Oregon Ducks Football Campus Voice: “I Love My Ducks”

k sContributor INovember 19, 2009

EUGENE,OR - NOVEMBER 14: Linebacker Eddie Pleasant #11, linebacker Casey Matthews #55 and defensive tackle Brandon Bair #88 of the Oregon Ducks gang up to tackle running back Dimitri Nance #31of the Arizona State Sun Devils in the first quarter of the game at Autzen Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Did you hear that noise late last Saturday night? That was the University of Oregon breathing a collective sigh of relief.

After being kicked in the groin by Stanford, Oregon responded by getting back to what it has become accustomed to: winning.

The Stanford loss sent a shock of vulnerability through Duck fans, and the only remedy to calm them was to beat Arizona State down. Once this had been accomplished, students and fans took a relieving deep breath and their faith was renewed.

Roses are once again fluttering in the breeze here in Eugene, and students are anxious for Saturday’s showdown in the desert with the University of Arizona.

There is no better example of the excitement surrounding this season’s success than the recently released single by a group of University of Oregon students, who call themselves Supwitchugirl, entitled “I Love My Ducks.”

You can view the music video here.

Throughout the week, Supwitchugirl has soared in popularity, and is unquestionably the No. 1 song on campus right now. Talk of the song and the group's members has circulated through the sports world, making it to SI.com, The Dan Patrick Show, and countless local media outlets that cannot get enough of the single.

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The group's Facebook page also exploded in popularity. Within a couple of days, Supwitchugirl’s fan page has grown from a couple hundred followers to nearly 1,000 fans.

However, controversy has also swirled around “I Love My Ducks.”

The University of Oregon barred it from Youtube.com, where it was originally released, because of the use of Puddles, the Oregon mascot, and Oregon’s relationship with the Disney Enterprise.

The use of the Oregon mascot, which is copyrighted by Disney, was not official and therefore not sanctioned by the University or Disney.

Student reaction to the altercation between the group and the UO has sided with the group. Reasoning for the student support of Supwitchyougirl has ranged anywhere from considering the lyrics as being inoffensive, to simply stating that the song is good and puts Oregon football in a positive light.

Another argument against UO’s decision to remove the video from You Tube is that the University has not demanded the removal of another video previously, showcasing Puddles fighting with the Houston Cougar mascot. You may remember this being televised on ESPN and other networks, but if not here it is.

This video is certainly more harmful to the reputation of the University of Oregon than three students putting their hard work, effort, and time into a campaign that boosts popularity for the UO.

The group has found other, less popular outlets from which to stream their video, but that hasn’t halted their popularity or influence upon the Oregon student body.

The battle between Supwitchugirl and the University has increased the overall excitement for Saturday’s game against Arizona. Football is now back atop students' minds this weekend, despite the heavy workloads as we near the end of the term.


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