it clear he wasn't interested in joining forces, The Great Liberator took it personally and took him out with a Helluva Kick while KO was on commentary for his match against Baron Corbin on March 19.

The following week, Zayn apologized for his actions and suggested they occurred in the heat of the moment, but Owens was still furious and demanded that his rival face him at WrestleMania unless he wanted to get beaten to a pulp.

Zayn agreed under duress, but Owens made him pay anyway by pummeling his former best friend in retaliation for the Helluva Kick.

Another aspect of the Owens vs. Zayn rivalry was the involvement of YouTube star Paul, who Zayn had been corresponding with in an effort to get more exposure for his conspiracy documentary.

Paul seemed to agree that The Great Liberator was being treated unfairly, which led to him appearing on the April 2 episode of SmackDown for the red-carpet premiere of the documentary.

Owens and Zayn didn't necessarily need Paul, but it got more eyes on their feud, which they deserved considering how great their work has been over the years.

Zayn vs. Owens is a match and rivalry that has always been fit for the WrestleMania stage, and fans finally got to witness it this year in addition to celebrating a KO victory.


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