Apex Legends Global Series: NRG's Top Plays, Prize Money from May 31

Theo SalaunContributor IIIJune 1, 2020

FILE - In this March 6, 2019, file photo a gamer plays Electronic Arts'
Jenny Kane/Associated Press

The Apex Legends Global Series, Online Tournament No. 6, has reached completion with GnaskeStrafeDel winning the European tournament and NRG coming out on top of North America.

Having trimmed down from a field of 120 teams to just 20, both teams now leave the weekend and head into June with an additional 1,500 ALGS points (which help with future event placement) and a casual $7,200 split across their bank accounts.

Here's how the weekend's tournaments went down and the plays that set NRG apart from a tightly contested North American bracket.


ALGS Online Tournament No. 6: EU

1. GnaskeStrafeDel: 55

2. CHMK: 46

3. Virtus.pro: 44

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4. Team Purge: 43

5. Gambit: 43

6. SJP2: 40

7. exClique: 36

8. North: 30

9. Triumph: 30

10. dead inside: 29


ALGS Online Tournament No. 6: NA

1. NRG: 57

2. Sola Fide: 53

3. Team SoloMid: 51

4. Complexity: 49

5. Noble White: 41

6. Rogue: 38

7. iShinyMuffinsBcJ: 33

8. SilverFox: 31

9. Sentinels: 26

10. Lil Poggies: 25


After Nafen's PC crashed during Saturday's matches, NRG's other players, Frexs and Rocker played well enough to get their team into the Sunday Finals despite being a man down.

Then, NRG won two of Sunday's five matches, putting up 25 kills throughout the day, to net the team 57 points and a tight victory over the strong Sola Fide and Team SoloMid rosters. In the absolute moment of the tournament, Frexs brought out his R-99 and EVA-8 in the final circle and clutched it out for NRG—culminating the moment with a calm "we win."

Next, NRG will head into Apex Legends' first international tournament for the recently announced ALGS Summer Circuit: a four-month series that puts $500,000 and playoff placement on the line.

At long last, regional leaders like GnaskeStrafeDel and NRG will be able to compete with one another—finally giving fans a chance to compare varying playstyles and regional metas.