FIFA 20: Latest Metacritic Review Scores and Ultimate Team Mode Tips

Christopher Simpson@@CJSimpsonBRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2019

EA Sports

FIFA 20's Champions and Ultimate Editions are out on Tuesday, while the Standard Edition will soon follow on Friday.

Reviews for the game are out, and the reception for it has been generally positive. You can read Bleacher Report's review of FIFA 20 here.

As ever, tweaks have been made to the gameplay, while there have also been additions to the Career Mode. A new street mode, Volta, will also capture the attention with a fresh style of gameplay, story and customisation options.

FIFA's Ultimate Team mode returns with some changes of its own, and despite the introduction of Volta, it's likely to be the game's most popular option once again.

Read on for a closer look at how the game is being reviewed, but, first, here are some tips for getting started in FUT.


Ultimate Team Tips

If you're new to FUT, it's important to remember that chemistry can make or break your team.

Players have chemistry with one another if, in the real world, they play in the same league, for the same club or share their nationality.

A team with high chemistry will work well as a unit, while it will be difficult to coax a strong or coherent performance from a low-chemistry side.

Putting players in their correct positions will also affect chemistry. While in Kick-Off or Career Mode you might be able to get away with cramming all of your best players into an unusual formation, in FUT you're better off using a lower-rated player correctly than a higher-rated player out of position.

It's also worth keeping track of the players who, while they may not be the top rated, are among the most effective in the game thanks to attributes such as their pace or strength.

Seeking out these players, particularly early on, can help you strengthen your side or allow you to trade them on for a profit. Likewise, there may be some players who, despite a high overall rating, may not be as effective in-game as they should be, so don't be afraid to move them on.

Along with the daily and weekly objectives introduced in FIFA 18, EA Sports has added three new objective types into FUT this year; longer term season and milestone objectives, and foundations objectives to help those getting started build a new club.

Completing these objectives will yield rewards, which can include players and card packs, so they represent a straightforward way to build your team.

The new FUT Friendlies hub will be useful to new and veteran players alike.

Matches in FUT Friendlies don't drain fitness or contracts, and you needn't worry about injuries or suspensions, either, so they're a good opportunity to experiment with new players and formations or just have fun with your hard-earned team.

Lastly, if you're spending real money to buy card packs rather than FIFA points, always remember that even if you're buying top-tier packs, there's no guarantee of getting the players you want, so caution is advisable.


Metacritic Reviews

On review aggregator Metacritic, FIFA 20 has a Metascore of 82 for PlayStation 4 and 80 on Xbox One, while at the time of writing user scores are not available.

For comparison, FIFA 19 had Metascores of 83 on both consoles, but user reviews sat at 1.7 for PS4 and 2.0 on Xbox after the game endured a difficult cycle following a promising launch.

Game Revolution's Toby Saunders, who gave the game a 90, described it as "fun and addictive," and "the most authentic-looking football experience in a FIFA game yet."

Simon Cardy of IGN gave FIFA 20 a rating of 78. He described FIFA 20 as "an adequate but underwhelming entry into the series," citing the "largely enjoyable" Volta mode as a positive but chastising the new ball physics for disrupting "the flow of the game" and feeling at odds with the way the players move.

The Telegraph's Dan Silver awarded the game four stars out of five and felt FIFA 20 is an "improved" entry in the series, one that feels "more measured and tactical." However, he said Volta "could do with a little more substance to take on the style" and criticised FUT "as an enormous time sink."