NBA Draft 2019: Official Selection Order After Raptors vs. Warriors NBA Finals

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBANational NBA Featured ColumnistJune 12, 2019

David Griffin, Executive Vice President of basketball operations for the New Orleans Pelicans holds up a placard after it was announced that his team had won the first pick during the NBA basketball draft lottery Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nuccio DiNuzzo)
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Associated Press

The NBA offseason has arrived for 28 teams.

Depending on how Thursday's Game 6 between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors goes, it could run leaguewide by the end of the night.

The draft is barely a week away. Zion Williamson can probably already taste the Big Easy's best beignets.

After laying out the official selection order for both rounds of the talent grab June 20, we'll examine the latest draft buzz below.


2019 NBA Draft Order

First Round

1. New Orleans Pelicans

2. Memphis Grizzlies

3. New York Knicks

4. Los Angeles Lakers

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

6. Phoenix Suns

7. Chicago Bulls

8. Atlanta Hawks

9. Washington Wizards

10. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks)

11. Minnesota Timberwolves

12. Charlotte Hornets

13. Miami Heat

14. Boston Celtics (via Sacramento Kings)

15. Detroit Pistons

16. Orlando Magic

17. Atlanta Hawks (via Brooklyn Nets)

18. Indiana Pacers

19. San Antonio Spurs

20. Boston Celtics (via Los Angeles Clippers)

21. Oklahoma City Thunder

22. Boston Celtics

23. Utah Jazz

24. Philadelphia 76ers

25. Portland Trail Blazers

26. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Houston Rockets)

27. Brooklyn Nets (via Denver Nuggets)

28. Golden State Warriors

29. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto Raptors)

30. Milwaukee Bucks


Second Round

31. Brooklyn Nets (via New York Knicks)

32. Phoenix Suns

33. Philadelphia 76ers (via Cleveland Cavaliers)

34. Philadelphia 76ers (via Chicago Bulls)

35. Atlanta Hawks

36. Charlotte Hornets (via Washington Wizards)

37. Dallas Mavericks

38. Chicago Bulls (via Memphis Grizzlies)

39. New Orleans Pelicans

40. Sacramento Kings (via Minnesota Timberwolves)

41. Atlanta Hawks (via Los Angeles Lakers)

42. Philadelphia 76ers (via Sacramento Kings)

43. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Miami Heat)

44. Atlanta Hawks (via Charlotte Hornets)

45. Detroit Pistons

46. Orlando Magic (via Brooklyn Nets)

47. Sacramento Kings (via Orlando Magic)

48. Los Angeles Clippers

49. San Antonio Spurs

50. Indiana Pacers

51. Boston Celtics

52. Charlotte Hornets (via Oklahoma City Thunder)

53. Utah Jazz

54. Philadelphia 76ers

55. New York Knicks (via Houston Rockets)

56. Los Angeles Clippers (via Portland Trail Blazers)

57. New Orleans Pelicans (via Denver Nuggets)

58. Golden State Warriors

59. Toronto Raptors

60. Sacramento Kings (via Milwaukee Bucks)


Latest Draft Buzz

Memphis Undecided at No. 2

The Grizzlies have been linked to Murray State point guard Ja Morant since shortly after the pingpong balls stopped bouncing at the draft lottery. It's a logical connection since he might both address a need (Memphis needs a long-term replacement for Mike Conley) and be the best prospect not named Zion Williamson.

But the Grizzlies might be more flexible with the selection than they initially appeared.

"According to league sources, Memphis' leadership has not come to a firm decision on this pick yet, with RJ Barrett still a candidate for No. 2," Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo reported.

Barrett is no slouch. He was once regarded as the crown jewel of this class for his physical gifts, polish, scoring arsenal and competitive edge. While he's since fallen from No. 1, he shouldn't dip far after averaging 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists over his freshman season.

That probably doesn't move him in front of Morant, but the Grizzlies might have more to discuss than originally anticipated.


Suns Considering Trade at No. 6

Matt York/Associated Press

The last time Phoenix went to the playoffs, Alvin Gentry was head coach, Steve Kerr was in the front office and Steve Nash was steering the offense.

It's been a minute—or more precisely, nine years and some change.

That's made the Suns more eager to accelerate their rebuild than you'd expect for a team whose best players are 22 (Devin Booker) and 20 (Deandre Ayton) years old. In fact, they'd consider moving this pick "if the right veteran guard is available," per ESPN.com's Jonathan Givony.

The words "right" and "veteran" might be purposefully vague. The wider their pool of potential trade targets appears, the more likely teams are to make offers. Even if the Suns have an idea of what they want, it never hurts to gauge what price the market is willing to pay.

Trade or not, the Suns need to leave this summer with some type of solution to their point guard problems. This roster might be closer to competing than its 19-63 record suggests, but no one will know until Phoenix has a competent floor general behind the wheel.


Hawks Eyeing Trade Up

After a recent swap with the Nets—which can't become official until July 6, per ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski—the Hawks now own six selections in this draft, including three inside the top 20.

Surely, Atlanta isn't looking to bring six newbies into next season. The Hawks could consolidate some of those picks to climb up the board, which is reportedly enough of a consideration they even have a preferred target already.

"According to league sources, Atlanta has been angling to move up in the draft by packaging their various picks, and continue to explore possibilities there," Woo reported. "Their primary target would seem to be Jarrett Culver."

The do-it-all swingman from Texas Tech seems a snug fit for what the Hawks are building. He has the two-way versatility of a high-level glue guy, which would only enhance this up-and-coming nucleus led by the offensively potent trio of Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter.