Booking Decisions That Must Be Made at WWE Clash of Champions 2019

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2019

Booking Decisions That Must Be Made at WWE Clash of Champions 2019

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    Clash of Champions is a night where every title is on the line. New and old challengers get an opportunity to become suddenly relevant by capturing the gold they have longed for. It only makes sense to establish the best champions possible coming out of this event.

    For this reason, the booking of the pay-per-view is vital to the future of the brand. The stars who walk out as champions will likely carry that gold throughout the rest of the year. A few missteps could ruin the excitement behind WWE's defining prizes.

    New world champions could be crowned as Seth Rollins battles Braun Strowman and Kofi Kingston once more fights Randy Orton. The women's division could be completely changed by Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks or Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair.

    Every division is hanging in the balance. What happens next could be massive, especially as SmackDown Live prepares for the transition to Fridays on Fox—new eyes will be on the company and its titleholders.

    The following are the booking decisions that need to be made with this in mind, making sure the right stars are at the top of the card.

Cedric Alexander Wins His First United States Championship

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    Cedric Alexander has been on the biggest roll of his career. His match quality with a variety of opponents has been stellar, and he is winning against some of the top stars in the company. It feels like he is ready to take a major step forward.

    There is no doubt that AJ Styles adds legitimacy to the United States Championship. WWE has put the title on him repeatedly to keep that championship relevant. However, he also doesn't need to be champion to remain featured on WWE programming.

    Styles has teased every week that he wants to get a shot at the WWE Universal Championship. Rather than pushing two titles together, it would be best to first have Alexander take the gold off The Phenomenal One.

    The Lumbar Legacy has proved he can work with anyone, and he would get a spotlight to carry for months to come by capturing his first main roster championship (excluding his 10-second run as 24/7 champion).

    It would make sense for the direction of Monday Night Raw and create a new star who can prove he deserves a much bigger spotlight while Styles heads straight back to the main event scene.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler Reclaim the Championships for the Tag Division

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    The tag team division took a sudden left turn when Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins captured the Raw Tag Team Championships. The makeshift team of rivals stole the titles from the established alliance of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, leaving the tag team division without a true representative.

    Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler are also a makeshift team, but they have been set up for a longer run together than the imploding current champions. The challengers have a chance to take on the role of The Bar, becoming a great team over time.

    What matters most is that The Monster Among Men and The Beastslayer do not walk out of Clash of Champions with the tag team titles. They have a much bigger story to tell with their conflict over the WWE Universal Championship.

    With ingenuity and newfound relevance, Roode and Ziggler can bring the titles back to the division and then prove their worth together by fighting the teams that make their living in the division.

    Nothing hurts the credibility of a division more than showing main event acts who don't even get along could win the championships at any time. It would be a mistake to keep that up past Clash of Champions. At least give the titles to the alliance that could become a genuine team.

Erick Rowan Pulls Off Shocking Upset over Roman Reigns

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    Months of storytelling has built up to this moment. Roman Reigns will fight Erick Rowan, who has suddenly become more relevant than he has been in years. Even when he was more relevant, he rarely had a chance to sustain that spotlight.

    If Rowan loses, he falls right back into place. All the accidents and awkward recaps will have been for nothing. It is time to deliver on what was promised, even if that comes at the expense of The Big Dog.

    Is the big man ready to be a main event star? Probably not. That doesn't mean WWE shouldn't give him the chance. All of this was set up so that someone would benefit by feuding with Reigns. No one has any reason to give Rowan a chance, though.

    While it's tough betting against Reigns in any match, this is the rare moment where Reigns loses almost nothing in a loss while WWE loses much more if he wins. This is not the time to show everything was for nought.

    Rowan can use every cheap trick in the book or get help from a new ally. All that matters is he walks out as the winner in the only match on the card without a title on the line.

Bayley and Becky Lynch Remain Dominant Champions

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    WWE has struggled to find the right balance with the two women's champions since the brand split returned. It has always felt like one champion was far more respected than the other. These last few months, WWE has found the perfect women to hold the gold.

    Becky Lynch is inarguably the biggest name in the women's division. Even though she has lacked for legitimate challengers on Monday Night Raw, she made the most of her spotlight. Sasha Banks has only elevated her further.

    Money in the Bank established Bayley anew, and she has been a great champion for SmackDown ever since. Her recent heel turn has been positive and negative, but it has certainly made her more relevant.

    Together, they are the two most interesting and engaging women's champions WWE has had at the same time. With Survivor Series in November, WWE would be making a huge mistake not setting them up to fight each other.

    They have great challengers in Banks and Charlotte Flair, who make sense as champions. However, both have been champions before and will be again. It is time for The Man and The Hugger to get their moment.

Kofi Kingston Proves His WWE Championship Reign Is Not a Fluke

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    When Kofi Kingston first called out Randy Orton, the clear story was set. The WWE champion had proved himself to everyone except one man. He needed to make sure his greatest rival and dissenter was clearly labelled as wrong.

    His first chance to do so fell short thanks to a disqualification loss, and the feud has only heated up since. Now is the time for Kofi to shut up The Viper for good. He must emerge from this match at Clash of Champions with a definitive win.

    At this point, The Dreadlocked Dynamo has reached the stage in his title reign where he has proved himself to be a deserving main eventer. However, he has held the title long enough to also face backlash. Despite being consistently stellar, WWE fans can grow fickle the longer a story goes.

    This is the moment for Kofi to remind everyone why he became champ in the first place. This could be the defining match of his title reign. Everything rides on this being a successful title defense.

    The Apex Predator does not need to be a world champion at any point left in his career. He has already held the championship more times than he likely ever should have, and he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer no matter what. Kofi though needs to keep rolling.