1. . @MrVinceCarter15 finished 2nd w/ 818 points (28 1st-place votes) for Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award. > http://t.co/K1htjT3gVo

  2. Aging, Twitter-God Tony Allen and Dipset Pillows: Grizzlies Season Preview

  3. This Isn't Very 'Vinsane'

  4. 'Vinsanity' Shows No Signs of Aging

  5. Oral History of Vince Carter's Dunk Over Frederic Weis

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  11. #BTS at #GrizzMediaDay @MarcGasol @mrvincecarter15 http://t.co/S4UO8af0by

  12. Vince Carter is here but told everybody he's not talking until Russ Smith is finished. Vince is the best.

  13. Grizzlies Media Day: Vince Carter took little time off, no vacation for the summer of 2015 http://t.co/Gvn933B1ld http://t.co/DQ9EVac3Ou

  14. . @mrvincecarter15 @bwright34 @MarcGasol boards #AirGrizz bound for #GrizzTrainingCamp in Santa Barbara. http://t.co/m7wlNWu5Xj

  15. Vince Carter #GrizzliesMediaDay http://t.co/nKybquDKaX http://t.co/FFhdWP5VMX

  16. . @Matt_Barnes22 @mrvincecarter15 are dialed in at #GrizzTrainingCamp. More photos soon at http://t.co/drlblyOTmt http://t.co/69wgB6urGC

  17. Vince Carter can still jump really, really high http://t.co/UAyDOJikd3 http://t.co/m7KC9StK7x

  18. #GrizzTrainingCamp Day 3 @mrvincecarter15 @mconley11 https://t.co/DYk8SCei8g

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  21. . @mrvincecarter15 takes the court for #MEMvHOU - 7pm/ct https://t.co/eRxikihmZB

  22. @Bwright34 catches the oop up high! Thank you @MrVinceCarter15

  23. Russ Smith flies, Vince Carter tries: Grizz open up preseason with a win over the Rockets http://t.co/lW1W0ONyly http://t.co/GT8Vn8EiyS

  24. . @mrvincecarter15 warming up before #MEMvMAC - 7pm/ct. Need tix? > http://t.co/SAQmeeoXXV http://t.co/VJnAiAb1VY

  25. RETWEET if you're coming to @LevittShell 5pm for #GrizzGear Costume Contest judged by @mrvincecarter15 & watch #GrizzGranniesAndGrandpas

  26. . @mrvincecarter15 is a fan of his mentees here while they perform for his newer teammates! http://t.co/AAIrHoBMtJ

  27. . @mrvincecarter15 is out here @LevittShell! Reminding #GrizzNation to come to opening night on 10/28 v #CLE http://t.co/ueJpQ6ibV5

  28. . @mrvincecarter15 signing autographs @LevittShell tonight! http://t.co/PybC1Vc3Vi

  29. End of 1, #Grizzlies lead the #Cavs 24-19 after @MrVinceCarter15's three-pointer. @CourtneyLee2211 has 5pts/4reb http://t.co/h0y1CfnII4

  30. . @MrVinceCarter15 days. https://t.co/nCNGo2QSZi

  31. 3 point shooting contest at #GrizzOpenPractice @mrvincecarter15 4/5 http://t.co/zJqPwEnQv3

  32. . @MrVinceCarter15 knocks down the triple! #Vinsanity #Grizzlies up 33-14 | 9 min left!

  33. Vince Carter getting set to check in for the first time

  34. I think Vince Carter will be really great in whatever player development/coaching gig he ends up in next year. Not sarcasm.

  35. 3 players remain from the 1998 draft. Dirk (28k Points), Paul Pierce (25k), and Vince Carter (23k). Most impressive trio.

  36. Vince Carter said to JaMychal after that almost buzzer beater - "who you think you are, Michael Jordan?"

  37. Joe Johnson has made the 5th-most 3-pointers all-time vs. Charlotte (79), trailing only Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Vince Carter & Kyle Korver

  38. The Grizzlies thawing out Vince Carter for a first-quarter appearance.

  39. . @MrVinceCarter15 and @matt_barnes22 check into the game! #MEMvHOU