Jayson Tatum on Coach K, St. Louis, LeBron James, Celtics, Top B/R AMA Quotes

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2019

Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum warms up before a preseason NBA basketball game against the Charlotte Hornets in Boston, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum sat down for a Bleacher Report AMA on Thursday, answering questions covering a wide variety of topics from the NBA to Duke basketball to Chick-Fil-A vs. Popeyes.

Below is a look at the highlights of the AMA with the 2017 third overall pick.


Funniest Duke locker room story? (from @the303)

It wasn't funny at the time, but we were playing Virginia and I had 1-2 points at HT. Coach K came into the locker room and threw his jacket at my feet. He called me a soft ass St. Louis kid. I never like when people disrespect me, and I ended up scoring 30 in the 2nd half.


How was playing for Coach K and playing in Cameron Indoor? (from @Zion11)

It was great. It was the best year of my life.

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How did it feel to dunk over LeBron? (from @myousif)

The best basketball moment so far in my career. Biggest game in my career against the biggest player I've ever played against.


What has been your most memorable game so far? (from @Zboss0110)

Game 7 my rookie year against LeBron. Biggest game I ever played in.


How did it feel to lead a team to the ECF in your rookie season? (from @raghavkapoor)

It felt great. Would've been better if we went to a championship but it was one of the most fun times I've ever had playing basketball.


What's your all-time starting 5? (from @jonahmiddleton)

Magic, MJ, Kobe, LeBron, Shaq or Kareem. Flip a coin.


You get to play a one-on-one game with the player of your choice. Who do you pick and why? (from @larrymunoz)

Kobe Bryant. Favorite basketball player of all time. One of the biggest reasons why I started playing basketball. I got to work out with him but we didn't play one-on-one.


If you were to play for any team besides Celtics, who would it be? Also the last team you'd want to play for? (from @swaggpapi)

I'll play for anybody. If St. Louis had a team I would ask Danny to trade me.


Why'd you pick No. 0? (from @thatmanwill)

I was 22 in high school and when I went to Duke Jay Williams was 22 and it was retired and I asked if I could wear it and he said no, which I understood.


How would you redraft the Top 10 of your class? (from @wontgottlieb)

I would put myself No.1...Donovan Mitchell No. 2...Fox at 3...Kuzma at 4...keep Lonzo...keep Markelle...Jonathan Isaac...I like all those guys...Those are my top 4, though.


Do you get extra motivation to destroy the Lakers and 76ers because they took Fultz/Lonzo? (from @WolverineHeat)

Nah, cuz I like both of those guys. I'm close with Markelle. Everything happens for a reason, I wasn't jealous or mad. I was just happy to be in the NBA.


Worst part about being famous? (from @Quefgh)

If I'm out with my son or my family...the thing that bothers me the most is, I understand if a kid does it, but when adults say when I'm out with my kid. 'I really hate to do this but...' If I'm in the bathroom, asking for a picture.


What offseason move shocked you? (from @JP188)

Kawhi and PG going to the Clippers. I kind of figured Kawhi was going to leave but I didn't know PG would go with him.


There a team or player you just love to beat? (from @SpidaGiles)

Always liked playing against the Wizards...Bradley Beal kind of a mentor growing up coming from the same neighborhood.


What team scares you the most to face in the NBA Finals? (from @igotgame12)

Obviously the Lakers. They look really good. The Clippers when they get healthy. Portland. Houston.


Who is the hardest player you've ever had to guard? (from @Ashdin13)

LeBron. Just playing against him seven times in the playoffs is pretty tough.


What's the vibe around the team now that Kyrie left and plays for Brooklyn? (@srosenfeld10)

It's a new year. We've got a new team. It's early in the season but we've been playing great.


What is different about this year's team than last year? (from @tycub121)

We got like eight new players on the team. We're a lot smaller than last year.


What's your favorite thing that Kemba brings to the table? (from @PEX1011)

He's a great scorer. He's been a great scorer since he's been in the league.


How does it feel to have Tacko Fall on your team and to play with him? (from @Nehal313)

He's the best. He's a great personality, funny. Everybody gets excited when he walks in the room.


How does Brad determine the pecking order? Is it based on performance or matchup? (from @Danoe)

Based on matchups and what groups work the best.


Hey Jayson, who would win in a dunk contest between you and Jaylen? (from @daft_dunk)

JB. For sure.


Best team plane gambling story? (from @brmikeylocks)

My rookie year we didn't gamble at all on the plane. We didn't play cards tho, we shot dice. We don't play for money. We play for fun. Marcus Smart will bet anything though. He'll bet like, "$1000 the next person walks in with a yellow shirt."

Which Celtic legend do you see yourself most as? (from @johnlikesjuice)

I like Paul [Pierce]. He's a great mentor. I talk to him a lot. Played with Boston most of his career, won a championship. Hopefully, I can follow in his footsteps.


Would you still have gone to Duke if you were allowed to go to the draft (from @nottherock)

If I know what I know now, I would still go to college. But if I didn't know and I was in HS and I had the chance to go, I would go to the NBA. But if I could it over again, I would still go to college.


What parts of your game do you want to improve on? (from @RealJohnSmith)

I want to improve on everything and continue to grow overall.

How long did it take you to adjust to an NBA schedule? (from @ccb_58)

It takes like the whole year.

Is there anything you would like to change about the NBA? (from @thechazzywazzy)

Maybe make the first round of the playoffs five games.


How was it playing for Popovich this summer? And do you see any similarities between him and Brad? (from @jhousel06)

The vibe is very similar.

Who is your favorite teammate of all time? (from @celticsfam17)

That's impossible to answer. High school because it was a group of us and spent eight years together. All my high school teammates.

If you could dunk on any Duke alum in the league who would it be? (from @maxbekes)

Amir Jefferson FOR SURE

If you had to start a brawl with one person in the NBA who would it be? (from @fish5613)

I would take Marcus Morris into a brawl with me. I ain't got beef with nobody.

How do you feel about Alex Caruso? (from @TheRealCaruso)

I don't know. Plays hard, seems like a fan favorite in LA.

Who was your role model/inspiration growing up? (from @SalehBhatti) 

My mom, she wasn't necessarily a basketball player but she's the biggest reason I'm here today.

What is your favorite video game? (from @runskd4ever)


What's your favorite pregame sing to get ready? (from @TomBradyDaGoat)

Anything Dave East right now.

Who is your fav NFL player? (from @keeganomalley)

Of all time, Peyton Manning. Right now, Julian Edelman.

Which other Boston athlete are you closest friends with? (from @BostonDynasty524)

Julian Edelman.

What's the inspiration behind your New Era hat collection? (from @jonathanweber)

Opportunity to start my own collection. Rep Boston and throw in my own details.

What is your all time favorite pair of shoes? (from @Jamaal2440)

Basically any Air Jordan. Kobe 3s are my favorite when I was a kid.

What do you think of the Air Jordan 34, specifically your Chinese takeout PE? (from @orunychoi)

I love them. I had a lot of fun creating those PEs. I'm really excited that people like them. I'm excited for the next wave of PEs to come out and see people's reaction.

What position do you want [son] Deuce to play in the NBA? (from @B_RRay)

His mom is like 6 feet, so he might be like 7-feet tall. But I still want him to be able to dribble and shoot, so SF.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? (from @ericchiappetta)

Maybe be like Flash. Super fast.

Chick-fil-A or Popeyes? (from @ChickfilAisbetta)

Popeyes. The Chick-Fil A sandwich is better than the Popeyes sandwich.

What's your favorite cereal? (from @manksNate)

Captain Crunch Mixed Berries

Which city has better pizza, St. Louis or Boston? (from @RitterMike)

St. Louis, no question

Favorite pizza topping? (from @quindariusgooch)

St. Louis got the best pizza IMO'S...Pepperoni, bacon and green peppers with crushed peppers sprinkled on top


What's your favorite spot to eat in the Boston Area? (from @ATWT116)

Straggler. It's a chain.


Is the world flat? (from @dad)



Thoughts on Disney+? (from @BaySean)

I gotta check that out.


Tatum is in his third season in the NBA. The 21-year-old is averaging 19.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.5 steals per game.

With the help of Tatum's strong start, the Celtics (9-1) own the best record in the NBA.


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