DeMarcus Lawrence Addresses Autograph Snub, Cowboys Struggles, More in B/R AMA

Blake SchusterContributor IIIJanuary 31, 2020

Bleacher Report

DeMarcus Lawrence loves sacking Aaron Rodgers more than any other quarterback, thinks the Kansas City Chiefs are winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, and prefers Chick-Fil-A over Popeyes. The Dallas Cowboys defensive end also dished on his feelings towards Dez Bryant returning to the field and his favorite memories of playing at Boise State during an AMA on the B/R app Friday.

The two-time Pro Bowler racked up 45 tackles last season with five sacks and two fumble recoveries as the Cowboys finished 8-8 in 2019. 

Here is a full transcript of Henry's conversation with fans.


@aakash Why did u do that giants kid like that

The reason why I did the fella like that … first off I really didn't see him but I didn't see him but saw he had the wrong jersey on. It really wasn't any harm to him. I just treated the kid like I treat anyone else. I was walking pretty fast! No autographs for anyone that day.


@mikeoxard How'd you get the nickname tank?

Just a childhood nickname. Me and one of my older friends were outside wrestling in the bball court and he DDt'd me on the head. It stuck cuz I hit hard in football and everybody started running around calling me that.


@RecklessMatt Please explain why the 49ers are the fake HotBoyz

Cuz they don't have no identity behind it. Reason we came up with Hotboyz was cuz of brotherhood. People can recognize us as the hotboyz from what we do on the field and off the field but swag like that it's gonna be cocky so I'm not surprised.


@WhatDatNO what is your favorite memory from Boise State

Probably my first year. We beat BYU at home. I really didn't understand the big rivalry between Bosse St and BYU but there was so much energy in the stadium you couldn't even hear yourself think.

@Vera what are your thoughts about Dez saying he wants to return to the Cowboys

If 88, the X factor, wants a shot we gotta give him a shot. Cowboys are home to Dez and he's always accepted in my book.


@tripMcg Who is your best friend on the cowboys

Tyrone Crawford. He's my guy.


@DumbDingus What's the hardest o line to get past?

Tyron Smith. He's built like a giant but just his power and relentless effort to not let you get even close to the QB is very special.


@DekeGeek I am a giants fan. Honestly, do you think the future is bright for the giants

Well, my guy, only thing I can say is as long as my career prolongs I don't think it's looking good for the Giants


@Rabih Favorite QB to sack?

Aaron Rodgers. If you can get a couple of sacks on Tom Brady that makes you feel pretty good too.


@aakash Most annoying QB in the league?

All QBs are annoying. IT's just about which one you are facing next. The coolest QB in the league is Dak Prescott, I can tell you that much.


@traplawd Who wins the super bowl 49ers or chiefs?



@RecklessMatt Favorite pregame meal?

It's hard for me to eat heavy before a game. I'd have to go with some of my moms old fashioned cooking.


@bigbluerangers what are your thoughts on the coaching changes in the NFL?

Just like players getting older, coaches and schemes get older and wash out. It's all about what the organization is looking for.


@WheresTheFunny Chick Fil A or popeyes?

Chick Fil A.


@PRJones7 Best QB in the NFL present day and past

Present day: Dak Prescott

Past: Dak Prescott


@peter_ward What went wrong this year and how are you going to improve next year?

The commitment and the overtime you have to put into a sport like this. Being able to see firsthand how this game can take a toll on you and your family. I'd say we have to focus in and focus as a team.


@mikeyoung345 Who would you want to add to the team?

I'd say bring Dez Bryant back. 88 is always welcome here.


@GhandiJ Did you ever get to meet Kobe? What was his impact on you?

Just wanna say some prayers for his family and his kids. It's a heartbreaking moment losing that someone so close to you. I just wanna say I'm praying for the Bryant family. I never got a chance to see him but I seen his last two games so that was special.