How The BCS Could Change For The Better

Ryan HealeyCorrespondent INovember 16, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Fireworks go off during pregame festivities prior to the FedEx BCS National Championship game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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I am not here to argue a point of a playoff system because it would create more confusion then needed. Also my proposal might and will create confusion as well. 

What I am here to argue is that the BCS needs change. Lets start with the basics which most of us may already know. 

For the football bowl subdivision conferences that are automatically qualified to go to the BCS, (followed by their bowl tie ins), you have the conferences as follows: ACC (Orange), Big East (No tie in), Big Ten (Rose), Big 12 (Fiesta), Pac-10 (Rose), and the SEC (Sugar). 

For the football bowl subdivision conferences that don't automatically qualify here they are: C-USA, Independents, MAC, MWC, Sun Belt, and WAC. 

There are five BCS Bowl games. 

National Championship: BCS #1 vs. BCS #2

Rose Bowl: Pac-10 Champ vs. Big Ten Champ

Fiesta Bowl: Big 12 Champ vs. At-Large

Orange Bowl: ACC Champ vs. At-Large

Sugar Bowl: SEC Champ vs. At-Large

Notre Dame, if they finish in the top eight becomes automatically qualified for a game and would occupy an at-large bid, one goes to the highest ranked team in the BCS from the non-automatic qualifier schools if they are ranked higher then 12th in the BCS (more then likely they must be undefeated and only one team gets picked if there are two), and then there are all the other teams that are ranked in the top 14 who get a chance at the at-large bids. 

The rest is far too complicated to explain so here is the website:

After that little overview here is what I propose. Keep the four traditional bowls (Fiesta,Sugar,Orange,Rose) and the national championship game. 

Add the Big East as a tie-in to the Orange Bowl seeing that's how the game usually ends up as of lately. Then add another BCS bowl game which would be the Cotton Bowl considering it will soon be moving to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium and would more then likely bring in a big crowd.  

Also have the Big-12 tie-in go to the Cotton Bowl instead of the Fiesta. 

So that would leave the BCS Bowls to look like this:

National Championship: #1 vs #2 

Rose: Big Ten vs. Pac-10

Orange: ACC vs. Big East

Sugar: SEC vs. At-large

Fiesta: ? vs. At-large

Cotton: Big 12 vs At-Large. 

That leaves three at-large bids followed by a question mark. The question mark could either go to an at-large bid, one of the current non-automatic qualifying conferences ranked higher then 12th (this pick would have to be looked at under a very fine microscope), or Notre Dame or any other independent team as long as they are 12th or higher. 

Also I would look at the way the BCS picks. Clearly #1 vs. #2 is set but if #1 or #2 is from any of the six tie-in conferences, a team in their league who is in the top 12 gets the conference champion spot. If no team is in the top 12 it becomes an at-large bid and the team must be ranked 14th or higher no matter what conference they are in and have more then 9 wins. 

Also say if there are two teams from non-AQ schools ranked in the top 12 they will both be eligible to go to a BCS game unlike the current setup. 

Here is a curve ball, if one of the current non-AQ conferences realigns and becomes an eligible BCS conference I would give them the Fiesta Bowl slot. 

For a better picture of this lets make an example. 

National Championship: #1 Alabama vs. #2 Texas 

Rose: #9 Oregon vs. #10 OSU

Orange: #5 Cincinnati vs. #6 Georgia Tech 

Sugar: #4 Florida vs. #3 TCU

Fiesta: #7 Boise vs. #8 LSU

Cotton: #11 Oklahoma State vs. #12 Penn State. 

The rankings don't reflect current BCS standings just hypothetical ones. 

This isn't obviously going to happen or even what I would want to see happen but it is an example. 

Overall I would love to see the BCS expand to 6 games. I would not want to see anymore added because it would stir up playoff chatter even though the current system and most likely the system I proposed does or would. 


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