Hawks' Kevin Huerter Talks Vince Carter, Trae Young, NBA GOAT in B/R AMA

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistJuly 10, 2020

Atlanta Hawks guard Kevin Huerter goes up to dunk during an NBA basketball game against the Orlando Magic, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Amis)
John Amis/Associated Press

The Atlanta Hawks won't take part in the NBA season restart, but their future still looks very promising thanks to a young nucleus built around dynamic point guard Trae Young, versatile forward John Collins and ace shooter Kevin Huerter. 

Having just finished his second season after being selected No. 18 overall in 2018, Huerter averaged a career-high 12.2 points and shot 38 percent from three-point range on six attempts per game.

Huerter took time from his schedule to participate in a B/R AMA that saw him answer questions about his career, teammates, the best player in NBA history and much more. 

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.   

@roothly: What's it like living in Atlanta during all that's happening with Black Lives Matter? Have you had conversations with Coach Pierce, who's been very vocal?

As a team, we've tried to be very involved and Lloyd has spearheaded that. The coaches association had created this board that was going to try to do more in the community and lead different things throughout the NBA and he's doing a lot of that with our own city. He's gotten a lot of us players involved and has been very vocal about that. Trying to get us involved in the community before all of this went down. Being in Atlanta, I've said it before, it's a very proud black city. I realized that when I first got drafted, literally in the first couple of days meeting people around the city and listening to a lot of different people talk. I feel like I've learned a lot just from being here. In terms of all the negatives that come with this with the riots and the looting there were really only two bad nights in Atlanta. There's been a lot of peaceful protests where people are trying to make real change. For me not being from a place like Atlanta, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can and be involved with as much as I can.

@Not_CarsonWentz: What is it like playing with Trae Young?

It's a lot of fun. It's electric. Obviously our record doesn't indicate that, but the excitement he plays with and the things he can do with the ball and the way he can control the crowd...our games are a lot of fun in Atlanta. He draws so much attention and can do anything on the floor offensively. Excited to grow with him and get better.

@JDubs: What was it like playing with Vince Carter?

That's a very long answer to a short question. It was similar to d-wade, surreal to get to play with him. First time I remember sitting in the locker room and he walked in, and he said what's up like it was a normal Saturday afternoon. For me I was like omg, it's Vince carter...he really was the OG, father figure that the young guys could have questions for.


@Coco9: Who is the NBA GOAT?

After watching the last dance, it's tough to dispute Jordan. I always thought it was LeBron. So I'm saying 1A, 1B it's Jordan and LeBron.


@Not_RudyGobert: What is your opinion on the potential 2nd bubble for teams that didn't qualify?

My biggest opinion on that is I just want the opportunity to be able to play. For us, being left out and being a basketball player, that's all you want to do, is play basketball...they have to figure out a way to let us play something.

@SportFanBeast: Who is the best shooter of all time?

Steph Curry. He's gonna shatter every single NBA record...he's the first guy you'd say you have to guard inside of half court.


@Jasper_Pail: Who do you think will win the Finals this year?

Probably taking the lakers. I think a lakers-bucks finals is the two I'd pick, and I'll take the lakers to end up winning.


@BleedGreen_99: If you could play with one player past or present who would it be and why?

I think my true favorite player growing up was LeBron, so I'd say him.

@gomiamimarlins: What was your welcome to the NBA moment?

We were playing at Golden State, and this is when Kevin Durant was playing for them. So I'm guarding Durant. He has the ball inside halfcourt so I'm trying to pressure him. He loses the ball and it goes out to halfcourt. So in my mind I'm thinking like “Oh, I'm doing alright.” So I go out to halfcourt and still try to pressure him and then he takes a three-dribble hesi pullup where I'm right on him, pulls up right inside the 3-pt line and just knocks down the easiest two. Like back rim straight down. And he's backpedaling on defense and he just yells out “Welcome to the league, rook.” And I'm just like, I don't know what to do. He came up to me after the game and said something and that was it. Because I didn't know him at all before that.


@Herb42: What was it like when D-Wade wanted to trade jerseys with you?

That was surreal. Growing up he was one of the first NBA guys that I watched, loved his number 3 and how he played the game. He was somebody that was a big role model for me. To get a chance to play against him was extremely cool...it was a moment I'll never forget. I was walking off the court not expecting it, and right when I saw him I knew what was happening, but it wasn't like I was expecting it.


@BewnieSandas: If you could dunk on one player who would it be?

Bruno Fernando on our own team just so I can talk smack to him.


@Not_KellyOubre: Favorite pair of shoes?

The first pair of shoes I was excited about was d-wade had these converse shoes, my brother and I got them as presents at the same time. We had the white ones with the red slits in them. 


@SportFanBeast: What is your favorite movie?

Big Will Ferrell fan, so my favorite is either Step Brothers or Semi-Pro.

@Stephen_A_Smith: What's your favorite nickname that you've been given?

They went with red mamba in college which I liked. Red velvet I'm also cool with. It's definitely different.


@ArkansasBoys: What's your all-time Maryland starting 5?

Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Len Bias, Joe Smith, Greivis Vásquez


@sseckel12: Who was your basketball idol growing up?

Lebron. D-wade was another one. 


@Jdubs24: Funniest locker room moment?

When we were at Maryland, the whole running man saga and our two teammates would always dance to any song and it'd become this thing after practice. We'd be hanging out in the locker room for an hour just dancing and whatever. It was a lot of fun.


@tfichs19: Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?



@thatguy827: What do you think is an underrated part of your game?

Playmaking ability


@JetsOk: What video games do you play right now?

Currently on Call of Duty.


@treyden: What do you do for shooting drills?

I shoot a lot. That's the short answer. I start close to the basket and slowly do different drills to keep moving back. Everything is competition shooting, everything has a reason, you hold yourself accountable for misses.


@lemonayde: Why is your jersey number #3?

Allen Iverson and d-wade. For some reason I liked the #3. It's the number I wore on my first basketball and baseball teams. I never went away from that growing up and when I got to Maryland, I wanted to be #3 but Juan Dixon wore 3 when they won the natty.


@KevinHuerterFan: What's your 8th favorite color?

Let's go with pink.

Universal AMA Questions

What is your favorite game or play of your career?

Probably when I was at Maryland we beat Georgetown at Georgetown...we came back, were down six, and ended up winning a crazy game against a rival.


Go-to pre-game song or soundtrack?

Before games I listen to a lot of Drake, I like listening to stuff I know all the words to.


How far do you think the moon is from Earth?

I don't even know where to begin. I feel like any number I say is going to be so off. Let's go with 50 million miles.