Ryback Rips Vince McMahon, WWE's Top Returns of the Decade and Fandango Surgery

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 18:  Professional wrestler Ryback appears the World Wrestling Entertainment booth at Licensing Expo 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on June 18, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for The Licensing Expo)
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Ryback Offers Critique of Vince McMahon, WWE Backstage

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has not exactly been shy about criticizing the company that made him into a star. He's been more vocal of late, using his podcast to offer critiques of NXT and WWE's handling of flights leaving Saudi Arabia.

The Big Guy's latest beef is with WWE Backstage, the FS1 studio show that's overseen by Fox but has WWE's approval. He said he finds the content of the show too "exposed" by the studio environment and ripped Vince McMahon for a quantity-over-quality approach (per Ross Kelly of Wrestling Inc.):

"Very weird place on Tuesday in my opinion and keeping it there. It's weird how that whole production of the show they are doing. It reminds me of Talking Dead, and that's entertainment. I don't know, wrestling it feels like that it is being exposed a little too much by the company. It's one thing to express your views and you talk about it when you are out of the element, but you are taking guys and you're critiquing creative and storylines. It has a weird vibe to me. They're working still kind of in a way; I don't know. I don't see the appeal and having it on Tuesday with SmackDown on Friday and then the weekend goes by. It's just not a good place for it.

"There's too much content. WWE is responsible for that. Vince McMahon just wants to make as much money as possible."

It's hard to argue Ryback's latter point. WWE produces seven hours of live weekly wrestling programming on top of content on the Network and Backstage. It's too hard for even the most hardcore wrestling fan to follow let alone a casual viewer. 

Aside from NXT, which remains a bastion of quality even after the move to USA, it's also fair to say WWE isn't exactly in a creative peak at the moment. Ratings for flagship shows Raw and SmackDown have been nosediving all year, special episodes notwithstanding.


WWE Releases Top Returns of the Decade

We're not going to spoil the entire list of WWE returns over the last 10 years, as it's fun to look back on the decade that was and remember those pops. So know your role and watch the video.


Fandango Out of Action After Undergoing Tommy John Surgery

The Fashion Police are officially on hiatus after an officer was injured in the line of duty. Again.

Fandango, who missed a year with a labrum tear before returning in July, is back on the shelf after needing Tommy John surgery to repair an elbow injury suffered in a Dec. 11 match with The Singh Brothers on NXT. 

"My dreams of pitching in the MLB are kinda over????" Fandango posted on Instagram.

The timing of the injury could not have come at a worse possible time. Breezango is more over with the NXT crowd than they ever were on Raw or SmackDown, and Fandango put together some of his most dominant offense in recent memory in the win over the Singhs.

There is no timetable for his return, but it's likely he will miss several months. This could be a chance to give Tyler Breeze an extended singles run.